January 08, 2008

Around the rollercoaster again

6 years ago I went through a spring semester that pushed me and brought me closer to God and it's a time I don't think I'll ever forget. It was intensively emotional.

My life has changed a lot since that 19 year old girl went through a time of maturing and realization.

Yet I feel like I'm going into another time of that life where I'm going to be stretched and prodded.

The part that makes me think is that I am being tested through a feeling of helplessness and frustration at not being able to make the problems of close friends and family better---feeling like I'm not supporting them they way they REALLY need. I have always thought that one of my strengths is a deep caring for others--a deep empathy.

Six years ago I struggled to place my control under God in that I might place with Him the burdens that I felt for my friends who were going through some pretty rough struggles. It was a time I where I really began to understand what it meant to be supportive by listening (not by solving) and by praying and helping to share the burdens by staying up late worrying and crying and praying through the situations that kept them awake and distracted. A time where having the hope of God working the best of the situation was all we had.

Now I feel that again--me wishing that I could do something or suggest something that would take away the pain and frustration. And again I have to remember that God is working and providing and He will give me the opportunities and wisdom to support those He has placed close to me. Of asking God to help me just stop and pray every time I think and worry for a person.

How awesome it is to have the Hope of God--that even when we or someone we love is going through a rough time, that God is doing something awesome to strengthen and perfect us for His glory. How amazing is His grace as he works in our hearts and works through us.

Just some thoughts from a rather introspective person. I again highly recommend attending a BSF Bible study if at all possible. I wasn't sure just how interesting and "deep" Matthew could get for me that I didn't know and understand already..ha ha ha ha ha ha. Boy was I definitely humanly wrong. I've learned lots and have been challenged lots.

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November 10, 2007

Health Saga, Chapter Some Big Number?

Well, I had some blood work done at school about a month ago as part of a cheap screening. Having some results that weren't quite normal, I took the opportunity to set up an appointment with a new doctor so that I could actually have a "primary care physician" who is familiar with my medical history.

The good news is that I found a really good doctor who is very nice and will explain anything to me and doesn't treat me as if I'm some whining worrying hypochondriac. He explained all the unusual results to me--mostly a "you probably were sick with some virus>' But then he also warned me that by some standards, I could had a slight "pre-diabetic" blood sugar level and that I really need to work on losing weight and eating low-fat and exercise more to lower my bad cholesterol. He said that if I were a normal healthy human, my slightly elevated numbers could be generally tolerated. However, as you are all aware of, I'm not a normal healthy human being. I'm in okay shape right now because I have excellent good cholesterol, but I have to bring down that bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Given what little bit I know of my family history, it's possible that this is hereditary--really, why should Josh have good cholesterol and mine be bad? We all know his diet is WAY worse than mine....(even though he IS diabetic--but it is under control as far as he can tell...)

Oh, and he recommended trying a different dosage on the Nexium for my reflux issues, prescribed some medicine for emergencies on the nausea, and happy meds for emergencies with migraines--I've been having troubles for the last two weeks with bad headaches and migraines. So we're going to see if this is just an allergy phase of migraines and he's going to try and understand more about my heart arrythmia before we try preventive medicine--especially because I usually don't get migraines often enough to really go down that road.

Good thing I'd already started on the whole diet and exercise thing. I've lost 13 pounds so far :-D and I'll invest some of the money earned into the next challenged "Hold it off during the holidays".

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September 22, 2007

Some thoughts revisited

Twice in the last week or so I've had the chance to think about suicide and it's devastating effects on those left behind. Most recently, a student at the high school died from what was apparently a suicide--which makes me think of all my students current and past--and what I want them to desparately hear and know.

Last week, I was on my way to work when Kidd Kraddick shared a deeply moving and personal story of two people in his life who committed suicide. One was when he was a kid and a friend hung himself--and Kidd was the last one to see him alive. No one knew why, understood what he was thinking. The other person was his nephew this past summer--in what seemed to be a way of not going to jail for a DUI. Kidd shared the emotions of anger, hurt, and confusion at a very selfish thing. But then he said something that really got me thinking. He shared at how irrational suicide is--the person who commits/attempts suicide--it comes from emotion, deep emotion and depression which shuts off, or overrides emotion and rationality. Suicide is irrational--and it's also not something to be mocked--no matter who the person is (in reference to people making fun of Owen Wilson the week before for "not even getting this right.")

That just really had me thinking, especially as I was walking into school after he finished the story. It brought me back to a time in my life where God saved me with rational thought. When I would have the thoughts, the little voice of logic would kick in and I couldn't do it because I realized what it would do to people left behind. In an irrational moment, you can't consider anything but the present moment and your emotions--how sad it is for these people who don't realize that there are people who they will leave behind, there are people who care.

That's something I deeply want my students to know. I care--even those students who have now moved on. I see the potential in their lives--and I know each of them have friends and family who also care.

So the last two weeks have reminded me that I need to keep building a relationship as carefully as I can, and most importantly, I need to be always praying for my students--that if they have thoughts of depression and suicide, to talk to someone--how can someone not care? and I pray that God moves in the same way he protected me when I was their age.

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September 11, 2007

six years

Six years--it was strange looking at the clock at about 8:45 this morning and remembering waking up--I'm pretty sure the radio was on 93.1 and a lady caller to (I think) Kidd Kraddick show was railing about terrorists. I urged my roommate to turn on the t.v. and we saw picture immediately.

Within an hour I saw the pictures of the Pentagon and feared, worried for my sister--in the Navy then. and I prayed and cried as I felt deeply the love I had for my sister.

Last night I received a phone call from my mom. Be praying for my sister and family. I cry yet again with so many different mixed and contrasting emotions as I try to understand on some small level, to connect the dots because that's what I have to try and do--even though that's really more God's thing.

I look back at the the memories of six years ago; and I hold on to God's will and God's working that out in all our lives. So it will be again.

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September 04, 2007

Year 3, Day 1

It was a very good day. I woke up, unsure of what the year was going to be like--not daring to hope too much. However, after having met 3 of my classes, I feel good about this year. I might be setting myself up for disappointment, but there's a different feeling about this group. I almost cried tears of joy when one class--half of them had the assignment written down before the beginning bell rang, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM worked on the homework in the last 20 minutes of class--with very little talking except about the work!!!!! Seriously, I was moved to tears. Pray for this year to be a good year for us. Pray for my students and for me--for a feeling of teammanship, and a feeling of success for all. I'm excited about my newly reorganized classroom--even if I still can't seem to get many posters to stay up on the walls. Oh, and I still have two more classes to meet. But I hope tomorrow has me just as excited as today. I do love clean slates.-or is the proper term clean whiteboards now? :-)

And I'm grateful for the nice ending I had to my day as I attended the U2Charist at LU put on by St Mikes, in the new performing center (which has AWESOME acoustics--I want to attend a praise chapel there just to revel in the sound...). It was strange to have only a few familiar faces among the students, but there is something powerful in the sound of a chorus of voices speaking praise and prayer to God in unison. I also was moved by the U2 Songs, "Grace" and "One" and Corey's excellent message of fellowship (Hebrews) with those around us-- remind ourselves to ask "What part of God will this person show me today?" and showing love to others by "turning your world upside down" as exemplified in the Matthew passage relating to taking the lowest place at a wedding banquet.

So, a toast and praise of Thanksgiving for another year!

Prayer request for a family below

Ryan and Johnna are the daughter/son-in-law of our head custodian at school. I grew up in school with Johnna. They had a little boy named Hayden in August who was born with spinal bifida. They were prepared for this and he had surgery pretty immediately I believe after the birth. In addition to the spinal bifida (which is turning out to be miraculously not as severe as thought) he's had some problems with reflux and breathing. He's kept the doctors busy this last month as they've been trying to figure out what's causing what and what's best for helping him. My understanding is that it's related to something called "Chiari Malformation"--a neural tube defect. He's been intubated most of the time (which he is not fond of) and has had multiple surgeries. He's quite the little fighter though.

Please just pray for this little family--for strength for Ryan and Johnna, for God's financial provision and support, for Hayden's medical team as they provide care, and for Hayden--for God's miraculous healing and Will.

He has a CarePage under "HaydenPatrick". I'm not completely sure how this works but I know you have to sign up--not sure if the email invite is mandatory or not. I'll try and keep people updated as I can.

Here's todays: "Ah, yet another update today… Hayden is just keeping us busy! :)

Neurosurgery came by and talked about the results from the head ultrasound. The shunt surgery is off as of now for this week. Since his ventricles were not enlarged any more than they had been, it doesn’t really make sense to do a shunt right now. They will do another head ultrasound on Friday and then consider the shunt for early next week maybe depending on what the head ultrasound shows. It seems neurosurgery is chomping at the bit to do a shunt and see if that solves the problem. But obviously they won’t do an unnecessary surgery. And especially not one that puts something into his body that he will have for the rest of his life.

Ideally, the need for no shunt would be awesome. In fact, Hayden is once again in the minority. About 85% of Spina Bifida kids end up with shunts and most of them are within in the first few weeks of life. It’s just that we’ve been putting our hope in the fact that if he did get the shunt, it may relieve some added pressure on his Chiari Malformation which is causing his breathing issues. His lungs are in great shape – he doesn’t have a lung issue. The issue is in the portion of his brain that controls breathing. Unfortunately, that portion of his brain, they believe, has pressure on it which is prohibiting him to breathe consistently.

On the other hand, the fact that his breathing has improved from 5 hours to 36 hours maybe means that he just needs a little longer to grow and figure it all out. I’m now hoping that if he gets up to full feeds and gets the nutrition his body needs to grow and mature that maybe he will eventually be able to breathe all the time without any help. It may just take a little longer than we’d anticipated. Please join us in praying that God shows us and the doctors the solution to this breathing issue. And thank Him that he solved the reflux problem and now Hayden is able to eat again and get stronger!! We’ll update when we know more. Probably in 7 minutes or so… ;)"

All I can think is how awesome to know that Ryan and Johnna have such a strength of faith that God would place this upon their shoulders. and even how more awesome it is to have God in the trials and blessing such as this.

Thanks everyone and God Bless!

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March 20, 2007

Spring Break Ends


At least it wasn't like last year...and I did feel much better at the end of break, rested and more energetic.

Anyways, so today the math department received and elmo and projector for each classroom--well, 3 of 4 classroom as we wait for the last ones to come in. Except they didn't leave the projector in my room--only the elmo, writepad, and all the stuff for the projector (cords). I'll find it tomorrow........ That was happy news though.

I was a bit swamped in trying to get lessons planned the next few weeks and such--have to make an assignment to add to what we have for tomorrow...but it's not too hard--especially with my utterly awesome TI software.

Students, well, you can guess what they're like on the first day back from a break. It really wasn't that much worse than normal though. Unbelievably, I enjoyed 2 (very short < min) moments of the silence of learning in one of my most talkative classes...It really is a sweet sound to hear pencils scratching on paper while students do their work. and really, every student in those first two classes managed to get an assignment done (they were assigned 2)

That's my mundane life. :-) April promises to be much more exciting:

March 31--Rent in Dallas
April 6--Good Friday/Easter weekend (holiday!)--maybe a trip to lubbock, but doubtful
April 14--visit parents and bunch of extended family at cabin dedication in honor of my grandpa. bro comes to visit longview for a few days
Aprill 19--TAKS TEST :-((((, Wicked in Dallas !!!!!
April 20 Teacher bash at school. :-D fun, games, laughter...

I feel like I'm missing a few things...but, that's enough to keep me looking forward to stuffs.

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March 13, 2007

Day 4: The Trial

So, at an approximate rate of a $5 an hour, I sat on a jury for a DWI, first offense trial today. Yes, a jury trial for a criminal misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated. and for $40 for the day, yes I was there ALL DAY with the trial--9 to 4:30 with an hour and a half lunch (the half hour was due to technical difficulties....)

So yesterday morning I knew the trial was going to be somewhat interesting when the lawyers, after having us seated for the panel, called for a sidebar with the judge and they decided to reshuffle the names for some unknown reason. My suspicion is that the first row wasn't....diverse...enough. I went from a happy position of about 8 or 9 to 3, for a 6 person jury....which meant the odds were that I would be selected, and I obviously was.

I didn't like the lawyers just from my general impression during Voir Dire yesterday. Very stereotypical lawyers. Again, I could tell things would be interesting in this trial.

So today, after dropping off the car for a dr visit and being dropped off at the courthouse by the helpful Moore, I went up to the 3rd floor, collected my money, nicely given to me as cash, and than went downstairs for a bit of breakfast. Good coffee---and they offered hazelnut creamer!!! (rather than boring plain powder creamer and sugar...) My biscuit sandwich was good too. I went upstairs at about 9:00 and was sent into the jury room to wait for everyone else to arrive--which wasn't long. We had a nice chat about schools--out of 6 jurors there were 2 teachers and 1 substitute teacher-- and getting to know each other while waiting for The Knock. We went in and the trial began. They had opening statements--both telling us the video and testimony would lead us to their respective desired verdicts, and than the first, and thought to be only, witness was called--the officer who pulled the defendant over.

Poor guy was here at trial after having done a 10-6 graveyard shift.... and his fatigue was apparent the rest of the day. Through his testimony, I was leaning towards guilty, but I felt that there were holes and looked forward to seeing the video. There were many interspersed objections from the defense attorney, some sustained and some overruled. He was a stereotypically brutal guy to the witness. We had a little break halfway thru the morning at which point I went back down to the snack bar and bought some water, Cracker Jacks, and gummy fruits to munch on and hopefully help me stay awake. We went back up and the testimony wrapped up to the point of being time for the long anticipated Video. and oh how I was disappointed....

The basic story is that the defendant was spotted turning onto a well-known street without his headlights on. The officer, heading the other direction turns around and speeds up. The officer testifies that he witnessed the car crossing into other lanes so he pulls him over and smells marijuana in the car, and alcohol on the driver's breath. He then administers the field sobriety tests and arrests the defendant for DWI. The defendant denied smoking pot, and initially drinking alcohol, but than he admitted to having "a few beers" He was headed out at 3 in the morning to get some food with a friend.

Little laptop. Shady projector. Portable screen. It all comes up and I wait....and wait...for them to make the video bigger from the obvious program that is used in the patrol car....and it didn't go full screen. I leaned in as close as I could to the video. Then, with delayed staticy sound--because the A.D.A. thought that they laptop speakers would be enough, we had a 10 minute break for them to find speakers. We try again, and than part of the way thru, the projector freezes. And the judge decides we should have the half hour extra for lunch.

I headed off with the other full-time teacher for some food at Playa Azul, a yummy Mexican restaurant I had never tried before. I was quite impressed. We shared a plate of beef fajita nachos--without beans since neither of us was a fan of such, and talked for awhile about life and everything but the trial--being the good jurors that we were.

The trial begins again and we watch the video all the way through. I'm not impressed with the video quality being as it's a major piece of evidence. I can tell a little bit that still makes me suspect the defendant was intoxicated. Things wrap up for the prosecutor and the defense lawyer takes his turn.... and he picks apart the poor officer's testimony about his credibilty in giving the field sobriety tests. and I begin to hate the notion of reasonable doubt--and with that the video had been better....and continue to enjoy my people watching. I saw some definite weaving--staying in the lane--when the defendant turned his lights on, but I couldn't see anything before that due to the darkness and distance between the camera and car. I couldn't really pick up on any signs of swaying or stumbling from my vantage point when the defendant went through the sobriety tests.

Just when I have hope that things wrap up, the defense produces evidence of a urine test taken 15 hours after the pull-over. The defendant denied to give blood for a blood test and asked for the breathalyzer, which wasn't given for some reason...probably because they really wanted to catch marijuana on him and the breathalyzer wouldn't pick up on that.

So the prosecutor calls a rebuttal witness to basically place doubt into our heads as to the legitimacy of the urine test. Personally, I think it was legit but the defense waited too long to get the appropriate paperwork--there wasn't a chain of custody form so we had no way of knowing of the urine test had been observed. We also get to hear the different ways that people falsify drug urine tests... such a learning experience.

Finally, things wrap up. I'm intrigued to hear what the other jurors have to say. Initially, we decided that if we were in trouble we'd want that defense attorney at our side. I really WANT to go for guilty, but I can't make a fair decision. We all picked up on different things in the video, so we asked to watch it again--same poor conditions. (Seriously, couldn't they have made a DVD from the video program????) I notice a bit more swaying and stumbling, but nothing that made me say guilty--beyond reasonable doubt. It wasn't enough to help me get pass the now discredited testimony. The only testimony I honestly was disappointed from the officer was that he didn't turn off the flashers during the HNG test (eye check) which is one of the more accurate field sobriety tests if administered by protocol--but flashing lights make are a no-no. We take a poll and 4 out of 6 jurors say not guilty. I give my opinion that the defendant was definitely buzzed and I wouldn't have wanted to be near him on the road, but by the law, I would have to go not guilty. I wasn't going to be swaying anyone anytime soon, and I really did have a tiny bit of doubt--the prosecutor didn't do the best job showing the burden of proof--I had too many unanswered questions from the evidence presented.

So the verdict was not guilty. I just hope he learned his lesson--he was completely respectful and cooperative to the officer in the pull over. Nice looking guy, nice looking parents. I'm not friendly to DWI though....and I would not be happy if he were to get pulled over again for driving while under the influence of a substance. He was just barely intoxicated from what I could see in the video. I do think the officer had probably cause for the arrest and I do think the charge was valid, but in a jury trial, as they explained to us yesterday, there's a much much higher standard for burden of proof.

My friendly juror friend took me to my get my car--hopefully happy from it's to be rare tune up...(our car is complicated...apparently, the spark plugs are rather buried...) and I picked up Josh, talked to my younger bro on the phone, and had peproni rolls with friends before going to see The Pursuit of Happyness, which I liked--definitely a drag down movie until the end. I thought it was well done though--effectively telling and portraying the emotion of the story.

Tomorrow, I hope to have a more restful day. The only plans as of right now are a sinus x-ray at 12:00 to get a picture of why I have recurrent sinus infections, which have become more brutal to my migraines and ears recently.

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February 20, 2007

Careful what you pray for?

So, with this new Bible Study I'm attending and the series that we're starting at church, I've been hearing again about thinking and praying about people God could use me to share His message with. "Lord, grant me the opportunity and give me wisdom"

Well in an interesting set of "random" events and conversations and happenings at school, home, and church, I had a small discussion today with one of my fellow teacher friends. She was sharing with me husband's unique and I quote "strange" ideas (theistic evolution, Jesus can't be God...., Bible is full of metaphors...) and then shared with me her easy belief of "God is real, you should have a relationship with God and try to model the life Jesus lived. Not sure about other stuff (like Trinity), but I do believe this."

So I say to myself, hmm. This may provide for more discussion later on. I may need to start pulling out my Doctrine's notes and books.

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December 01, 2006

Funny Stories from the Week

Other than all the frazzlements of the week:

#1 Teacher: You're getting new seating charts and you will abide by it while the sub is here.

Student: But I like my Seat!!

Teacher: But your seat doesn't like you.

#2 Student: My calculator is on crack!

Teacher: The calculator is on crack only if the user is on crack.

#3 This is the best, really, I almost had to leave the classroom to laugh and laugh and laugh...

Teacher: So you have to remember that with slope, the y change is on the top.

*working examples*

Student: This reminds me of reproductive systems.

"blink blink" Class and Teacher look strangely at Student.

Random Pondering from other students: I guess with putting the ys together...

click the link for the best line:

Student: yeah, just remember that y is always on the top!

after many giggles, Teacher informs class that she'll be disappointed if they ever forget that with slope, y is on the top. she has to quickly finish examples because she can't ask "now what's on top?" anymore without giggles from all...

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October 09, 2006

Columbus Day

Well, while I didn't do anything to remember Columbus specifically, I did spend the weekend visiting my brother/sister-in-law-nephew, parents, and brother. We had a grand time with lots of good food--gumbo, breakfast tacos, and brisket & ribs with homemade potato salad....

We were also all entertained by my 11-month old nephew who appears to be able to walk while not having actually taken his first step :-) He will very very soon. He's a pretty good kid who is going to miss all the attention he had in a few days.

I did get a fair bit of grading done as that is what tends to happen with my occasional holiday. Now, as soon as I finish checking email I'm going to type up a test review for the week and take a shower and head to bed.

Interesting tidbits of O. Family News:

*My sister's husband got a job as a lead news anchor.
*My older nephew pushed my niece down the stairs, and when asked what was he thinking about: "Jesus"
*My niece broke her clavicle climbing around on the a recliner chair at Sam's...this didn't stop her from continuing to climb around the rest of the day...
*My mom has applied for a new job working for the county in CO...
*My dad's ankle is doing awesome and he seemed to be in much better spirits
*My younger brother is learning to play the guitar

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August 03, 2006


Ryan Alexander Delorme, born this morning to proud parents Lily and Charlie and older brother Aidan. a wee bit early, but a hefty 7 pounds with quite a bit of hair.

Mother and son should be going home tomorrow!

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July 27, 2006

Prayer Requests....

For an honors acquaintance Joy, who just lost her husband of a year in a plane crash. Both are LU grads.

and I'm having surgery Tuesday morning to have the gallbladder removed. Because it works at 10% of what is should be doing, and hence, lots of nausea and occasional pain.

I have one more week of vacation left and than the workdays and than classes begin....and I have a whole new crew of 9th grade math teachers I'll be working with.

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July 18, 2006

Thoughts from the Airport

(Alright, so this is a few days late....)

People watching in airports is fun. I wonder at the younger 20 something guy who decided to drink a $5 beer at 7 in the morning.

I'm also struck that people eat strange things in the morning, like the lady eating chili-cheese fritos.

Or I think about the contrast of the two younger, again 20something guys across from me...one who looks like a sterotypical nerd (but no laptop?) reading The Bourne Legacy. The guy next to him looks like someone who likes to travel and do things...various patches on his shirt. Reminds me of some of the people who come to Lake City--hiking the Divide, or aiming to hike as many fourteeners as they can. Lake City has five mountains over 14000 feet. I've been on two of them.

Anyways. I was disappointed to find that the wi-fi network here in IAH actually costs money to use....10 bucks for 24 hour access. blah. Tyler boasts free wi-fi apparently.

Hmm. It's always fun to notice what people are wearing and what they look like when traveling to a unique location, such as tourist-trap Colorado.

Part 2: Return Trip

The flight from Montrose to Houston was so pretty! I saw the Black Canyon, and Blue Mesa, Lake San Cristobal (I'd have seen Lake City if I was on the other side of the plane!), Gunnison & Western State College, the Great Sand Dunes near Alamosa, and so many other places that I wish I knew how to identify. I couldn't believe how many trees I saw as we started the descent.

After an enjoyable meal at Chili's since I have a 2 1/2 layover--a meal of Chili, salad, and yummy Chambord Margarita, I took the shuttle bus over to the hopper terminal. Continental has rearranged or something because this waiting area is much nicer than the last ghetto area we connected to Tyler from. If i'd know there this was this much stuff with so many few people, I'd have come over here earlier. The Chili's I ate at was in one of the main food courts I think--a central area in the B terminal where secuirty comes out.

I suspect that the young schmoopy couple I saw on the bus were honeymooners; his ring looked shiny-new.

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June 01, 2006

The First Week

I know my vacation is just going to fly by.....

So, an update.

WE"RE MOVING!!!! to a non-smelly apartment more central to our jobs with a happier layout and nicer carpet. Last week of June....

Let's see, I've filed the pile of papers. Gone grocery shopping and shopping at Penney's. Picked up a little bit around the apartment. Made Chicken Alfredo...didn't turn out too bad but the sauce needed more salt. and I've played lots of WoW.

Josh and I had an interested discussion about education last night in lieu of the new bill that will require 4 years of Math and Science to graduate (that's each). and the teachers get a "$2000" raise-- 500 of which is actually a 500 healthcare stipend that was taken away that's being given back...

Anyways, about the discussion. Our disagreement seems to come down to the fact that we have a different philosophy about the meaning of a high school diploma and just what high school is for. He supports the 4 year M/S req, I don't. He supports it because it's raising the standards for graduation...a good thing I know, but I'm not sure that it's necessary for a person to be able to be a functioning member of society. Really, how often do people use Algebra II as it is? Now if a student is planning on attending college, I STRONGLY recommend that they have the 4 years of Math at a minimum and at least 3 in Science. Josh thinks (and I'll be surprised if he isn't working up a post in his head while working today) that it'll make a HSD more meaningful and people will have a better understanding of the world around them. I don't know...I realize we shouldn't really make it easier for people to graduate high school, but I don't think we should make it harder either. The discussion got really fun when Josh started saying that if teachers were doing what they should, it wouldn't be up for discussion. Hehehe. I reminded him that nobody has been blaming the students and their lack of motivation or caring. But then, as they taught as at LeTU....it's up to the teachers to motivate the students. *sigh* There are so many problems with the system....

Granted, people need more critical thinking skills when they leave high school, but how is more math and science going to teach it? Especially since they seem to have taken proofs out of geometry... as much as I hate proofs... *sigh* Hmm. time for breakfast. Especially since today's project is clean the bathrooms and kitchen...

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May 25, 2006

slow what?

So this was supposed to be a slower week for me, and somehow it isn't.

It has been really nice to be done with students after an hour in the morning though and than having the rest of the time to organize and clean up. I'm jotting down ideas as I go on how to be better at the whole organization thing next year. Yeah...if i don't lose that list of ideas...

Anyways. Monday afternoon I came back home to clean the kitchen and something else. Maybe apartment hunting. We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner at our place with friends and waching "Desparate Housewives." I also got to explain to the vice principal that I did not discuss the Da Vinci Code book or movie with my class but only referred to it and than stopped conversation about it so we could talk about the golden ratio which is mentioned in the book. Apparently a parent called and said I'd been talking about Da Vinci Code in class. I don't remember now. But the kitchen looked so nice for the whole two hours.... Tuesday afternoon I went duplex hunting in the paper, viewed an apartment (way smaller than Josh could bear), and picked up Josh to go see Da Vinci code with Watson's class and have dinner at Jap Tree after. The movie was good for a movie. (not oscar winning but not bad either). Jap Tree dinner was fine, and I had the perfect view of the reserved room and the powerpoint presentation therin. I had noticed in while ordering "The True story of Sodom and Gomorrah" as the title slide. While others discussed the movie I looked up and noticed that they were going through the slides. Quite interesting...a powerpoint about the development of the word homosexuality...and we found out later it was a group from some gay/lesbian church in Tyler. I didn't know the word "homosexual" meant so many things.... I scared a few people at the table because I'd look up and see something and either take in my breath or start laughing...

Wednesday, I worked through lunch so I could leave at 1 p.m. and have lunch with my tall friend Ashley and go wandering around town. We were going to look at two duplexes, but alas, they were both leased already since I had called the day before. So we had snowcones and rummaged the Book Barn, and a delicious lunch at Mama Moose Deli. We also did get to view an apartment that I rather liked for lots of reasons and took Josh too after he got off work. It's the only promising thing I've found so far in our quest to move away from the upstairs neighbors and smoky smell. This apartment did not smell like smoke, is not right on the parking lot (only bad if we are running in the rain), overlooks a golf course, the two bedrooms are separate, has a larger dining area and equivalent living room with a nice layout and nicer carpet. But, we haven't decided on moving there yet. There aren't many downsides that I can find. but it would mean $50 a month more in rent. (it's worth it to me to get away from the upstairs neighbors and smoky smell)

Today, i was going to go home and take a nap. But alas, I saw a set of apartments when leaving lunch at Catfish Village and just had to stop in. But they were out to lunch so I headed over and was inspired to get my hair trimmed and go shopping for a half hour. Back to the apartments only to discover nothing available (which sucks because they have ideal location for my job and they have 1 bedroom plus study available). oh well. and I was driving back home when I saw Midas and remembered that we needed the oil changed and front brakes checked. They checked my brakes and said they were fine, changed the oil, and as I was looking around saw "wiper replacement", replaced our wiper blades too. Then I really did make it home after one last stop at a different apartment complex to check on possible vacancies. No luck again.

I was depressed today as I verified my grades. I have a horrible passing rate this last six weeks. I hope the principal doesn't look too closely. I hate that I have to call parents on NINTH graders to try and "intervene" on their failing. They've got to learn some basic responsibility some time soon...and if we keep catering to the student they're going to learn the hard way in a few years. *sigh* I like teaching, but I don't like working.

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May 22, 2006


So, it's a bit unofficial whether or not the teacher across the hall from me is also leaving now....but people keep coming by my room to tease me in how next year I will be the senior member of the 9th grade math department...as in, I'm the only 9th grade math teacher staying on next year.....

I was fairly productive today in starting my room clean-up. It's amazing how I avoid organizing the piles of papers that need organization....but yet, i keep on avoiding them. :-) I plan on bringing home the extra papers in boxes to organize this summer. Because there won't be any air conditioning in the school after this week. Course, I may get them organized before Friay. HAH.

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May 20, 2006

Where did it go?

I type up an thought I posted a nice long entry yesterday about my last full day of classes in my first year of teaching and about how I learned a lot of stuff this year....but I don't know where it went.

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May 18, 2006


In searching for something else that is mathematically fun to do in class, I mused upon my Escher prints in the classroom and decided to search for easy do-it-yourself instructions for tesselations. I found this EXCELLENT step-by-step site.

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May 10, 2006


Alright, so I know I promised the rest of the story some time ago.

We had fun at Senior banquet and than bumming at the ice cave until we decided sleep was good. It was only 10:00, but we were very tired after the really long day. I don't think I was that tired after my own wedding....

So after flipping a coin to decide who had to drive home, I lost and drove fell into bed into a deep sleep while Josh set the alarm so we could make it to graduation. I woke up and heard it raining at some point and thought--darnit. We figured graduation would be inside and thus it would be more important to arrive early...grabbed some good seats by Rachel who had been saving them for someone or another and noted that I would be able to take some good pictures of them getting diplomas. But alas, not ten minutes after sitting down we were asked to leave. It took me a bit to cajole Josh into going, and than reminding Rachel that she didn't need to leave because she was a spouse of a graduate.

After weaving our way to Belcher, and discovering that they weren't letting us in there until the graduates were gone...yet somehow people kept getting in past...I decided we should go. But there were all these people behind us. but hey, I'm smart and I had worked Solheim when cleaning with Facility Services last summer and I knew of a back exit from the dressing rooms. And away we went. Grabbed some goodies at a bakery and headed back to campus, snagging an even better parking spot at the library. Waited a bit, caught up with a few people and than decided we should at least try and see the recessional...but they weren't coming the way we thought. In fact, chaos reigned so I figured we could sneak around the back...and got to a good spot just as the liberal arts grads had already gone by. We at least got to wave at the engineering buddies Toad and Ziggy.

Than, to the library. Passed out cards, snapped pictures, blew bubbles and remembered other good pictures of certain persons blowing bubbles at my own wedding.

After snapping some good photos...or at least I hope...if someone would remember to email me the files from work....

we headed to lunch with Toad and his family at Texas Roadhouse. MMMmmmm, yummy yummy filet......

Headed back to campus and discovered the Wheelers.....this just should not have been and I marched off to order the Rachel off campus. After discovering my help really wasn't needed cleaning at Rachel's apartment and seeing the Wheelers off, I headed to the ice cave and tried to be of some help cleaning there. I was probably more in the way...and Josh broke the ceiling light cover...but oh well. Then we headed to Randy's apartment and bummed around a bit before getting dinner at Joe's. and then heading back home until it was time for drinks with the Toads and mom Toad and Danny. We went to Gerald's, the only non-smoking bar and partook of two rounds of drinks and had fun just chatting and what not. But we were hungry so we headed off to chili's and had a few appetizers before deciding more sleep would be good.

Sunday we awoke after blissful sleep and dragged ourselves over to the Toads to help them move out. They already had a lot done.....I helped with the cleaning and Josh dragged things down the stairs and we were done within two hours. So after going and getting one final lunch with them at Tele's, we said another round of goodbyes and went home to rest. Sweet sweet rest. In fact, I don't remember anything about what we did that afternoon--I think I read. After dinner and ice cream with Randy, we got some more sleep and another school week started. and our first anniversary

I went to school and got through the day waiting for the TAKS results to come my way...which did after school. I was bummed after looking at them, but it was my anniversary so I shrugged it off the best I could and picked up Josh. We had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster, ate some of wedding cake which I had thawed, watched Chronicles of Narnia, and drank our bottle of wine--Queen Anne's Revenge from the Duplin Winery. and went to bed. Oh and Josh bought me a keyboard so now my thigh muscles happily avoid the burning of the bottom of my laptop.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by like normal ole school days I think. It's all kinda blurry.... I have a week and a half left! I'm starting to keep my eye out for "now hiring" signs to find a summer job to keep myself amused. It has been quite an emotional weekend with a happy wedding and sad goodbyes...and I'll stop here. I have these wishful thoughts of posting some memories of the grads moved away soon, but we'll see. The end of the year is going to get busy really fast here as we wrap things up at school

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May 07, 2006


Everybody here *blink* everybody gone. Well, note everybody.

The last three-four days have been insane. Maybe even insane as the same three-four days last year. I now have an overwhelming gratitude to my family and friends and my mother and mother-in-law for everything they did last year after the last few days.....

So Thursday.... Went to school. Took off for an hour and half to attend part of a rehearsal. Grabbed lunch at Sonic and was mad because they put mayo on my sandwhich after i asked for it not to be there. But I discovered this too late. Got off of school and left everything for a substitute that was needed. Headed to LeTourneau and bummed around the Ice Cave. Then we went to the Wheeler-Gullman Rehearsal dinner at Cotton Patch. Good food and fun times. I was overcome with emotion as the happy couple was able to celebrate their wedding with grandparents....and I had none and now am left only with my paternal grandfather. I was also made weepy as I realized how far Jared and Rachel have come and how happy I am they made it this far and will make it farther.

Was recruited into helping Rachel pack up and move out. Did not realize the extent of packing needed. But alas, three hours later, the majority of stuff seemed to be gone. I left with pleas that Rachel go to bed sooner than later and hopes that somebody would make sure of it. Told Rachel I'd be there around 815 the next morning to help her get out and off the wedding. I had promised to help her stay sane as could be before the wedding and get ready. Glad I did.

Slept sort of thru the night. My knee hurt and I dreamed I had a headache only to wake up with one. Not a great way to start the day, but at least I wasn't getting married :-) Dropped Josh off at work, grabbed a cinnamon roll and cinnamon mocha at starbucks (decaf of course) and headed to LeTourneau again. Heard Rachel taking a shower and stripped her bed and put linens in bag to go to her new apartment. Realized we needed to pack foodstuffs into my car for reception. Also packed Rachel's post-wedding luggage into my car for later move to Jared's truck. Drove to Church with Sarah muttering along the way...I was cranky from the headache. But my mocha was starting to calm me thankfully. Repacked Rachel's backpack and helped her get her meds in order while Ashley did wonders with Rachel's hair and make-up. Offered little gems of advice to Paige as she did wonders with Rebecca and Julie's hair. GREAT JOB ALL OF YOU!!!! I'm not sure I was too much of a help, but I was glad to be a part of getting the bridal party ready. Rachel was just about to get into her dress when I realized Josh would need to picked up. Waited long enough to see Rachel become a really beautiful model bride in dress and headed out to the car...saw Caleb standing with Doug and Jared and headed over to see if Caleb was free. Heard some mumblings of Caleb going with Mr. Wheeler to run a last minute errand and begged them to pick up Josh because I wasn't ready myself and time was quickly ticking away. Just as they drove off Moore wandered over and wanted to know if I wanted anything from Taco Bell. A minute earlier and he could have picked up Josh. Oh well. Called Josh and had him give Moore a food order. Ran back so that myself and Paige could help Rachel through last-minute jitters. Rachel did better than me.....

Than, it was time for the last minute things...was recruited to help with some reception and gift table stuff. Sat with Rachel and promised to stay with her until she started the walk down the aisle with her Dad. Which was good because I could make sure her train flowed down the aisle all pretty like. Snuck in on the side so I could watch her come down. Read Ephesians passage at wedding; tried to pay attention to Dr. Watson's homily....hmm, I can remember bits and pieces...more than I can from his at our wedding....

Saw them prounounced man and wife and admired the studly groomsmen (really, men are sexy when dressed up in suits/tuxes) and the gorgeous bridesmaids (I want one of those dresses!) Stayed around for pictures and stuff and started to plot against Josh in the decorating of the car-but he thought I was helping them. I needed knowledge of what car to transfer Rachel's luggage to after all. hehehehehe Kept running around and taking care of little things...and was asked to coordinate the clean-up....so I went around and recruited those who were available. The more we had, the faster it would get done. Headed to reception and grabbed a few bites to eat and talked to people. Took care of a few more small things--like luggage transfer and car key transfer. Also announced when it was time to throw bouquet and garter toss, than went to get the car hoping that they would be ready to leave quickly enough...unfortunately my husband followed me and found that I had betrayed him to save the car from decoration. They got it a little bit anyway with leftover window paint. Oh well, at least they didn't have to deal with the shaving cream. Saw them off, gave people a few things to do to help clean up. Ran to school to pick up student work and ran back. Helped pack up levtover foods and organize things. We were done by 5 and I was pleased. Found that there were extra senior banquet tickets so we decided to go and was happy we did....

*to be finished later*

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May 05, 2006

Before I Sleep

Happy Wedding Day to Jared & Rachel!
Happy Graduation Day and moving out to all our friends who are lucky enough to be moving on....*sniff* We're going to miss you.....*stops before more tears flow*
may I not think of my regrets and only of all the memories I have....

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Why i believe in Suburbans

or big tank SUVs in general for families..... and just SUVs....

this was my parent's vehicle of the accident two months ago...

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April 13, 2006

Good Ole LC

See if you can get to this article on the Christian Science Monitor, 04/06/06

My Parent's Home

I don't think I can quote the story here looking at some of their policies, but if you can't get it, let me know and I'll forward the email version of the story.

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April 06, 2006


for our dear St Mike's Mom--Margie Litterski. Her sister passed away tonight during heart surgery (repair on a torn vessel after aorta surgery). Margie has fibral myalgia which flares up in times of stress, so prayer for her emotional and physical healing. Her sister Barb had seven kids and several grandkids, plus she was the oldest of nine siblings.


Oh, and pray for our sanity this weekend. Math/Sci Competition in San Antonio--a weekend with 32 middle schoolers, and competition stress. We'll miss y'all.

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March 31, 2006

Counting Down

2 days until Phantom of the Opera, :-D
1 week from tomorrow, until Math-Sci Competition in San Antonio
3 weeks from yesterday, 9th Math TAKS Test
3 weeks, Post-TAKS Teacher Bash
4 weeks, Houston--Device Check & post-surgery check
5 weeks, Gullman-Wheeler wedding
5 weeks, three days--1st anniversary
8 weeks, end of school

oh, by the way I feel better, Texas-sized. I had pizza last night. and I had my first dr pepper and coffee (well, nonfat caramel machiatto) in 2 weeks today. Water for the rest of the evening, but it's so nice not to feel sick.

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March 28, 2006

Almost Better...

So I'm finally able to eat small, real meals again. I'm hungry a lot throughout the day and fighting off some indigestion still, but tons better with more energy. Just in time for allergies to start attacking my head.

Oh, and I have to have my gallbladder ultrasounded on THursday.

Parents are both safely home and Mom is putting in half days at work this week. My older brother Eric, and his wife Amanda, and their 4month old son Noah are visiting my parents for the next two weeks and helping around the house.

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March 26, 2006

A ray of light?

Well, after a week of stomach badness, I think I might be on the mend. Definitely not feeling perfect, but a bit better. Pray that the trend continues. The muscle is still achy and sore where they cut into, but they told me that takes time.

The great news of the week is that my dad gets released tomorrow after over 2 weeks! They have to go back to Denver (six hour drive from L.C.) every week for six weeks to have the plastic surgery aspect looked at. My dad described what they did.....wasn't pleasant sounding. He's supposed to keep weight off the ankle for 8-12 weeks....hehehe.

Mom's doing pretty well still. She's been sleeping in chairs because of the broken ribs. But she sounds like she's doing well. She's going to try and go back to work next week.

Me, I'm looking forward to the day--hopefully sooner than later, when I can eat more than crackers, rice, and bland soup.

Thanks for all the prayers.

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March 18, 2006

The Break Ends...

Sadly. I need another few days of vacation to continue resting and healing. I'm still not feeling tops--nauseated and headaches and fatigued. But I think it might be from allergies/sinuses or something. I'll go to the doctor on Monday and call the one in Houston too about the fact that every once in awhile I can feel my heart beating rather hard. Nothing else, just feeling it beat. At least it's regular.

Dad is still not doing too well. He has a staph infection and he's still hurting and not happy because he's tied down in bed for his leg to heal. Please keep in prayers. Mom's out but staying up in Denver to take care of Dad. Not sure on when he'll be released just yet.

Monday comes all too soon, but at least it's a half day.

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March 14, 2006

Spring Break, 2nd day

Well, here it is the Tuesday of my Spring Break and nothing is as planned. But I think the later surgery for me is the best as it allowed me some resting time and time to get a few things done around the apartment.

I talked to my parents again yesterday (I plan on calling them every day just to see how they are doing :-) Dad had a bit of surgery but they still have more to do on his ankle. All they did yesterday was wash things out I guess. Mom was moved up to Dad's room on Sunday, which makes calling them a whole lot easier. She sounds better every day, albeit sore for awhile.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting a pacemaker. It is definitely an outpatient surgery and we plan on coming back Thursday if all goes well.

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March 11, 2006


well, after the nightmare of yesterday, today is a lot better. I just talked to both my parents and they're doing pretty well. Mom is enjoying the little button that makes the pain disappear and I think she's doped up enough that she hasn't really thought and worried about a whole lot yet.

Dad sounded rather chipper almost. They only set the bone last night, so now his leg is in traction. Either tomorrow of Monday they'll do surgery to put in plates or something like that. Now he gets to set metal detectors off :-)

I got more story and details. The story that they have figured out now is that the pick-up truck lost control and hit my parents with the passenger side. My parents said he came out of nowhere, like a deer just suddenly jumping into the road. The driver of pick-up flew out of his passenger side window (they know this from the hair and scalp stuck to the window...) and landed in the middle of the road, only to get run over by a semi. The semi saw the accident and than the guy in the road but obviously had no way of stopping or swerving in time without making the accident far worse. He did well just stopping the semi on the icy roads. Apparently my parents had thought they has just gotten through the worst of the weather, except for the wind freezing snow on the road.

My parents had just bought their suburban a week ago after selling the other one. They hadn't even made their first payment yet---as my mother mentioned to me this morning.

Thank-you everyone. People are telling me just to go ahead with my surgery on Wednesday. I'm still inclined to mostly. Josh is the only one with doubts just based on the problems the office has had with scheduling and my files and what not.

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March 10, 2006

Update again...

My parents are in Denver as are my younger brother and older sister with family. Mom is in ICU (well, maybe recovery still) but she's out of surgery. Her neck is fine but she has broken ribs on both sides. While taking out her spleen, they took the gallbladder too. (At least that won't bother her anymore)

My dad's in Pre-op getting ready for the ankle to be fixed. The bone was broken in two place right above I seem to think.

I think the next 24 hours are the most critical for my mom. So keep praying. We're staying put in Longview, as well as my older brother, unless something drastically changes or we're desperately needed for help (which will be more after they get out of the hospital, not right now)

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My parents were headed to Texas today. They got slammed into by a sem-truck. They are okay..... but my dad is being taken to the hospital with a bone sticking out of his ankle and my mom might have a broken rib from the air bag. My younger brother is with them and just barely missed getting hit himself (he was driving his truck down) Their suburban is totalled. From what I understand the semi was trying to avoid a man in the middle of the road and hit my parents. Kirk said there's a lot of blood....I think from the man who was in the road. I guess the roads are a bit icy (they were still in Colorado). Just please pray for all of us, especially my mom and brother, and me and my brother and sister. Me and the older brother are so far away and thankfully my sister lives in Colorado. I'll update when I know more. I'm just trying to maintain some sanity. I'll probably be better off staying at school than just go home to pace and wait for my phone to ring with more info....

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March 09, 2006

Haunting Past

I hear about the former Longview cop arrested on child pornorgraphy charges...just his computer...but still, my haunted past comes back to me and I wonder....

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At least someone sees the light...

My students will tell you that this is true....it's their fault when they fail, and still the continue not to do the work because they don't care.

For once, blame the student

By Patrick WelshWed Mar 8, 7:08 AM ET

Failure in the classroom is often tied to lack of funding, poor teachers or other ills. Here's a thought: Maybe it's the failed work ethic of todays kids. That's what I'm seeing in my school. Until reformers see this reality, little will change.
Last month, as I averaged the second-quarter grades for my senior English classes at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va., the same familiar pattern leapt out at me.
Kids who had emigrated from foreign countries - such as Shewit Giovanni from Ethiopia, Farah Ali from Guyana and Edgar Awumey from Ghana - often aced every test, while many of their U.S.-born classmates from upper-class homes with highly educated parents had a string of C's and D's.
As one would expect, the middle-class American kids usually had higher SAT verbal scores than did their immigrant classmates, many of whom had only been speaking English for a few years.
What many of the American kids I taught did not have was the motivation, self-discipline or work ethic of the foreign-born kids.
Politicians and education bureaucrats can talk all they want about reform, but until the work ethic of U.S. students changes, until they are willing to put in the time and effort to master their subjects, little will change.
A study released in December by University of Pennsylvania researchers Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman suggests that the reason so many U.S. students are "falling short of their intellectual potential" is not "inadequate teachers, boring textbooks and large class sizes" and the rest of the usual litany cited by the so-called reformers - but "their failure to exercise self-discipline."
The sad fact is that in the USA, hard work on the part of students is no longer seen as a key factor in academic success. The groundbreaking work of Harold Stevenson and a multinational team at the University of Michigan comparing attitudes of Asian and American students sounded the alarm more than a decade ago.
Asian vs. U.S. students
When asked to identify the most important factors in their performance in math, the percentage of Japanese and Taiwanese students who answered "studying hard" was twice that of American students.
American students named native intelligence, and some said the home environment. But a clear majority of U.S. students put the responsibility on their teachers. A good teacher, they said, was the determining factor in how well they did in math.
"Kids have convinced parents that it is the teacher or the system that is the problem, not their own lack of effort," says Dave Roscher, a chemistry teacher at T.C. Williams in this Washington suburb. "In my day, parents didn't listen when kids complained about teachers. We are supposed to miraculously make kids learn even though they are not working."
As my colleague Ed Cannon puts it: "Today, the teacher is supposed to be responsible for motivating the kid. If they don't learn it is supposed to be our problem, not theirs."
And, of course, busy parents guilt-ridden over the little time they spend with their kids are big subscribers to this theory.
Maybe every generation of kids has wanted to take it easy, but until the past few decades students were not allowed to get away with it. "Nowadays, it's the kids who have the power. When they don't do the work and get lower grades, they scream and yell. Parents side with the kids who pressure teachers to lower standards," says Joel Kaplan, another chemistry teacher at T.C. Williams.
Every year, I have had parents come in to argue about the grades I have given in my AP English classes. To me, my grades are far too generous; to middle-class parents, they are often an affront to their sense of entitlement. If their kids do a modicum of work, many parents expect them to get at least a B. When I have given C's or D's to bright middle-class kids who have done poor or mediocre work, some parents have accused me of destroying their children's futures.
It is not only parents, however, who are siding with students in their attempts to get out of hard work.
Blame schools, too
"Schools play into it," says psychiatrist Lawrence Brain, who counsels affluent teenagers throughout the Washington metropolitan area. "I've been amazed to see how easy it is for kids in public schools to manipulate guidance counselors to get them out of classes they don't like. They have been sent a message that they don't have to struggle to achieve if things are not perfect."
Neither the high-stakes state exams, such as Virginia's Standards of Learning, nor the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act have succeeded in changing that message; both have turned into minimum-competency requirements aimed at the lowest in our school.
Colleges keep complaining that students are coming to them unprepared. Instead of raising admissions standards, however, they keep accepting mediocre students lest cuts have to be made in faculty and administration.
As a teacher, I don't object to the heightened standards required of educators in the No Child Left Behind law. Who among us would say we couldn't do a little better? Nonetheless, teachers have no control over student motivation and ambition, which have to come from the home - and from within each student.
Perhaps the best lesson I can pass along to my upper- and middle-class students is to merely point them in the direction of their foreign-born classmates, who can remind us all that education in America is still more a privilege than a right.
Patrick Welsh is an English teacher at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va., and a member of USA TODAY's board of contributors.

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March 03, 2006


Still busy. one more week until Spring Break, and I'm mostly doing testing so that'll make things sort of nice and quiet.

my UIL event is tomorrow. it's going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day. get up at 5 am, at school around 6. ride to Nac'. Grade and keep track of what I can through the day. Awards ceremony. Ride back. Hope to be back around 8 or 830. Guuuuuuhhhhh. I'm going to need lots of patience and what not in dealing with a few things.

Theoretically, I'm scheduled for pacemaker surgery on March 13th in Houston, bright and early.

But really, things are looking bright :-) Just so busy. and I get home and don't feel like doing anything. This is why I'm not going to work when/if we have kids.

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February 24, 2006

Oh no! A holiday!

Yup. I have a four day weekend. To do taxes, clean the apartment more comprehensively, get ready for that great TAKS study, and stuff for the week and a half before spring break. (Yeah, I get mon/tues off and than a week and a half later Spring Break....). and stuff like that. I'll enjoy it though, and hopefully it allows all the sick students time to get better and rest up and stuff. There's some nasty stuff going around....

To rant again on drivers.... To top the annoyance of red-light runners, now people behind front cars keep honking when a light turns green and people aren't moving, because the front cars are waiting on the red-light runners. and today I was crossing an intersection with my green light when I notice a silver pick-up truck coming up on my right and not slowing down. pick-up truck did NOT STOP and turned right right in front of me. My bad migraine went immediately to worse. I just can't handle driving some days....I love driving, but I'm getting so much more annoyed. I want to punishes thems. But alas, the cops are never around.

Tomorrow I have another early Saturday and the one next week and the one after that for our regional qualifying Math/Sci meets & UIL. Any LeTourneau friends who are free next Saturday to be a speaking judge for $50, let me know immediately. You don't have to ride the bus with us at 6:30 to Nacogdoches, but you have to be there by 9 and you'll be done by 12:30. Saturday, March 4. and those are a.m. times (but 12:30 pm) We'll be making calls on some of you to beg and plead. I just need one person. The person I had can't do it now.

(just let it all be over)

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February 21, 2006

Such a boring life.

Admistered Reading TAKS test today. and now the English teachers are gloating over us.

Classroom management is definitely improved. Organization, definitely not :-)

Things are looking a little better and before I know it May will be here!

Lots of sick stuff going around right now....lots more kids absent.

Kids enjoyed my "Volume of a Fudge Cake or Brownie" activity. We also attempted surface area (how much chocolate frosting?) Hate that we have to teach nets.

But really, it all seems so trivial anymore.....

I get teary everytime I think of Dunkin' Donuts and teddy bears. My grandpa loved D.D. and collected teddy bears. and I keep thinking of all the people I have close to me, and how I've been lucky never to have a tragic death very close. I dearly loved my grandparents, but I also knew they lived a long and good life and I'll see them again. I ached for all my friends who have had the hurts of losing close friends and siblings and loved ones. Why not me I ask myself sometimes. Maybe because I'm not strong enough. I don't know. and there I go....talking about me.

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February 11, 2006

TWO posts in a week!

Well, today wasn't too bad. Shame the weekend is already half gone though.

I spend the first half of the day at the Math/Sci meet doing what I always do, staying out of the way and grading. grading. grading. Our kids won and they did a really good job too. Some of them amaze me....

Then, I headed to the Toads, spent a little time there and had a good dinner. and then Mollie and I escaped from D&D and went shopping and went to see a chick flick: "Rumor Has It," the polar opposite of "The Graduate" I was quite impressed and laughed a lot. I didn't expect a whole lot, so my expectations were exceeded and i recommend it as a good movie for laughs and that wonderful sappy feeling at the end with the hints of a tear. It also made a good message about engagement/marriage at the end.

To go with the chick flick, we stopped at Starbucks and had coffee and chocolate. and I ran into people I knew, including one of my students from last year with student teaching. One of the intelligent AND nice ones :-)

So, it has been a decent day. I just hope tomorrow doesn't fly by too fast.

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February 10, 2006

oh yeah...

Well.....I've been really busy.

Busy being sick. Busy babysitting, err, teaching students, busy dealing with Math/Sci stuff......., and such.

I got a cough/sore throat last week. Monday I started to feel sick to my stomach, and hit really bad Tuesday night. Enough that I took Wednesday off. My first sick day all year. I would have posted, but I was busy sleeping most of the day away. and than grading. and grading. and grading. The good news of the week is that our washer and dryer arrived and are installed. Found out last night that the hot water and cold water hoses are switched. Have to get that fixed before I accidentally shrink something from a HOT water rinse.

Math/Sci stuff....well, talk to me about that personally. I need prayer for wisdom regarding that and prayer that I don't stress so much as to stay sick about it.

I'm feeling a bit better today. At least I can eat. and today was the last week of the six weeks which means, in a crazed rush to grade late and absent work and retests all day, I walked away with NO GRADING AT ALL!!!!!! but there's a meet tomorrow at school. First time I'm not looking forward to it.

So there's some rambling to make all the color go away for now :-)

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January 27, 2006

Not really "Friday" for me

Today was one of the few days I was just ready to cry at the end of.

It started with waking up and feeling like crap. That happens when I go to bed with an ugly migraine. We go to work and we're running a bit late. But i'm not doing anything to try and get to school because I know I'll only be a minute or two behind, and it wasn't like I had a class--just cafeteria duty. I'm a block from the school and as I go through the intersection I notice a car pull out from some mcD's entrance and they stay in the far right lane, I'm on the inside lane. All of a sudden, no warning at all I see a blinker and a white car turning left right in front of me to make a left turn. I'm going 55. The car was lucky I had good brakes because I was dang close. Heart pounding I get to school. I do my duty. I get through one class. One of my attitude problems was being a real @$$ today. and I had other students just doing really peevish things. Like standing there at the pencil sharpener, sharpening and sharpening and sharpening.

9:30 approaches and I need to leave for a quick dr appt. But there is no one to watch the class to ward off destruction and the bell is being held due to some testing going on. I grab someone to watch my class and jet off running just a few minutes behind to get to the eye dr. That went smoothly. ONe of the few things today to do so. I couldn't believe that I was back at school within 35 minutes. Second period, being grateful to not have a sub (they had one for 10 minutes) was mostly okay. Normal pill gets a little too enthused with the idea of four-dimensions (I was explaining and showing with pictures why an x squared cannot be added to an x cubed). Really, I feel grayish hairs forming.

They go, and I have to help get the class next-door started on their work since they had a sub, and math subs are hard to find.... I feel for their teacher sort of. and they kept saying mean things. I finish up and go back to my classroom to prepare for our TAKS Tutorial monday. I'm supposed to try and call parents on failures and stuff, but I suddenly find my conference period gone just trying to get things ready. Actually, I had about ten minutes, but I could feel a migraine and I knew if I didn't take a little break before lunch, my last class would go worse.

Lunch was fine. Eighth period. A class I generally don't look forward to sometimes. I have some sweet kids in there, and it's my smartest group, but it's also a complex group with lots of students needing more individual attention. and I have two pills in there who, by the end of class, I was ready to literally kick their rears out the door. or throw something at them. I almost wrote them up, but that takes time away from the lesson and at that point they were just laying their heads down not paying attention. I told the class at the end that if I see them not taking notes and they can't show me their notes when they want help, I won't help them.

No child left behind can be a good idea for those children that don't want to be left behind. But if you drag a child through kicking and screaming, they are going to be the worse for wear and the others aren't going to reach their full potential. Leave them behind if they don't care. That's my philosophy at times. Other kids want and need my time because they care.

Anyways, It was just a really long and tense day. I'm feeling like a horrible teacher because I'm not organized, at all, not near like I should be (yes i know I can't be perfect my first year) and I have kids who have been trying and still aren't getting things as basic as perimeter--add the sides, and adding like terms. I draw pictures, I relate things as much as I can, and there is some block that just isn't moving. Actually, the ones who are trying are slowly starting to get it. Unfortunately, we have too much to cover before April. and some are getting nasty when I pass back quizzes--for example:

"If you wanted us to combine like terms after multiplying the polynomials, why didn't you put it in the directions"

I taught them from the beginning that when multiplying them they need to combine like terms at the end. But the person who said this slept through the lesson. Tough.

and there's all this UIL stuff I need to be doing and paperwork to fill out for budgeting and stuff.

*drinks more mocha*
oh, and i have a math/sci meet tomorrow, so I don't have a morning break to look forward to tomorrow. and people were behind retards in the parking lot at Starbucks/hastings. Everything, just everything, kept going wrong in little pieces today. I'm afraid to cook. I'll send Josh for Fazoli's i think. and some wine, to help me relax a bit more. I wish our tub was clean enough for me to take a bath. I'd put my contacts in and soak and read and drink tea if so.

But, this is what I signed up for.

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December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

We have been having a delightful and entertaining/interesting time here in abnormally warm L.C. I'll have to take time to sit and post about the sick niece who threw up on me, or sliding down the hill....in the car, and things like that. I've been getting lots of reading time in too and a little bit of time in the hot tub since Josh and I switched from staying with my parents to a place that they manage---the mattress was causing sleeplessness. (My dad has just bought a new memory foam pad for it after the second complaint of a child about the mattress. that's my dad....) Anyways. I've had fun taking lots of pictures and playing with kids, as well as reliving moments with siblings. It's amazing how well----oh, wait, we still have more day to get through :-)

Anyways. That's the teaser. Really, I'll try and get more up soon.

God bless us everyone!

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December 19, 2005

Off to Colorado

Well, my grandfather died yesterday. I'm glad he managed to hold on until the day after my mother's birthday. She seems to be doing pretty well. They're having the funeral after Christmas so that no one is rearranging Christmas plans. That's how he would have wanted it. After my neuro appointment, we are headed to Dallas and than we will be flying out early tomorrow morning. Please pray for good weather for the entire trip as we'll still have a six hour drive with my sister and her family down to Lake City from Denver. :-) and for Josh's sanity as he rides in a minivan with two little kids :-p

I'm having trouble comprehending everything in a way--that I have a break and we're going to Colorado, that I am now down to one grandfather still living (and doing very well). My Grandpa F. was a dear man, who encouraged my love of reading with lots and lots of books. He used to help manage the library at his church. He will be GREATLY missed. He took care of my grandmother for 10 years as her dementia progressed.

Well, we really must finish getting ready to go here. We'll be posting from somewhere....

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November 28, 2005

Damn good ribs

enough said :-D

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November 26, 2005

You're Invited

To dinner at Joe's, the Scholl's treat.

We are celebrating Josh's birthday this Friday night--say around 530 or so, at Joe's by treating hungry friends to a favorite meal at Joe's. You pay for your drink and I'll get the food. and I might conjure up some cake or something like that too. Afterwards, whoever isn't busy can go with us on a Christmas lights run to Marshall for entertainment and coffee. or we can watch a movie at our place. We'll figure it out then. Leave a comment if you're coming to dinner!

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November 25, 2005

Evil Friday

I am sitting here at home celebrating that I am not shopping on the black Friday of shopping. I hate crowds, and while there are clothes and such that I need--I can't bear the thought of all the people and the lines.

Thanksgiving was good--with fun times playing on the computer--all of us at Toad's, and AWESOME food. Molly makes a mean apple pie. and my pumpkin pie was the best I've ever made. (I swear it's the Kitchen Aid that helps me get the right consistency...)

I still haven't felt like I've caught up on sleep yet--but I've had to get up around 8 still every morning this week. Later than normal for me, but I'm in such a dead sleep when Josh drags me out of bed. I've been taking care of blood tests and such for the doctor over the last couple of days--felt sympathy for the poor young teenish kid going through a glucose test today.

I've gotten a few projects graded this morning. I can't make myself sit and do them in one round. So I grade 2 or 4 and than take a few minutes break and go back, or I take a longer break. Each one takes about 5 minutes and I have 20 more to go...so only about two more hours of it.... rar.

Life with the month long heart monitor is fun. But this one is cooler because it doesn't make noise when i hit record and it auto-records the really unusual stuff. and I figure out that I can cancel the beeping after an auto-record with erasing it. This is good to know before I go back to school.....

and other than the stress of trying to set up an appointment with a neurologist locally, I enjoy being relaxed. Since I didn't get the appointment in Houston I decided I'd just get a referral to a local neuro. Well, they specifically want a local doctor to refer me not my Houston doctor. (good grief.) So I called the clinic where I normally first go with general sinus infections and stuff and they said they would call me back. not having heard from them in a few days, I went by this morning after getting blood drawn and shared my conundrum again. One of the nurses called me back, who is usually nice, and asked why I was being referred to a neuro. I explained about the muscle tremors and shakiness being unusual to a heart condition. She said they couldn't refer me because they hadn't seen me for it and I had to get my Houston dr to do it. She was being really rude. I mention again that they won't accept and out of town referral so now I have to go my Longview cardiologist and have him talk to my Houston EP and have the cardio refer me to a neuro. and of course with it being the Thanksgiving holiday I can't make any more calls until Monday. RARRRRRR! It's not that I'm looking forward to the extra costs of going to a neuro, but I'd really like to know whey I keep getting these tingling sensations in my arms and the tremors. If they hadn't been a new and frequent occurence I wouldn't push it any further. Grrrr. I don't want to waste the neurologist's time, and I'm tired of having my time wasted. okay. enought ranting.

and now, I shall post a few thoughts on worship.

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November 19, 2005

In Houston

Visiting family and then doctor.

I HAVE THE WHOLE WEEK OFF!!!!!! I took a very limited supply of grading from school and there is none here with me. I can even do a full clean on our apartment next week..... hahaha.

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November 14, 2005


never ever purchase prescriptions at the wal-greens across from wally world in longview. ever. I waited 40 minutes in the drive thru just to pick up a prescription we had dropped off 3 hours earlier. I sat at the window for about 30 minutes of those, with the woman responding to me about every 10 minutes. See if I ever go there again. I didn't even get an apology for the long wait. I watched them serve customer after customer at the desk inside while I was being ignored.

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4 more days!

before i get a week off!!!!! finally!!!!!!

I'm over a third of the way through my first year of teaching, and other than being peeved that I have to explain why students are failing to the principal and not the students themselves, things seem to be going pretty well still. It's crazy busy day to day but overall climate has improved.

It's kinda lonely sometimes. There are a few other younger, newer teachers, but I don't work closely with them. The ladies I do work with and eat lunch with are great....it'd just be nice to have some closer to my age that I could make friends with.

We've had lots of good times with friends over the last couple of weeks. and greatly enjoyed Les Mis Friday night as well as time with the BABs on Saturday with delicious foods.

Other than Josh being sick with something nasty...and me hoping to make it by without too much....I feel something coming on but I don't think it's the same., life is pretty good. If i could just somehow magically get papers graded though...

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November 10, 2005

Les Mis

If you're going to Les Mis tomorrow night:

it starts at 7 so plan on meeting us at PT High School around 630 for the hope of decent seats.

From LU--Either get on Cotton or Marshall/Hwy 80 and go west until the intersection for HG Mosely. Turn right on Mosely and then make a left on Fairmont. Go about half mile and the first parking lot with a sign saying "little theatre parking". We'll try and be outside to look for you.

Email also coming your way.

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November 07, 2005

Super Suppers

I did the coolest thing tonight with Dr. S. Watson and a bunch of St Mike's Ladies. It's called Super Suppers and you go and prepare 6 or 12 meals for 2-3 or 4-6 people. Dr. W and I split at $100 each so that we could walk away with half portions (2-3 people) of all 12 meals. Ribs, pork tenderloins, turkey, chicken, stuffed pizza, pie, dressing, and all sorts of yummy things. The best part: no chopping and no cleaning up!!!! Plus, it's all prepared so that you just stick it in the oven one evening and voila! 12 meals with 2 hours of work--simply placing all the ingredients together. They provide everything, you just bring a laundry basket or large ice chest to carry your food away in. Plus they have hors d'ouevres and wine!

So now I have a few things in the fridge for the week and a full freezer of food waiting to be cooked over the next couple of weeks.


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November 04, 2005

TWO Nephews now

Well, it's a good thing my brother and sister-in-law didn't get too much in pink from people. The lazy, being two weeks late, little new nephew of mine was born last night after they induced my sister-in-law and then had to do a c-section because he apparently still wasn't coming...or so my mom made it sound. Anyways, at 9 pounds, 10 oz, I welcome Noah Eugene Olson into the world--a November baby after all--and we thought he'd come in September....


"Eric and Amanda Olson are proud to announce the birth of their son, Noah Eugene Olson, born Thursday, November 3, at 10:03 p.m. He weighs in at 9 lbs., 10 oz, and is 20 1/4 inches long. Amanda and Noah are both doing well, Eric seems to be holding up OK too, and the whole family is praising the Lord for this miracle of life."

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November 03, 2005

Tired, so very very tired

Ughhh. I don't know if the week will ever end but THANK GOD TOMORROW IS FRIDAY

To give you all a run down since some of you heard about the ER trip last night:

Monday started off well but went down hill when I got pulled aside and was reamed by the other M/S coach for "tearing down the kids so soon after they found out they won the meet" All I had done was tell them GOod job, but your some of your scores were still lower than we had expected. Apparently parents called and were quite offended and the students now don't like me at all. Okay, maybe not THAT bad. Also, apparently another coach from a different school called and was offended about something I said about one of the tests being easier to try and downplay one of her student's successes....This I do not remember at all. I do remember mentioning that we thought the tests were easier but I never made the comment in response to a specific student's scores. Oh, and as I was standing here listening and trying to make a few comments here and there, she talked about how she felt degraded and offended a couple of WEEKS earlier when I had told the students that she couldn't sign their school behavior point sheets because she wasn't a teacher. I wasn't sure of the rules at that time regarding this new motivational system and was informing the kids that the office probably would prefer my signature. Not because she wasn't a teacher/coach to the kids, but just because I was more official or something. So She put me back in my place as just the teacher sponser and these are her kids and I was to watch my comments and never tear her kids down like that again. That put a damper on my day.

Tuesday. strained. but overall not too bad. the team wasn't all that hungry for the food we had gotten for them in the afternoon.....it was strange! I don't remember much else. probably because of yesterday...Oh, and I had an appointment with my Longview cardiologist and really all we did was talk about how they know about the block and there's no clear-cut answer as to what to do and how talking about how they thought it had been a high vagal tone blah blah blah and make an appointment with my EP. So, we'll be going to Houston in a couple of weeks. Joy.

Wednesday...I'd still been feeling up and down with the heart stuff throughout the school day and felt generally week. err. weak. I'd had a leg cramp the night before and my leg was still sore, I dealt with my failing and borderline students. Just another day. Went home, too my B.C. pill because I had forgotten. Had yummy dinner at Carino's with some wine. Came back home, worked on my defensive driving for an hour, played a little WoW, watched a little t.v. and fell asleep on the couch. Josh was dragging me to bed and teasing me because I literally could not make my knees respond to stand and walk. He thought I was joking. I crashed in bed and pulled the covers over because I was cold and started shaking. and couldn't stop, even after warming up. My entire body just kept convulsing. After about 20 minutes we decided we'd better go to the ER and I checked my blood pressure on the way out the door...well, as Josh helped me out the door to the car. it was reading over 140/90 with a pulse of 109. Not good for me. So we headed to the hospital and I explained what was happening and I actually didn't wait too long to talk to a nurse. They went ahead and pulled me into a room because at that point my b.p. was 163/117, pulse 109. I slowly stopped shaking and the nurse checked me out and later a doctor came in and they kept an eye on my blood pressure. They drew blood, ran an EKG....than decided to do a CT scan to make sure I didn't have any clots because one of the blood tests showed a possibility. (probably from the b.c.) Finally, things were normalizing in my heart....they didn't have to give me any b.p. medicine to lower that. I explained again my past history. and we were in there for about 4 hours and finally went home.

I was going to have to at least go to school and get things ready for a sub if I decided to call in sick a couple hours later. However, as zonked and drugged as I was (they gave me adavan or something like that I think) I turned my alarm clock off in my sleep--even snoozing a couple of times. and Josh woke up at 7:45. I have to be at the school by that time. and I hadn't called in for a sub. Thus, I got up and threw clothes on and ran out the door and was walking in the school door as the bell rang. I wasn't feeling horrible, just still weak and tired and I hadn't planned anything taxing on me for the day so I figured I'd make a go of it. and I made it...although I ended the day with raised blood pressure from a couple of boys at the pep rally who I saw push another kid into the people behind him--just in fun of course. But I held them, talked to a principal and wrote them up. *sigh* The pep rally was the last one of the year (HALLELUJAH) and featured all the high school band kids, majorettes, dance team ( award winning) and cheerleaders. I was actually impressed with everyone's routines this week. Better than I'd seen before.

I wrapped up at school, picked up some apple cider at Starbucks since I should probably avoid caffeine for awhile, and picked up Josh from work, and now I'm here at home trying to get myself energized to take Josh shopping for more dress pants.

thanks everyone for the prayers. my doctor's appointment in houston is that first monday of thanksgiving week. let's hope I can avoid any more major doctor visits for heart problems until then. My cardiologist here wasn't offering much hope, even with a pacemaker of the lightheadedness and chest tightness bouts going away for good. pacemaker would only guarantee that I not pass out. I just want to know what triggers the episodes and what we can do, and if there isn't something neurological or mini-stroke or allergy related going on.

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October 29, 2005

A Thought

I was driving back from our Math/Sci Meet on my way home, trying to ignore the tightness in my chest that has plagued me all day long, when I heard some sirens. I didn't think anything of it as I began to stop and than saw a cop angle a bit in the intersection. I realized it was a police escort stopping traffic for a funeral procession. I felt the silence and the honor of things being stilled for a few moments, enough to turn off my radio and take part in the absolute silent stillness in memoriam to somebody, old or young I don't know. That's one of the things I like about Texas...drivers are expected to stop and pull to the left for a funeral procession and I never realized quite the extent of what it means until today.

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October 25, 2005

The Miserables

If you want to see Les Mis on November 11th for $7, please let me know ASAP so I can purchase tickets for you at school. The musical is being put on by PT High School and they have a good theatre dept. from what I've heard. So far I have tickets for myself and Josh, plus Toad & Mollie. Randy--I'm going to get you a ticket. The rest of you....leave a comment!

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October 24, 2005

The Weekend...

Since Friday, where we had an emergency meeting five minutes before school started due to this.

Saturday I didn't sleep in and rode a school bus for the first time in a lot of years for a math/science competition in middle of nowhere Atlanta, TX. Our team lost b two points. But they made GREAT improvement since last year's scores. Saturday evening was another fabulous performance by the Longview Symphony Orchestra and a fun after-meal at Applebee's with far better company.

Sunday we slept in. rather I slept in and had lunch and than had wonderful dinner due to the Mrs. and Miss Garner. Oh, and we killed two more mice.

Today was a decent Monday at school. although there ended up not being an assembly and it threw my morning class schedules off by 30 minutes.... Thankfully, the kids weren't talking about it too much...don't know if they just hadn't all heard yet or what.

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October 17, 2005

But he had to die!

The mouse that is. After Josh saw the mouse scurry across our hall and under his desk, and and then I saw the mouse twice again in the living room and moving across the floor (thus causing me to scream into the phone as I was talking to my mom), I declared yet again that Josh must set the traps so that the mouse would die. I did not want to find more mouse poop or find any chewed wires, nor did I want him to startle any guests, or chew into my food, or run across the kitchen floor while I was washing the dishes.

That, and I just generally do not hold to keeping mice around as pets. You see, my father used to raise mice to sell to pet stores and snake handlers as food. I watched them die in the microwave and be gassed. I remember them getting loose and my older brother shocking them as they ran across the carport. and finding dead mice all over the yard. I had to help clean the stinky cages and feed them dog food and fill their water bottles. I remember the trips to Houston and Jacksonville transporting mice and the SMELL!!!! I remember that at Thanksgiving when the cousins and aunts and uncles went around sharing their praises, I thanked God that my dad got rid of the mice business.

Thus, I'm not very partial to the idea of having a mouse around. and if Joe had decided that there was room enough to share....

Anyways. Joe died the night we set the traps with peanut butter. I have included pictures for those who odd folk who want to see the mouse in all his dead glory, and see Josh and Murray weeping over the dead mouse in my very small kitchen (which is clean by the way...Those dishes were from Saturday afternoon and were cleaned on Sunday afternoon.)

Trapped mouse. I used the shark you see to pull the trap from underneath the counter that I may not have to get close to it.

This is Josh and Murray and their memorial service. Just long enough to take a picture.

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October 08, 2005

Another Post!

Well, the last few days have been a bit more interesting.

It was a fairly good week with my classes. I'm not allowing myself to dare to hope that this is a good sign for things to come....there are any number of variables.

Yesterday some kids in my talkative class were discussing God and gynecologists among other things. I had to bite my lip because I cannot say ANYTHING unless a specific question is asked of me when regarding religious discussions. The most they asked me was "Are you a Baptist?" The female doctor was a different discussion. I'm not even sure how it got started. All I know is I told them to all get back to work. Sometimes all I can do is shake my head.

Among other things, an air conditioning vent grate fell on my head the other night. My husband was kindly installing some vent filters to try and weed out the smoke from upstairs and other rotten smells. I was sitting on the couch grading and he was standing on the couch next to me trying to get the grate off...because it would look tacky just to cover the outside of the vents with the filters. Next thing I know, I'm wacked in the forhead, I see a scratch form on my glasses, white paint flecks are on my sure and a vent grate is resting on my arm. Now I have a Harry Potter mark on my forehead and bruises down my arm.

Today I'm attending the wedding of a long-time friend. It brings all sorts of memories to mind, and all sorts of hurts too. It's amazing to see how lives go in different directions, and why I know God has different plans for everyone, how much it hurts. It was fun to eat dinner with them last night and see how happy they were and remember my own fun weekend five months ago! And then Ashley, who was also there and another dear friend of the same about to be bride, started bringing up some of the pictures she found..... I dread seeing some of them.

The friendship started around 5th or 6th grade. Melissa started to attend the church that Ashley and I did and Ashley and I had become friends by that point. There were some other girls involved in our little group too. That was quite a first year of friendship we went through....an interesting AWANA year, and some entertaining slumber parties. A lot of our activities centered around AWANA since that was the only time we were all together except for Sunday School, which I think may have also been a unique experience for all of us that year. In the Spring we went to a quiz meet and won, and had a slumber party to celebrate. The next two years we entered the youth group and continued on. Being pre-teen girls, there were all sorts of ups and downs amongst members. By ninth grade, the group was sort of really down to Ashley, Mel, myself, and Melissa's brother. (someone of that time please correct me if my memory fails me) This was my last full year in Longview, the year Melissa and her brother, my then boyfriend, started attending a private school after being home-schooled while Ashley and I started high school, and the year our home-church really started to disintegrate. Ashley, Mel, and I had stuck through JV Awana and a bit of Varsity Awana together which was one reason we became a very close trio. We had quite the times.

I moved away after they threw me a somewhat surprise morning going-away bash at the New-Year's Eve lock-in (one of the best nights of my life and the most fun). I came back and visited the next August, the next May for Chad's graduation, and the next New-Year's Eve. That was an interesting visit... and finally back again in February for Heritage weekend. Melissa and Chad had started at LeTourneau that year and I stayed with Melissa. Melissa worked for my mom in Colorado and lived with us the next summer. .We then came back to Longview for me to start school and I was living in the same suite as Melissa. Here I shall end my story though with simply saying how much I discovered our lives had gone in different directions. Ashley was still a long-distance contact as she was in school at NWern LA. but Mel and Chad and I had really parted ways--and it was a hard experience for me with starting college. A lot of things had happened that I had not realized. Suffice it to say, when you have problems with a friend and you have hurts, talk them over. Some people are very good at hiding things (I'm better than some of you would guess), yet those same people may not realize what their closest friends hide from them too.

The friendship didn't go away...it just became a lot less, more acquaintance-ish. The Plankeye song, "Goodbye" brought tears to my eyes a lot that year everytime I heard it. It's hard going from a close friendship to the occasional hello. However, things did get a little bit better as we each had our own circle of friends and we put the hard past behind us. She celebrated at my wedding with me and I shall do the same at hers today. and two others of the JrHigh circle of friends shall be there today also. So it'll be very very interesting.

I'm going to start doing more than tear up in a moment here, so I shall end my post. to those people my freshman year who held me up, and to Ashley too for always being a listening ear during some of the hardest time that first year of college, Thank-you. You all taught me a lot about friendship and being God's arms and ears that year--John, the BAB's, Sunny, ....thanks. and While some of us have already started to go separate ways, let's please never lose touch. Thank you Lindsay! (oh yeah, I need to do that update)

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October 06, 2005

Oh yeah....

Whew, does time seem to fly by these days....

I'm still catching up on grading....even with the relief offered by Benchmark testing..... if it weren't for all those slackers turning in assignments late---after I've graded the rest....

The Open House was fine. I talked with a total of 3 parents. Yup. Out of 60 or so students, I saw three parents.

I played tug of war in the last pep rally. I've been sick with a sinus infection (for which I went and got antibiotics yesterday...even though Murphy hates me and I had a perfect temperature and everything at the drs office...funny how that works)

We went to a meeting for No Texas Teacher Left Behind...a new group forming to organize a vote to revamp the legislature. It was interesting. Learned a bit about school finance.

Umm. for those who don't know--okay probably everybody---Benchmark Testing, which I've been doing for two days is a way of measuring a student's progress and trying to figure out strengths and weaknesses related to TAKs testing. From the hand-scoring I've done, most of my students haven't done horrible (depending on how you define horrible) and some even did fairly well. The questions covered the same content I've taught the last seven or eight weeks, but were asked at a higher level of thought sometimes.

Hmm. I don't have any interesting stories that I can remember. Classroom climate has been pretty good the last few days. and I'm making a few buckle down on various threats of after school detention and such...

That's all for now. I'll try to post if I think or remember anything else. *sigh* I get so little spare time it seems...

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September 27, 2005

My first Open House

is tonight. I will probably meet some parents of students. Now the strange thing about how they do it, is that the students and parents go around to each class and the teacher has six minutes to give some sort of speech or whatever. It isn't a meet individual parents one by one sort of things.

and so, i'll be gone all day.....over 12 hours....while my pot roast cooks ever so slowly, and will probably be done before I get home to enjoy it. But that is the beauty of a crockpot.

yesterday was an inservice day. it was oh so fun. training to learn to use a website where we access test data for our students and than "study island" training. an online program for extra help for students with questions and games and stuff. It seems like it's a good program that is starting out although there were a few things that displeased me. hehe, we seemed to be frustrating the trainer from Dallas with our questions.

anyways. and it was a lovely weekend with a Saturday of the quiet rain and Sunday of cleaning bathroom and writing thank-yous and directing Josh to reorganize our office. and WoW inbetween.

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September 26, 2005

Ye Olde Update

Well, first on the Houston family:

They went to Lubbock. I'm not sure if they've headed back yet or not. They live in Southwest Houston so they should be allowed back. I'll let you know what I hear.

My older brother, who lived in an area close to where the center of Rita went from a Hurricane to a tropical storm, lost electricity for at least a whole day and a tree fell down in his yard...thankfully towards the woods. Happy birthday for him!

I have finished the first six weeks of 6. I'll be entering some final grades today during the break from training as today is inservice day--teachers go to school. students do not. I don't have a great number of students who are failing, but only because I dropped the lowest test grade of 4. (We're only required to have 3. I did not want to drop a test grade...but, well, I heard from some wiser teachers that students failing because they didn't do their project was not a good answer to those in administration)....grrrr. and we decided not to face the bullet altogether and thus we are all dropping the lowest test grade. Hence, this next six weeks, the students have been informed that I'm not going to make it possible to drop a low test grade some how--if it means reducing project to quiz grade status and not giving as many quizzes.

But yes. I enjoyed my break from grading and school for this weekend and cleaned my bathrooms and had the hubby rearrange the office and played some WoW. and slept. and enjoyed good food.

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September 21, 2005

Keep in Prayers

All those leaving the Houston area right now...

I have two uncles and a grandfather down there and I know a lot of friends who also have family.

One uncles is going to try and ride it out....

The other uncle and his family and Grandpa are going to Cypress (I think that's near Katy), and if that isn't far enough, they have reservations in Amarillo (where I have an aunt). My sister-in-law's parents and siblings are on their way to spend another weekend with she and my brother. Happy birthday to my brother! (Let's just hope that the baby doesn't decide to make a birthday present of babyself....hehehe.)

Anyways. This is the last of the first six weeks for me so I've been busy in grading and trying to start the averaging process--well, the computer does most of it but I have to customize some of it. I can't express certain frustrations I have about this upcoming grading period here...let's just say it has to do with feeling the need not to fail half a class for not turning in a project...

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September 09, 2005

The Week!

So after the glorious Labor Day Off, the week went and pulled me down so that I am drowning in papers to grade and papers to organize, and what not. Tuesday, I attended a workshop in Kilgore all day. It was mildy fun at first....but than it just dragged as we did more of the same thing..... It's always interesting to be in a room of math teachers though. So I left Kilgore and went back to the school to collect the work my students were supposed to do and make sure the math/science team was doing okay for our normal meeting Tuesday after school. Than I went to pick Josh up, and realized I really didn't feel up to cooking at that point. The workshop, while I sat down all day, wore me out. So, we headed to the store. I should have let him drive. I should have gone home and cooked, because I was not in the right frame of mind to be speeding along one of my favorite little shortcuts. Alas, there was a motorcycle cop and I wasn't paying attention to him or to my speed. That and I didn't realize the speed limit was only 30. I thought it was higher. Hence, my first ticket was issued.

Wednesday was catch up after a sub day and figure out the rest of the week. Oh yeah, I found out on Tuesday when I checked my school email that I was supposed to be at a meeting the coming Friday morning at 10:00 in Nacogdoches. That hadn't been in my plans for the week....

Thursday was the first pep rally day. Ughhhhh. Even my normally good classes were a bit hard to handle and keep settled down with minds semi-focused on working. And of course, we teachers must attend the pep rallies and keep an eye on students. Blahhhhh. I liked pep rallies until they became too repetitive and material. and I was always peeved that we only had them for football games and never supported any of the other sports teams--some of which would win.

Today, I drove to Nacogdoches, sat through a semi-stressful 2-hour UIL meeting, and drove back, taught my fourth period class, and than went drop off paperwork and make my declaration that I would take a driver-safety course to have my ticket dismissed. It'll all cost the same as the ticket in the end but save me the insurance increase. It was a nice fall-is-coming drive, but Nac is the pits. Seriously. the big university there didn't even seem all that impressive, from I did see. But, I'll be down there again next semester for more of the same, so maybe I'll have a different view since I'll be in a different part of town.

So with a completely messed up weekly schedule from the last three weeks and this being Josh's first week of work and all the little things I've had to worry about.....I'm glad that the week is finally coming to a close. Although we're planning on going to Fort Worth tomorrow for Caleb & Morgan's post-wedding reception. whew.

time to kill some smugglers and traitors.

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August 27, 2005


After discovering that we wouldn't be able to make it until my first paycheck until September without charging a whole lot to the credit card, I went and asked about receiving a paycheck for August--since, I had like worked since August 9 technically....

Well, they weren't too promising in the business office at first because payroll had already been done. But, they did call me back yesterday and say they could advance me something from my next paycheck (or two). And I gratefully said "please". Yes, one of the many frustrating elements of being a first year teacher in Texas is that if you work one of the early starting schools who don't make adjustments for the fiscal year starting in September, you work for free for a month. But, we now have something to work with until the great first payday.

Things are still appearing to go relatively well. A lot baffles me from my students sometimes...but hey, it's their choice on whether or not they care enough to ask for help and try. In terms of math mistakes they make, I can understand most of them and what they are thinking so as to correct it. Some mistakes.....I just don't get. The hardest part of this job for me is to "bring myself down to their level" of thinking. Gratefully, a student was switched out of my second/sixth period class to first/fifth. Meaning controlling that second period class might be a hair more easier--not because the class is smaller, because one of the extremely talkative and distracting students was moved out.

The principals keep putting their heads in the door here and there too. Except they never check in on second/sixth period....At any rate, it makes me grateful even if sometimes they happen to look in when students are being rather talkative in my fourth or eighth period classes. Yesterday it was actually rather amusing. We had just finished going over a problem and many students had exclaimed "I'm getting it" so there was quite a bit of murmuring going on when the principal stuck his head and in and I was saying "Come back to me my childrens" We try to have fun where we can in my classes. Eighth period yesterday I started off with four absent and another three or four ended up leaving early.

So that's a bit of amusement and going-ons this week for me.

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August 21, 2005

What to say?

It has been a somewhat crazy week here in Longview with people coming and going and classes to teach while everyone talks about starting classes again on the 30th....while I go to classes everyday. and will continue to do so until May 26---after all LU peeps finish up somewhere around the first weekend of May. No, I'm not bitter or envious. Okay. maybe a little.

Anyways. Our living room sports a new cozy look with furniture rearranged and the tv and dvds now neatly organized around the used entertainment center. now we just have to keep on unloading the boxes...... If a certain someone would just be a bit more productive during the week with his boxes..... :-p

School is going fairly well. I have a pretty good set of students...although I do have one battle class I'm dealing with right now. But I shall be victorious...if minus a few hairs by the end. The Math/Sci Team are rambunctious but bright and eager to go to state again this year. I have had some entertaining moments....including listening to some teachers rehash episodes of Designing Women....

Tonight was a fun night with the Toad family--Toad and Mollie, Mom Toad & Danny. we were treated to a good dinner at Posados and then decided to watch Sin City here at home. I thought the movie good--not great, but good.

Anyways. that's life kinda right now. Just thought I'd let the world know that my students have gotten to me yet.

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August 15, 2005

The News

We've had our first overnight guests this weekend. They came from Ohio to bring us our loveseat recliner couch. Yay! Something that seats more than one! We've been chilling playing cards, watching movies, and having food. I get great enjoyment out of seeing one of them continually scarf down the meals :-)

And they have been a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE help setting some more things up around the apartment---we now have cinder block and board book shelves!!!! and a sort of mantle over our little fireplace. It's looking nice.

Teaching seems to be going well so far. The kids haven't been giving me problems yet. *prays for continued goodness* There are so many I'd like to reach with a little bit of God's love because of various issues which I cannot share. But they're already dear to my heart. And the math and overhead marker hands have begun :-) And I can't forget to mention that I nearly lost some homework papers as they flew out of my arms on my way in the apartment this afternoon. I recovered all thankfully...and had no run ins with cars driving by.

Umm. I don't think anything else interesting has happened. Oh, there was a sweet storm yesterday. I'll have to see if the pictures do it any justice. So we are about to be off to pick up Jared from the airport.

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August 11, 2005

One day down

179 to go

I survived. It was actually a pretty good day. The only bad thing was the wonderful sinus headache and congestion I was fighting during my last class. I seem to have a pretty good set of kids. Not that there won't be problems, but they generally seem nice. We'll see what I'm saying in a couple of weeks :-p

I'll have to bring my camera to the classroom sometime soon and take a few pictures of my very basic decorating. I've gotten a few compliments from some other teachers--not that it looks like anything more than your average high school classroom. My Math/Sci Team is a rambunctious group--I think they'll be fun to work with although I'll have to stay on top of them to keep them working hard to get ready for competition. They went to San Antonio last year for State and fully expect to go again this year.

well, I have one more class to meet as we are on the A-B block scheduling. Two of my classes meet everyday since they need extra help. and i have two regular classes--each which meet every other day.

Well, nothing interesting happened other than your general first-day stuff. More later. Thanks for the prayers :-)

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August 10, 2005

Two Prayer Requests

For the Litterskis (from St Mike's, who feed us and such)
--Pete's niece died in a boating accident this last Sunday. Pray for her family and all.

For Mrs. Saunders, one of the teachers I student taught with last year at the junior high
--her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and the doctors have given him six months. They had both just retired over the summer.

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August 09, 2005

If you put posters up...

they will come?

So these last two days have seen me busy figuring out what I need to get more my classroom as cheaply as possible and putting up many things on the walls and typing cheerful classroom rules and putting together various documents. Wow. It doesn't all seem real yet. Thankfully, there are four other teachers who teach the exact same subjects I do so they've already done a lot of the work and we can share the load for putting together activities and warm-ups and lessons and such. At current count, I think I have somewhere around 70 students total.

--moments you might find interesting:

I went to Wal-Mart looking for items I couldn't find at the dollar store and could not find a meter stick. not even a yard stick. (hmm, i just realized i should have checked hardware.....) anyways. off we go to Office Depot. they have yardsticks. not a meter stick. I need something with centimeters! Well, third's time's the charm and I found a nice stainless steel one at a craft store today for $7. *sigh* American versis metric system.....*shakes head sadly* What's really sad is that our incoming students...actually, across the state, each 8th grade group keeps doing badly on the measurement and geometry TAKS questions....after grading some of those tests last year with really basic measuring items.....*shakes head again*

this afternoon was "Team-building" time with the other ninth grade teachers. It was kinda fun. Many moments to laugh at. not exactly the types of activities many of my friends would enjoy though....we many times had to get in a line or a circle or a semicircle or right angle in some sort of order without talking or making hand motions..... for height, all the guys in the group were in the tall half. I was the only female in the tall half and I was 4th tallest out of 30 people. *sigh*

I have been reading in every spare moment I can get. I think it probably took me a total of 6 hours or so to read the sixth book in Harry's series. cruel cruel Rowling. Has provided for a bit of interesting conversation with the hubby as to the why's and guesses at what's going to happen next. I also have read The Godfather, A Man Called Peter, *racks memory for other titles* I started a Mark Twain collected writings book including "Letters from the Earth" (they're like Screwtape Letters, only a little more twisted)

--umm. I made a rather tasty meal with shrimp and noodles and tomatoes and stuff and beer

---watched Coach Carter the other night. That was a really good movie and it wasn't your conventional happy feel good sports movie. It was good with some good lessons and motivational and all that, but it didn't have the cliche' moments in many sports movies.

---The Drs. Watson brought us back tea cups from China and remarked how they found their house rather spotless. (They couldn't tell we had a party the evening hours before they got back.... :-p)

---hmm. that's all I can think of right now. I'd blog some of the laughable moments from school. but well, not all of them are bloggable. Let's just say I've picked up some interesting information because some of my fellow teachers have no shame :-) If you are dying to know, ask me about potatoes some time. Let's just say it's somewhat related to that long ago item about planting potatoes while facing west. ..... most of you really probably don't want to know.

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July 16, 2005

more food pix

because my life is just that boring right now. and I can't rant about work yet.

on the menu for this week: chicken fried steak with REAL mashed potatoes and roast chicken with rice. tonight we are trying pork chops with veggies. *sniffs air* and I even managed to do better on the grocery bill!!!

Three summers of the pizza restaurant job (you know all that Poker Alice stuff I have...(old lady with cigar)) taught me how to make calzones. This was the second time this summer and these weren't AS good as the last set, but you cook, you eat, you learn:

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July 12, 2005

My life

I sleep.
I work.
I come home and think about cooking.
I shower.
I cook
if so desired.
I relax in The Chair with a book.

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July 06, 2005

23 more days

of Facility Services left to go. The apartment cleaning madness has begun. I spend all day cleaning apartments---scrubbing carpets, bathtubs, ovens, ya di ya di ya da......at least I have a good crew to work with and things can be somewhat entertaining....threats if anything is stolen...various items left up on refridgerators in bad taste...and the like. It isn't so bad....there is at least a little variety in what I do in any given hour....albeit some of these jobs are NASTY!!!! like, the ovens. But thank the Lord for EZ Off oven cleaner left overnight....it is your best friend....and the bathtubs.....it's sickening....and the toilets.....even more disgusting. I arm my hands in gloves and wage war on the dirt and grime and make myself forget that it'll all be dirty again when they move back in...and probably left to scum up again all before August....but it won't be our problem then...

So, we truck on. I'm going to go wash the nastiness away from my face and hair (the chemicals sometimes stay in the air and on then get on my face....) and put lots of moisturizing, healing hand cream on the hands (I discovered that the large disposable gloves are not long enough and stuff creeps inside making the gloves pointless)(I now have long happy yellow gloves to protect my poor hands.)

Sorry this isn't as interesting as the cheesecake photos :-)

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June 29, 2005

Slowly But Surely

The apartment comes along. It is even suitable for understanding guests (understanding that we are still in the process of unpacking. It's less of a danger to travel around and gives us a better idea of what we need to start imagining in the way of more little miscellaneous furniture (like plastic drawers or something in our "office"....and a coffee table (cinder blocks and 1x6 anyone?) and such. We look forward to this weekend and the Fish Fry/Drive-in Movie (Finding Nemo) at church on Friday and Shakespeare plays on Saturday and Sunday(Midsummer Night's Dream & Macbeth), but even more so, we shall have two good friends in town (Wilson and Gallagher)!!

Something to look forward to as I drudge through another week of work and Josh searches for work and gets angry at Sallie Mae. *scowls* I'm not sure those lower interest rates are worth this hassle....

At any rate, maybe I'll even cook up a lasanga or something for Wilson and Gallagher's visit. unless they have another idea. I have lots of recipes and lots of stuff to work with now, albeit in a tiny space.

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June 25, 2005

The Furniture Score

The Scholls were a very busy pair today hunting for furniture deals. Things didn't look so well in the morning...drove by many garage sales without any luck. We worked our way over to an estate sale we had found advertised in the paper and had a bit of luck: one sturdy dresser for $40 and two mostly matching end tables, $8 and $10 apiece. So I hit up an ATM and we drove off with our goods. Our next plan, after picking up a little bit more cash for later buys, was to drop off our furniture and head to LU to drop off some keys and than head to Bill's Used Furniture just a mile away from LU. I told Josh we could not have lunch until we had checked here--I had seen a used dinette set advertised for $100....and after doing some browsing, determined this could be a good deal for us. It was. We now own a black table with matching chairs (dark brown wood with black padding)....it extends with a handy leaf and there are 6 chairs. So, once the chaos of our apartment is settled and people are back in town, we will have a place to seat a few guests.

We had lunch at a new cheap fried chicken joint down the road, dropped our table and chairs off at the apartment, and went off to an auction we had discovered would take place. We had seen a table and a comfy chair we would like and decided to take a chance. This was the most fun we had all day plus the most profitable. The auction was for a florist shop gone out of business. So there were lots of florists to pick up floristy things. But we were there for furniture, and the only ones apparently. If we had more money in our checking account, I would have been tempted to try for the van too. But we'll worry about a second car later when we need it: like when Josh gets a job....

Anyways. So we stood around and waited while they sold off lots of vases and ribbon and such. The ribbon was really popular. If I had need of a whole LOT of vases, I might have tried for a box or two. However, no room for crafty things yet. I did purchase a set of 9 plastic boxes (one filled with food like chocolate and cheese crackers) because I knew those would be useful either at school or home. and finally, we got around to the furniture. First we managed to score a good table for $5...nice desk, work space. Than we managed to get a Fat-Boy Recliner, brown leather, for $25. No one else wanted it. I should have started at a lower bid.... Everyone must come see this recliner of ours sometime when they are in town! We also managed to get Huge loveseat or big big chair for $5. It's stained but mostly clean and definitely cozy. Will be great to curl up next to our little fireplace with a book. When we are unpacked and arranged and all. We ended up picking up two more items....another little desk/table and a 2 drawer filing cabinet, $5 each. I was rather pleased. We even managed to get everything into Wheeler's pick-up truck, which was quite a trick. But trust two people with logical/mathematical minds to make it work.

Now Josh is trying to set up our wireless router so I may roam the apartment with my laptop and he may also be connected to the internet. maybe we can play WoW......

*update* YAY! My computer is free! Almost seems too simple...

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June 24, 2005

Now Posting

from our new home. We have our cable internet and electricity and lots of stuff.... yet there still seems to be so much to get....a dresser....another desk....kitchen table and chairs.....wireless router....all baking food items....(flour, sugar, ...)....

we are starting from scratch on what meager means we have until we both have happy paying jobs.

At any rate, IM us for our new address if you wish. I don't really want to put that up on the blogs. I'll try and be good about putting up away messages. we are going to get dinner and than some more stuff and clean up the Minelga's apartment.....

and than crash. only to get up and go furniture shopping at garage sales. and move more stuff and try to unpack what we can into pantry, closets, and our little kitchen.

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June 21, 2005

Update on Casey

Casey is doing pretty well and recovering a bit faster than expected---they are taking the tube (respirator) out two days earlier although she had been running a high fever for awhile. They hope to airlift her to Baylor on Thursday to start rehabilitation. Apparently what had happened is she had climbed up higher to watch when the rocks slipped and she feel face first to the water 20 feet below. There were some boys who were down there to keep her from drowning; one of the mothers of the boys said she heard the sound of Casey's back breaking. She has pins and screws under her eyes into her sinus cavities. I don't think she's been told that she'll never walk again but it sounds like she is aware of it. They are sending in a caseworker to her tomorrow to discuss the injuries. She didn't want to talk about them with her mother. Keep lifting Casey and her family up in prayer. Her parents inquired about her returning to school in the fall and Baylor said she'd be self-sufficient by the time she finished the program there.

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June 16, 2005



I accepted a job today offered to me for teaching ninth grade Algebra I at Pine Tree Junior High. Today Josh and I will go apartment hunting because we have to move out in just over a week. Yes, we are staying in Longview for the year. Now we need to find something for Josh...

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June 14, 2005

LU Prayer Request

and a reminder to all of our friends to stay safe....

Casey Reneau, (not sure of year or major), was jumping off a cliff into some water and slipped on rocks....severed her spinal cord and is in serious condition in a hospital in Arkansas. There was some swelling on her brain that was of concern and they are talking about reconstructive surgery on her face later this week. She will probably be paralyzed from the waist down. Keep her and her family in your prayers. I think we'll be getting updates at Facility Services at least daily since she worked there last fall and maybe spring too with the secretary.

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June 13, 2005


Well, today I applied and was asked for an interview at Pine Tree Jr. High, for the same position I student taught in. The interview is Wednesday afternoon. We'll see what happens then. In less than two weeks Josh and I have to be living somewhere else.... who knows, maybe we will be stuck in Longview and close to friends (yay!) for another year or so. Of course, that's assuming I'm offered a job here.... can't count on that at all.

I visited Lily and Charlie and they are doing well. Aidan is fine too, although in Neonatal ICU since his lungs need just a bit more work. He's doing amazingly well though. They estimated that he actually arrived at 34 weeks judging by his weight and lung development and such. But he's surrounded by good doctors, lots of family and friends, and lots of prayers.

Otherwise, I worked today. Morning routine cleaning of bathrooms and locker rooms at Solheim. Rest of the day in Tyler Hall scrubbing floors. Wonderful life.

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June 10, 2005

Interesting and more interesting

Ma Hoyt: we went to the opera Tuesday night. Pardon my neglect to mention that we went to see Pirates of Penzance for free as students. and I'll check to see whether or not we got a toaster....I don't remember for sure....

So. Still no jobs. I'm starting to apply around Longview now. and today, I was offered a position as a LU summer camp director. not a counselor, as the director-teacher person for two camps. Jr ER Physicians & It's Alive, isn't it? (must review anatomy and botany if I take the job....) I tentatively agreed....but a lot depends on our housing situation after June 25 and I'll have to talk to Walter about taking those two weeks as part-time, afternoons only...I'll let you know more when we know more....appreciate prayers for wisdom and job offers.

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June 07, 2005

Adventures at Facility Services

Today was a special day at work. All but one of the full time custodial staff left for a seminar or something and thus, student workers were left to clean on their own. I was assigned the special task of part Solheim, and than all by myself, the library. Since I was in two buildings, they gave me a Grand Master Key. Oh yes, I could get anywhere I wanted on campus, except for Bud's office and the server room beneath the Berm. Obviously, I wasn't going to misuse said key....I don't want to kill my good LU references and I couldn't live with anything on my conscience anyways. But it was still a neat feeling to know I had one of The Keys.

The library was....fun. First I journey around all of first and second floor and into the nooks and crannies searching for trash cans to empty. There are LOTS of offices and trash cans in that building.....Than I had the task of cleaning the restrooms, except the normal cleaning person was out of supplies in the building, so I had to walk over to Solheim to fetch what I needed. I returned after lunch from Facility Services with more goodies and spent the afternoon polishing here and there...the tables and carrells never looked cleaner (no joke. I won't talk about how much dust I picked up....)

Yes. This is what my life has come to in the last two weeks. where my interesting stories that are shareable come from working and cleaning toilets. Still no job offers. Schools want math teachers who also coach. *sigh* God will provide....even if at the last minute....still have two weeks before we should seriously start considering our post June 25th homeless situation....

That's about all that is new. I made a good stew over the weekend. I'm getting better at toasting, not burning bread in the oven, although I haven't tried homemade croutons since that last disaster....

yeah. that's about it. I picked up a new book on my way out of the library. Well, new to the library. The Giver by Lois Lowry. I started reading it this afternoon, realizing I really hadn't read it. I thought we might have read it as a class....but no, the book is new to me. I'm enjoying it.

Well, off to get out of the opera clothes. they be uncomfortable over long periods of time. and my legs hurt from a long day of work.

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May 28, 2005

Three days of Facility services later...

Yeah, three days of work are done. I spent the majority of my time (read 2.5 days of working hours) wiping down Thomas 3 and Thomas 1 East. Needless to say, my back and knees and other muscles are quite sore from all the bending down and reaching of back places. I still hate Thomas furniture. especially when I have to wipe off the tops of shelves, dressers, and desks that have been stored underneath a bed with just enough room for my arm to reach. and those shelves are still a butt to deal with since they are so dadgum deep. Of course, if R.A.s had actually checked to make sure people wiped down their shelves and wiped out their drawers, my work would have been much easier... Speaking of butts....*sigh* Well, I'll get to that exciting moment in a bit here. I was alone in my cleaning about half of the time (it was either alone or with a group of guys...) the other half of the time I had Blondie cleaning restrooms, mirrors, and floors (since most residents got away with not mopping). Anyways. The first day had an exciting find of killing a spider with the mop. Medium, brown, nasty looking thing... digging out plastic bags from behind the drawers that would not come out off their tracks....and coming away with some shampoo and such. Day 2 didn't see much else, other than finding one entire shelf of empty notebooks, a peer advisor notebook, a "Business Europe trip" notebook thing, and a discman. I'll be emailing that person to ask if they need anything...particularly that p.a. notebook. If I didn't have ethics, I might just read it.

and than, Day 3. yesterday. We were almost done. I was in the last four rooms to clean. being on the guys floor, things were somewhat dirtier. in more sense than one as I was about to find. I was spraying down some shelves and I notices a set of tapes in the back corner. So I pulled them out to see if they were anything interesting to keep. They were interesting all right but not in the sense of me wanting to keep them. In fact, after a split second of thinking a title "Agent Muff" odd and rather suspicious and than seeing another side "-- rated" (sorry, i don't want to attract unwelcome spammers), I decided that the R.D. might like to see these. Well, not to watch them. But he might want to know of their existence. He wasn't in his office, so I told Blondie I needed to go take something to Student Affairs. She asked what, I showed her, and I left. Upon closer inspection of the agent tape, I saw that their was a subtitle: A.T.F. A was a scientific word related to one's deiriere (sp?) and than "task force"

The people I needed to see happened to be talking right inside the offices. So I walked up, said, "Umm, I found these in [room number] and thought you might want to know. They grimaced and I walked away hearing Eleana ask about watching them and Shareen saying "no, those are bad tapes." I went back to work and Blondie had mentioned to the supervisor of the crew working in the dorm with us. After we were out of their earshot, she mentioned he seemed disappointed that I took them away...as if he wouldn't have minded keeping them himself!


It's just sad. I've seen firsthand some of the effects of such an addiction on a friends of mine...and I've heard the stories of girls affected by people with an extreme problem....and felt it myself. Not to mention the biblical problem I have with it..."lust of the eyes" and "adultery in the heart" being among them. It makes me so very sad and disgusted. A few guy friends (yes, plural) have disappointed me over the last 8 years in relating their problem, but I'm glad that they felt the need to share it so as to fight the addiction. and it doesn't make me love them as my friends any less. Actually, there was one friend who couldn't believe that I still wanted to talk to him and be friends, that I still looked on him as Christian brother because he had been persecuted by a home church for it.

We all have our flaws. and I am not the one to judge another for their problems. God still asks us to love one another. So even for "really bad" sins, I can't turn from love to hate or turn away from a friend and cast them aside. I would rather help and support them and pray for them for I know God is working inside of them to make them anew and help them fight whatever flaw it is, as God works inside of me to fight pride, selfishness, and such.

Well, this really turned into a deep post. I could go on, but tears begin to form. So I'm off now. God bless.

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May 25, 2005

The Interviews

So, as most people know, I drove to Garland yesterday for two interviews. I made it quite a bit early to each one due to finding things a whole lot easier than I thought. The first one was with the district math coordinator for Garland ISD. That one was okay. He makes recommendations to all the high school principals...he's kind of a screener.

The second one I felt a whole lot better about. It was with Sachse High School. Unfortunately, they don't have a position open immediately, but they might depending on whether or not a teacher gets a coaching position elsewhere. It's a fairly new school and I really like the area it's in. So we'll see what God has in store here.

I started work today. Back to good ole Facility Services....and muttering at slacker R.A.s who don't actually check to see if someone actually cleaned their toilet or mopped their floors.....

C'est La Vie.

Time to catch up with the rest of the world.

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May 23, 2005


I was a rather excited driver as we entered Texas (finally!) earlier today. The next hour and half couldn't go fast enough as we finished our drive. 3300 miles! 2 weeks! umm, many states (Texas, LA, Ala., Miss. GA, SC, NC, KTY, TN, Ark, Ohio, WV, Virginia) and much fun! (and lots of money...) Anyways, we are done with the vacationing part of the honeymoon and here in Longview for at least the next four-five weeks. After that.....????

Let me tell you, it is seriously strange to drive into Married Student Housing....making a right instead of a left at LU entrance....

So, I have two interviews in Garland tomorrow. The first is with the head of math curriculum for the district. The next, arranged this morning, is at Sasche High School with the lead math teacher there.

Thus, I probably shouldn't be staying on much longer as it's going to be an early for me morning and driving to Dallas! Prayers appreciated.

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May 19, 2005


alright, this is a test....

because I know I posted last night...

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May 02, 2005

The New Life is already beginning!

Well, I finished my student teaching today!!!!

and, after the various car troubles, my parents arrived in Longview safely last night with trade-in vehicle in tow. At least they brought two cars.

and, while I was off at school, Josh went car shopping with my parents and found us a rather nice '99 Toyota Camry, gold, with cd and cassette and sun roof and 65000 miles. Let the car payments begin. It's in really nice condition and it's a refresher to drive after an SUV. Sadly, it is not a manual. :-( But, it is a working reliable car.

and we got insurance on it so that's taken care of.

Now I'm getting ready for "Senior Honors" Dinner.

Pictures to come eventually of us with car.

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April 28, 2005


I'm completely done with school. (okay, so I have that one day I get to go in and do a final observation and wrap up on Monday). No more projects, papers, tests, lesson plans, lessons to teach, ....

I'm ready to graduate from college.

and by next Sunday I'll be ready to get married.


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April 17, 2005

i guess it's time for another post

just haven't felt like sitting down for a length of time and posting anything.

School: well. there are those i like, and those i don't amongst my students. Building respect was a bit easier with the ninth graders... I have a fair number of seniors who just don't care... and the material I have to work with is harder to explain the applications of to their real lives--Math Models. Wish i could have started sooner and worked with the budget stuff. the pythagorean music scales? gahhhh Algebra II... I probably should have come up with my own notes, but I just haven't felt the desire too as much or felt the time. and some of these students don't seem to respond well to change...

and this is the great TAKs week. So on some levels, life will be a little bit easier. I only have to see some of those kids ONCE! and the teaching won't be as strenuous. which is good because...

Wedding: we're at the three week countdown today (Sunday). Wow. Things seem to be going mostly well...glad I remembered that I need to go take the dress to get pressed.... and we are starting to get lots of gifts through online orders that they have shipped....now if I could just sit down and start writing some thank-you notes.....

Life: good. Symphony and dinner after was great (although lacking in service.) and it was nice to bum around this weekend. I really should have been more productive.... but i just felt like i needed to chill. I've been feeling the anti-people end-of-semester mode coming on (not good when one has a wedding to plan and be a part of.. :-p) but, it's easier to fight this time around.

so that's life right now. still no job offers. :-/ but at least we have things planned through June 25... (summer school and housing)

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April 09, 2005

don't know where to start

I've got a lot going on in my head right now. Seems like quite a bit has happened in the last week to make me think about myself and my friends and relationships.

Right now, I'm going to focus on one thing in this post--the LU Community.

I witnessed two stark contrasts of respect of family in the LU community. I was quite angry when the group of guys started yelling "Turn the Stage" in the middle of an act! It was rude and unreasonable and very disrespectful.

LU lost a member today. Nancy was a student last semester although she did transfer, but her father works at LU. Nancy died this morning. I remember Nancy because she sang in two fund-raiser talent shows associated with Loving From God's Heart. All who I talked to who knew her or even had momentary associations with her remember her as bright and full of God's love.

We remember in prayers and thoughts, and respect her memory tonight. and yet we had a few also who disrespected two other members of the Christian body. I know it really happens in every family. and I'm still angry.

I wanted to put my thoughts into a letter to the editor, and had I paper to write with earlier I could have done it. I'm not sure that I could get thoughts into a good letter form right now.

and it was quite strange to sit there and realize this was my last Hootenanny to attend as a student. I experienced quite a bit of affection for the school as I sat there tonight and watched many great talents display artistry and ingenuity. As many things that I want to get away from related to LU, there will be a lot I miss, but mostly, I'm going to miss my friends.

May I appreciate every spare moment of time I get with them in the next month.

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March 28, 2005


still no laptop returned all happy repaired to me yet.

started second round of student teaching.

had EXCELLENT weekend off to read and bake.

Technically done with all classes. Just have to finish the student teaching now..

and for those interested:
registered at Target, Penney's, & Pier 1

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March 22, 2005


I tried to post last night, but lo and behold, by computer decided it was tired and put itself to sleep.

I'm grateful I haven't been too pressed for need of files on my cranky laptop which is getting shipped off to Dell Drs. tomorrow. It's annoying not to have it, but thanks to the generosity of my fiance', I've been able to use his computer to do my work. I just haven't had time to play around much online since my normal online fun time occurs after open dorms when I'm in my own apartment.

I'm tired of classes. Senioritis is getting worse. It has been strange, and a struggle, to go from teacher figure to student again for a week. I'm tired of sitting in classes being bored by material we have covered before. I only have two classes--one for two and a half hours in the morning and the other for the same amount of time in the afternoon, but the time can drag on so much....and I had two major projects this week. One is to set up a model classroom with three other students, including a learning center and bulletin boards. It's a lot of work, even with three people, to decorate and arrange a classroom. I also had to turn in a 10-12 paper.

but others are having a harder week than I, so I don't have much to complain about.

Spring Break was good though. I had a fun time at the shower--strange as it was to be opening gifts in a month other than December--and I even got some rest and relaxation in. Plus good food! We also got a fair bit of wedding stuff done. and we spent money at a bookstore :-d

well, it's off to do more things for me now. I do want to get some sleep...so i don't doze off in class...

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March 16, 2005

Spring Break Flies

It'll be over before we know it. *sigh*

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous with a day at the daffodil farm (pity we were a week late for peak) and a wal-mart run and a movie/games. Ahhh, Spades... Martinez and I cooked Doug and Scholl like Gallagher and Scholl cooked Doug and I a week or two ago. I laughed so hard :-)..and than there was wonderful sleep.....

Sunday was church, lunch at Joe's, Constantine (ok movie), dinner (my spaghetti wasn't perfect, can't win them all..), and rowdy game of Cranium with the Leatherwoods. Rachel was very pleased to win. Be careful playing anything with Rachel that requires drawing... Scholl and I came close but he took a rather round-about-way to trying to make me guess Jackie Onassis on a Copycat. We sadly had to skip any of the sculptorades because the clay was too hard.

Monday was my first observation day at the high school. I was mostly bored and trying not to fall asleep in front of the students. Monday was yummy tacos and than laundry and packing. plus napping on the couch under the effects of Aleve. Oh yeah, we played Catch Phrase. Much fun. and there was the small matter of wrenching my ankle carrying my laundry out of the laundromat...

Tuesday was an interesting day at the school in that I've got some more special kids. S, Drugs, Alchohol. It'll be fun. I do have one friendlier class. The rough class caught me in a moment of nodding off. It was 830 in the morning after a rather long night of packing and sleeping on the couch. Climbing up to bed didn't sound like a wise idea with my a nkle. After hobbling out and rushing back to campus, I finished throwing things into the suitcases, made a few phone calls, and we went to the airport. Flew to Dallas and than Ohio. Made an IHOP run. and than, I wonderfully slept.

Today has been good too. Other than being woken up at 10:30. Bummed around this morning and put some research notes into the computer. Went shopping and accomplished two goals--a sweater for the very chilly classroom at the high school (to which I now have a key this time) and gifts for the bridesmaids. :-D ;-) :-D

and now, I bum around and try to ignore the pile of research that I need to do to write the paper by Monday afternoon. ...

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March 05, 2005


It was a good day.

I only went to school for half a day, leaving at lunch since we were excused due to the career fair. After getting all dressed up professionally and eating lunch, I headed up to the career fair where I found the Mesquite people. I had been asked to do so for an interview from the person who handles hiring and applications and the like via email. So, I introduced myself and we went and had a nice, long chat. It went rather well considering I'm not as good usually with interviewing. But the questions were the type I could handle. I was honest and frank, and while in general I still need to work on impromptu responses, it went well and I felt good about it afterward. It was implied that I could very well be offered a job fairly soon. I did warn them that I couldn't make a decision until April 1 as my decision would hinge upon Josh's career hunt. I honestly wasn't expecting that somebody would be ready to make me an offer that soon before the summer, but, I am rather new to all of this....

So, we'll see what happens in the next four weeks. I know where I'd like us to end up for the first few years, but we'll see where God leads us because it is really in his hands...

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March 03, 2005

Up & Down...

Tuesday was a Down day. It was complain, complain, complain and no one wanted to do their work. Plus, I reviewed with 3rd period all types of problems on the test, including the graphing stuff which they have spent much of their time on over the last few months. But no, they weren't paying attention or something, or they have serious short term memory problems, and many of them hadn't been practicing because they hadn't done their homework....so they got stuck during the test and kept asking questions. I hinted as much as I felt justified in doing so...and most of them weren't finished by the bell. so we wrote lots of passes for them to come in and finish on Wednesday. This was after a rather long morning with first and second period. It was attitude problem central. GRRRRRRR

Wednesday went better. Morning classes tested rather well and stayed quiet, although we had a few trials in first period. I took a student out to the hall for a chat before the test. And they received dire warnings of consequences for talking during the test. Half of first period received modified (shorter) tests as either specific modifications recommended or by our own judgment. They generally seemed to do better on everything than did the "honors" 3rd period. Didn't have to answer as many questions about the graphing stuff and when I did, they mostly remembered what to do after a little prompting. Some of them we just prompted a lot because they needed lots of help. But most of them finished. and they had the same test minus 2 questions as first period.

that probably all sounds confusing.

*sigh* At any rate, Wednesday went better than Tuesday. and today they had to Benchmark--take a practice TAKS, so they were quiet all period. I graded tests and organized papers and entered grades and watched them. I was actually quite productive in my organization. Managed to get all the papers to return together organized into a pile each for students....

I keep telling myself this will be easier when it's my classroom and I get to start off the year with my procedures.....

yeah, so I'll keep telling myself. Stay tuned for more adventures of the student teacher...

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March 01, 2005


not so good today.

I'll vent my frustrations out later.

right now, I sleep and acquire energy for yet another day...

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February 28, 2005

monday down...

Well, that's one day of the week done. Today wasn't so bad and I regained a fair bit of my voice by the end of the day (it isn't to singing quality just yet...)

All the classes went rather well today. No major behavioral problems, mostly people staying working :-o, and things just generally went rather smoothly. Let's hope it continues. Apparently many of my first period students were remembering those extra sentences they had to write on the warm-up last week because we didn't have quite as much a problem with talking today...

still so much to do...

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February 26, 2005

Gone and Back Again

Well, it appears that I've gone and come back again to a quiet apartment. In other words, Ardith has been asleep the whole last five hours that I've been driving to Tyler or taking a test. (or eating at Burger King or a blizzard at Dairy Queen). Strange feeling

If you're on campus or nearby, you should go to the Car Show and help Auto Society. It's just over in the assembly building. I think the money goes to missions (Sunny, please correct me if I'm wrong here....).

I think I passed the test, but with these fluffy ones it's hard to tell. I think there were only 10-15 questionables for me out of the 90 questions. (all multiple choice). I was tired after the first 50 and over half of the questions were from "decision sets," (kind of case studyish. they give you a classroom scenario and ask questions) They get taxing because you have to place yourself constantly in new scenarios. The feel of "perfect classroom TExES ideal land" wasn't as strong in this test as our qualifying and sample questions, but I'm still glad that is over. Over as long as I passed. There were a few things I didn't feel adequately educated enough to answer...our EDUC classes have been good and I've learned a lot, but we've covered some of the material over and over again so much (like the philosophies and lesson planning and learning disabled) that I haven't gotten as much for some of the other areas, like gifted education. I realize that a lot of the other stuff I'll learn through practice, but. . . No education program is perfect. and I do know how to find some of the information on my own...

Now. lots of grading.

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February 24, 2005

I lost my voice

But I can still write. Gallagher reminded me that I could vent about my day and tell of the student teaching woes on my blog.

But first, some good news we hope. Even though I screwed up my cover letter (I caught a mistake in it last night that had occured during the corrections), I received an email from a school district to let me know my information was received and they'd be looking for me next week at the Education Job Fair. I'm going to take this as a good sign. It might just be a nice response that they send out to people...but I have my hope.

On to other news of the day. Yes, I really have lost most of my voice. Rather I used up what little I had on my ninth graders. I feel a lot better than I did two days ago overall, except my voice has been progressively going and going...probably a combination of the allergies and congestion from allergies making it hard to breath through my nose....Anyways.

So the life of a teacher is has lost her voice and must yet still teach. First period actually went better today than normal. I think it helped that I gave them some dire warnings about turning in assignments at 9:00 and I'd grade them no matter how much was done. They have a tendency to talk instead of work, so I decided to see how serious they were about their grades. I think it mostly worked. And since they did so well for me, and the majority had gotten all but a few problems done, I said they'd have a few minutes to finish it tomorrow.

But then came second period. They are usually good. I don't think it was necessarily as much that Mrs. Saunders was gone so they acted up more than usual. Mrs. S. left for a funeral (actually, the funeral of the lady she herself student taught under). We had a sub, but he knew that he'd be there mostly to help me keep them in line. Unfortunately, that left just me for being able to go around and help them with their work. We did the lesson first, and this was where my blood pressure whent up. There are these two students I have in the class. One of them had a bad attitude and figured that was an excuse not to pay attention in the lesson. I told her I was sorry she was having a bad day but I needed her attention. She told me to leave alone. I told her to pay attention. I went on with the lesson. But oh no. I look over and she has her head down and she is all teary-eyed. Ah, we're going to play this game I see. I ask for her attention. The sub goes over and than tells me that she needs to go to the counselor's office. My own personal opinion was not to let her go, however, I also realized that it might be best in some ways--as in not disrupting the rest of the class further. at least, her be disruptive. So off she went. She at least came back the last half of class. I just hate that she uses this sort of thing to get out of class. It's becoming a habit.

But she was only one of two students I was struggling with during the lesson. The other, who is rather a buddy to the other, was pulling an attitude game with me too. Once when I called on her to retain her attention, she replied with a snotty answer. The others laughed. I raised my voice as much as it hurt me (literally) to do so. and told them how I demanded their respect and stuff. *sigh*

and on we went. It went better during seatwork, but as I said earlier, the sub couldn't help the students with math. It was only me. and I had two students who needed some make-up one on one time with me.

I had a nice lunch and conference period. and than thankfully received enough voice back to teach the 8th period lesson and get them through the class. and off they went. I got some stuff to make out the reviews for the test and came on back to school. Lily was in a chatty mode, so my voice was basically gone by the time I got to Saga for dinner. and now I am ready for some quiet and hot tea. Although I do have to get that review done....

thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

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February 21, 2005

One of the Spring curses:


Dried out eyes. Sore throat. Stuffy/runny nose.


This too will pass.

My legs hurt from standing much of the day for teaching. I should find some better shoes. The kids seem to be responding a bit better.

For a Monday, it wasn't all that bad of a day.
Tomorrow we proctor a TAKS test. Than we get to teach some rather resistant to thinking and learning and tested out students the rest of the day. Joy. I haven't planned anything too stressful on the brain... or so I think anyways.

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Moving on...

I have already submitted one online application. And Josh mails out the rest for me tomorrow since I can't get to a post office when it's open.

First resume and cover letter, with prayers that things don't get trashed because of a stupid mistake.

Wedding planning update:
*Florists. could use prayer on this. Flowers at Mother's Day expensive.
*Have bridesmaids' patterns and fabric. Just need their sizes.
*Wedding invitation appear to already be hear. Now we need to finish getting the inserts together.
*racks brain to remember all that stuff that kept me busy last week....
*and people are planning showers. that means gifts. That's a weird thought for me...getting gifts some time of the year that is not December!

Umm. I guess that's it for now. I should really post about my days off, but alas, I must wake up in just over six hours to start another day that is the start of another week....

So much to do. So little time it seems.

Oh, I did get a little pleasure time in this weekend. I bought Grisham's latest The Broker and finished it. :-D Much better than his last one. Maybe not as good as some of his earlier ones. But a pleasant read nonetheless. The author's note is the best. Watching "To Sir, With Love" really didn't feel as much a break considering it's about a teacher with a rough group of kids and I was rather reminded a bit of my own students....wow "my students"

*goes off to bed with overwhelmed feeling of moving on in life*

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February 16, 2005

Emotional Highs, Emotional Lows

At least I have three days off.

But the good things of the last few days:

painful growth (the spiritual kind)
Loving and patient Man by my side
new glasses
:-D Finding out, with no suprise, that Eric and Amanda are going to become parents in October. That means Josh becomes an uncle of two and almost three in May. (Eric is my brother) :-D
time off.
a checking account with money in it for the next couple of months

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February 15, 2005

not enough questions!

maybe i've just become more realistic since coming to college...:

You Are A Realist

You are more romantic than 20% of the population.

When it comes to romance, you tend to take a realistic approach.
You believe that love takes time, and it's something you have to work hard for.
A bit cynical, over the top romance tends to get under your skin.
Your heart is difficult to win ... but it's totally worth it.

Are You Romantic or Realistic?
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February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, it's late in afternoon on a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY 76 degrees Farenheit day here in Longview. The last thirty six hours of my life have been absolutely crazy--emotionally charged. There seems to be a sunnier side figuratively now in addition to the actual weather...God only knows and wills. It isn't like things won't be rough for awhile yet and there are still some pages to fill, but God is in control.

I had a good chunk of my world turned upside down and I was still needed to stay sane and rational and turned right side up. It was exhausting but God kept me strong through it all. I haven't been feeling like my spiritual health is all that well these days....worse off than I am physically. But in a strange way, by entrusting me with what He did, God encouraged and showed me that he's still here and he's still using me. I guess I'm doing something right. I'm only giving my personal perspective now because I feel I can do that. Another friend of mine was rather amazed at how she is yet to be used later this week...how God is taking her own sin and using her to help others. Well, I don't know if amazed is the word she would use. But anyways. Prayer would be GREATLY APPRECIATED by all involved persons (if I may speak on behalf of them). and Thank you to all of our friends who stay friends even we are at our worst. I don't know why some of you still hang around me with some of my nasty selfishness and pride.....

In other worlds of mine, I remembered again today how rough "special" days are in the world of teenagers at school. It took a lot more to get them settled down today. Tomorrow could be a lot worse because they have a five day weekend after tomorrow. *takes deep breath* I'll let you know more after tomorrow...

Today wasn't too terrible though. The PTA left lots of yummy desserts for the teachers at lunch. I didn't need to eat all my carrots anyway...hey, I did eat most, but they weren't very good after being left in my lunch bag all weekend....

and, most special of all today, my wonderful man brought me flowers and Dove chocolate truffles even after celebrating last night on a cheery double date at one of the best Italian restaurants ever. Let's see how long I can make the chocolates last.... :-d :-D :-d Oh, and he also brought a special note that will last much longer than the flowers and candy.... I should keep it somewhere nearby with my school stuff if I think I can without losing it.

Sadly, I must now attend to work yet again. Another lesson to write and more papers to grade....

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February 10, 2005

Is it in the air?

So today was attitude and crisis central amongst many of the students. In my first class, it started with one and spread to others. Second class was soley an emotional crisis right at the beginning. I felt very inadequate to deal with the situation but my CT (cooperating teacher) took the girl to the counselor's office. And we heard similar stories from other teachers at lunch. The day did go a lot better though after that.

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February 05, 2005

Different Thoughts

So as I sit here pretending to get something done by planning out a unit that I will actually teach on systems of equations, I notice all the different places that light refracts too off my ring. It's rather cool.

and i'm thinking about titling my life as a student teacher, actually, as a student teacher in the Jr High as "Student Teaching--Fun with Attitudes"

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February 04, 2005


It has been an entertaining week to say the least. In a lot of ways, I've got my work cut out for me with the kiddos in my classes. They are ninth graders. They are quite "special." You name the type of kid, I probably could name you a few students.

And some of them are finding out I am nice to a limit. Really, if you are going to talk during a test, push another kid into a locker, sleep through a test, write notes during a test (they all had tests today), read notes during seatwork, make snide remarks about others, (hmm, I know a few others like that...).... yeah.

So some of you will say "Guh, public school" and blame it more on the teachers, others on the parents, some on the students. Honestly, the problems are a lot more complex than that these days. It isn't just class sizes or a lack of money. It isn't totally about attitudes and learning styles. It's a combination of a lot of different factors, such as past teachers and how classes went before. No wonder many of the teachers are calculating how soon they can take retirement during lunch break....

But I've survived and I think I can manage. Just gotta stay on top of it all. Hope I don't forsake other things outside of student teaching to do so...like that research paper due in about 7 weeks. Or these job applications sitting on my desk. Or wedding plan. or time with friends. or time with God.

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January 30, 2005


Well I am not completely. Still have a cough. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the big day. I start six weeks of student teaching. This first week will be rather slow as I pick up routine duties like grading, attendance, and stuff. Next week I will pick up a class, and than for the three weeks after that I have full responsibilities. I think I'll be teaching systems of equations and how to set them up from word problems and then solve them.

I've started to fill out job applications. It's interesting because I can't say that I'm certified yet...I think we are supposed to fill them out as if we were but pre-date our certification to May.

Wedding planning is going fairly well I think. I found the perfect skirt fabric for the bridesmaids. But then there wasn't enough and it was a discontinued fabric, thus they couldn't order more. So, I'll keep on shopping. I'll probably make a trip to a place in Dallas that is a fabric warehouse and check out the selection there.

I'm still trying to see if the contacts are going to work full time. So far, I can't seem to make it an entire day...but I'm going to pick up some drops and see if they'll help just enough. I may end up going ahead and getting some for special occasions and what not. I'll see what happens in the next two weeks with these. They are a lot more comfortable than the last ones...but either the fitting is slightly off or my astigmatism is just too bad to make contacts work right anymore. I don't know.

Anyways. that's what up in my life right now. Less than one hundred days until the end....

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January 24, 2005

I think..

Well, without cursing myself, I am going to be brave and say that I think I'm getting better. I'm slowly regaining my voice and the coughing is becoming less frequent....

That is good because student teaching starts next week. I looked over our six week schedule though and it really won't be as bad as I fear. So I say right now. They let us phase ourselves in and out of the classroom with teaching and taking over.

So, you might be hearing more about that soon. I don't have anything to say about education classes. I learn something here and there. It feels like a lot of repetition though of stuff we've covered before. At least they provide handy checklists.

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January 16, 2005

4 days down or 1 week down

Well. I probably learned quite a bit this last week. Not much in classes compared to the rest of life. Here are some of the things I've learned:

*next time I have a secret picture-taking, keeo the camera with me afterward
*(looking for right phrasing about last left behind book..., just know that it wasn't good. Don't read it like you don't watch Napoleon Dynamite)
*I really can stay calm in times of high stress and it doesn't cause heart problems
*I still seem to be sick...but then, the headaches have gone away. Just not general weakness and coughing...
*I like having long, thick blankets when in the ice cave.
*Hot shower is good for sore back
*IHOP overcharges on their orange juice
*bridal shower games horror stories from heather. don't ask.
*we keep repeating a lot of stuff we've learned in other education classes...
*weddings are expensive
*God is good. Over and over again even as I don't deserve it.

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January 13, 2005

first week madness

Whew. Blah.

Well, we are over the halfway mark for the first week of classes. The good news is we have a church, officiant, and photographer. Other good news is that is doesn't LOOK like my two block classes are going to be all that bad. A lot of reading though.

However, the last 14 hours have been utterly crazy. I, Wheeler, and Paige had to take Rachel to the ER after she had an asthma attack due the coughing. While she was somewhat fine when we got there and they didn't immediate admit her as an emergency sincy her oxygen level was fine, within the next half-hour I was helping her to the nurse and they took her to an open exam room because the nurses heard her hacking her lungs out over and over again. Wheeler took Paige back to LU while I stayed with Rachel who was put on a breathing treatment as we endured the process of the ER...initially visits from the nurses and doctor close together, but then wait and wait....

Thankfully, her coughing came under a bit more control and they finally checked her out around midnight with acute bronchitis and prescriptions which we went to Walgreens to fill. (Jared and Scholl had come back and were waiting for us in the waiting room). Rachel and I then came to my apartment so I could retrieve a few things since I planned on staying with her overnight in her room. I also had to take my own meds. We finally got to her room and to bed between 130 and 200 I think. I went to sleep keeping my ears open and woke up everytime she woke up coughing. It wasn't good and I worried a few times, but the coughing was spread out farther inbetween by the time by alarm went off all too early. I ordered Rachel not to attend at least her first two morning classes and to call the doctor when she was able. I could tell that exertion only brought on more coughing so I set her meds and helped her figure out what she need to take by her bed and than went back to my apartment to get ready for my own 745 am class.

My stomach was feeling worse than usual but I had to try and eat something to take my morning meds. Just as I was getting ready to walk out the door to make it to class on time, I felt the need to throw up and thus did so. Sadly, I couldn't skip class as we have been told that we must make up any time that we miss even if we're sick. So I took some crackers and water and trudged up to class. I don't think I looked so good coming in. The prof and everyone else understood and I wasn't too terribly late. I made it through managing not to fall too asleep during the video and have now confirmed a few more wedding arrangments. I'm going to chill just a bit longer here and than I'll make myself some lunch and take it up with me to MSC to visit with any others who happen to be around.

Prayers are appreciated all around.

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January 12, 2005


For those of who happened to be around tonight when I angrily announced my intentions to leave the qualifiying exam tomorrow for chapel whether or not I was done, I apologize for my anger. It's a matter that deserves more respect than I gave it. Forgive my irritation towards our education department.

For those of you who are confused:
We education majors who are getting ready to test for certification have to take a qualifying exam with the school first. This exam is scheduled for tomorrow morning starting at 8:30. It's 80 questions and we can leave when we are done. It took me three hours to do the math exam and this one requires more reading and not necessarily more thinking, but it does require more thought. Anyways.... Tomorrow is Arthur's memorial chapel service. While I was only acquainted with Arthur, I have gotten to know Grace through numerous classes with her. Grace is Hector (Arthur's brother) new wife and I know they had to be close.

From my perspective, attending tomorrow's chapel is important to me as a measure of respect for Grace and Tanya, to remember with them someone whom they have lost. I know Arthur made an impact on many people here and was well-respected by those who worked with him.

At any rate, while I have been beating myself for hypocritical actions the last few days--such as saying more than I had a right too regarding more specific details surrounding the accident, I recognize that I must apologize and continue to ask for prayer for Tanya, Grace, Hector, and their families, as well as Arthur's friends. That is the more important action.

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January 10, 2005

Not sure what to think

On this, the eve of my first day of classes of my last undergraduate semester. It's been a rather odd day with some horrific news and quite an eventful Christmas break--of great joy and of sorrow for dear friends. It'll be a long semester between student teaching and wedding planning and who knows what else God has in store for me. Tomorrow I begin the process of being somewhere by 7:45 a.m. every day. bleck. But I'll get used to it. It could be a lot worse. Hopefully I'll stay healthy--well once I reach the point of what could be called wellness again.... "Nasty sinus infections they is..." Anyways. I don't know. My thoughts are rather choppy this evening as things weigh on my mind and I prepare to drag myself up into bed to start the semester off with a little bit of decent sleep.

Maybe something more....cohesive...will come later.

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January 01, 2005

mmm 2005

Wow. This year holds so much in store for me, and probably a whole lot more that I'm not aware of just yet.

I think my New Year's Resolutions (in no particular order) are such:

*Become a certified teacher
*Get a real Job
*Get Married :-D
*Start the post-college life ???

Yeah, so they are obvious. But those are rather big steps that I forsee as God's will for my life in this coming year. I could be wrong...only God knows.

and as always, I hope I continue to grow closer to my dear family, friends, and everybody in-between :-).

Where I will be a year from now I have no idea. I look forward to it though. Best wishes for this last week and a bit of break to all!

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December 29, 2004

Changed time zones again!

Well, I'm on the last leg of my crazy Christmas trip and now in Ohio continuing to enjoy my wireless network card and laptop. :-D

There hasn't been a whole lot of exciting stuff happening really. But it's been nice to be a bum. I'm sure Josh will keep me a bit busier here though. It was good to see my family and spend some time with them. and Josh and I officially have our first piece of furniture. It's a recliner/love seat lazy-boy. I think it's rather comfy myself although my aunt and family from whom we received it didn't think so. *shrugs* It's a start. My parents said we could have a queen bed and the kitchen table and chairs from the house they're moving into soon. So we'll probably work "colors" around all of that. Course, it'd be nice to figure out where we'll be after May....

I guess I could update on wedding progress and such. Not that it really is all that interesting :-) At any rate, when we get back, the first order of business is to make sure we have the church and an officiant.

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December 25, 2004


Well. life here today was
full of the random reaction to some unknown bug or allergen where part of my *left hand tingled and itched;
*homemade quiche....,
*crazy present time which went from open one present before the rest of the distant family arrive, to open all the ones there were for us to open. Including the one that
*amanda had to unwrap to get her book because mom accidentally told me to wrap two different cookbooks for one person, and they were for two separate people.
*peeling potatoes
*flakey internet connection but at least I have my laptop set up on wireless
*addicting games including duck hunt, lemonade stand, battleship, and curve ball
*the amusement of family as my cousin and uncle sat near me with their own laptops
*homemade pies including
-peppermint cheesecake
-pecan pie
*watching movies
*dinner consisting of wisconsin cheese spread, crackers, and more pie
*the food network and interesting shows such as "Unwrapped"
-Did you know there is an M&Ms World in Las Vegas?
-Ever heard of Frito Bandito? the Freakies?

that and more....

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December 24, 2004


Shiver me timbers!

It's really cold here. It's been really cold. It was 0 degrees and less than 0 wind chill yesterday and all night last night as we drove across the country.

But the roads and weather were good.

and now we are enjoying time with family. and I also enjoy VERY high speed internet although a flaky connection.....

but i'll be on and off aim a little bit more I think.

For now, MERRY CHRISTMAS! May God keep you all safe and bless your families...

God bless us everyone!

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December 22, 2004

another one...

I'm sure all of you LU people have the email.

For those of you who don't:
Arthur was a senior at LU who died recently of head injuries sustained in a car accident the afternoon after his brother was married to Grace. Hector and Grace graduated this December. Grace was also a math education major so I took classes with her. I can't even begin to imagine the blessing and tragedy their anniversary will hold. Arthur lived in Mexico, and his fiancee, Tanya, is an MK from Honduras. They were planning to be married this summer on the beach in Mexico. Tanya is a kinesiology-ed major who will also graduate in May.

Please pray for all of them. I know Grace and Tanya fairly well. Grace has had a rough couple of years herself since her dad died last year.

And to all my dear friends out there: be safe. please.

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December 19, 2004

two days gone already!

Well, two days have already flown on by on my so far enjoyable break from school madness. i've started on my second book (third if you count the first one as the two-in-one). and worked on Christmas gift projects. and formed a rant while listening to the news:

My father being the fan of the news, I've heard on the television lots about the recent tragedy of the 8-month pregnant mother who was strangled.

what really gets me and irks me is that it took more than a simple phone call to have the amber alert issued to find the missing newborn--because the newborn was a fetus removed (although the girl-child became alive at the time of forcible birth). and they (news people) keep referring to the baby as the "stolen fetus" more often than the "kidnapped baby." Grrr. Peterson is tried and convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and unborn child, not the unborn fetus. but it takes a couple of tries to issue the amber alert (i'm guessing this is a missing child national alert) for this pre-mature baby removed from her mother's womb after her mother was killed.


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December 17, 2004


It has been a really crazy day. and soon, I shall tell you all the gory details. For now though, I'm going to try and be warm in this very cold state in borrowed clothing because alas, my luggage was left in denver....it didn't make it on the plane which had the captain and first officer loading luggage before we left and moving equipment because DIA was short on crew....

but. I'll have it tomorrow by noon if all goes well.

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December 15, 2004

Zippidee Do dahh....

Zippidee Day...

My oh my what a wonderful day....

unit plan done. educ final done. abstract over. geometry over...

all i have left is trig. and cleaning and packing and shipping christmas presents. and flying to Colorado.

but the hard part is over!

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December 14, 2004

*ready to weep*

so. I had my geometry test yesterday morning at 730 and my major semester paper for Honors Capstone was also do. Thus, upon coming back from the concert Saturday night, I headed to bed and set my alarm to get up and work all day on the paper. and work I did from 11 to 11 with a few breaks for food. We made our Waffle Shoppe fun. I came back and worked some more until about 2 or 230. I set my alarm again and woke up a little after 10 this time only to work all morning and afternoon. I finished my paper around 430 p.m., conveniently in time enough to print it out for editing and go to dinner.

We ate dinner. I got back and set to work on studying for my geometry test--which was going to have a whole lot of constructions and questions over our papers that I had not read yet. and so I worked. I finally had finished practicing most of the constructions by 11 p.m. and we headed to MSC where I spent the next two hours reading the papers. and cringing at a few which could have used some polish...

all this while waiting for wheeler to finish editing my paper. Which he did. all 30 pages of it. around 130. I headed to my room and went to bed. got up and took my final. went to the labs and added polish plus printed out what i could for my documentation notebook (all my notes, any copies of stuff i used (unless a book), and revisions).

I managed to finish that around 11:15 and headed down to Glaske to turn it in. I had to wait a bit which was fine because i needed the break. after turning it in and filling out the class eval, I headed to lunch only to realize I didn't have my i.d. card. Thus, I headed to my apt and than back to MSC for an hour lunch break before working from 1 to 5. after work was dinner and after dinner I spent the next 5.5 hour in the library working on the take-home half of my abstract final. ouch. ouch. *restrains from inserting obscenities* ouch. ouch. ouch. and on the ouches go.

I finally called it quits around 1130 and decided that sleep and a B was better than an A. if i could even manage the A from staying up and figuring out whatever was eluding me on two of the questions. Besides, we still have the computation have of our final which I should be okay with...

so, after letting my mind cool down and taking one last look at it, i went to bed at 130. and slowly climbed out of bed six hours later to be at work at 8. where I am now.

*i get off work at 12.
*abstract final at 1245
*when i'm done with that i'll head to the ed lab to work on my unit plan due tomorrow.
*eat pizza dinner with other math/cs geeks.
*continue working on my unit plan most likely and preparing my mind to reflect in words tomorrow morning from 730 to 930 on a differentiated classroom.
*take ed final.
if i'm not done with the unit plan, i'll have to finish that between 930 and 1200. at 12, I have lunch with my bus. office bosses at Butcher Shop and then I'll work to 5 when we get back.

Tomorrow evening from 5 to whenever, I will:
*eat dinner
*go to the library
*wrap and pack up Christmas presents for shipping
*pack for break
*watch extended edition of LOTR: Return of the King (if that's the third one?)

*trig final at 945.
*finish cleaning up apt areas
*check-out at 1245
*leave for tyler around 115
and thus begin the long and laborious process of traveling--tyler to houston, one hour layover, houston to denver, one hour layover, denver to gunnison, gunnison to lake city one hour drive (i'll get in around 11 mst i think)

friday: (barring anything going wrong with flights--like a delay which causes to me to miss one...)
*visit school*

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December 11, 2004

mmm. good day.

Well, the first part of my day was spent on a "field trip" to Jefferson with my fellow secondary student teachers. We visited with the asst. superintendent, went through the museum and browsed what shops we could before lunch at the bakery.

There is this fabulous used bookstore which is semi-organized but more haphazard which adds to the character. Plus, the guy who runs it has lots of stories he's willing to share.

I also saw the lifesize gingerbread house and truly, even tall ole me could fit through the door and stand in the house without ducking. It was really neat. That MUST have been a whole lot of work for a whole lot of people...

I also enjoyed shopping at the General Store, complete with the ice cream/soda fountain bar. and enjoyed looking through one antique shop. oh yeah, the museum had lots of fun stuff on four floors! (basement, ground, two top)...even a creepy doll or two...

Lunch was good and the trip back was relatively uneventful as a few of us chattered about boys and the rest slept.

An hour after I got back to campus, it was time to begin our journey to Dallas for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We left town a little bit not much later than expected and we opted for Gallagher's route (which did prove to be the fastest...) by taking Hwy 80. Things generally went well until we stopped for dinner at which point the traffic in Terrell split us up after we left. But, no big deal, I had made sure everyone had directions and tickets with them and we had cell phones. So we journeyed to Dallas, probably not more than within a few miles of each other at any given time...until we started the exit and follow the directions to the parking garage....

Barbour's car and my car missed the same exit due to some confusing instructions (and a bit of argument between myself who was driving and my navigator because I thought we were supposed to follow the other part of the exit (the right way) but he insisted on the other way...) So, I discovered that turning around and looping back wasn't quite as easy I thought it would be. What was sad is that we were in the right general area...but we didn't have a decent detailed map to work off of and the roads weren't in happy straight and two way lines... (that could be a really bad analogy...) anyways. So we kept circling and circling...I saw the Dallas Art Museum three times. Finally, I remembered that there was this road that was named one thing but was listed differently on the map. After an hour, we made our way to the parking lot fifteen minutes before the concert was supposed to start. Barbour had already managed to correct himself and get there and Gallagher managed to follow the instructions correctly. (*applause*) We even managed to get to the right floor and be a few feet away from our section for seats when the concert started just after 8. THus, we didn't really miss anything.

and certainly not the best parts.
The concert will not only be remembered for the awesome music and the very sweet light show, but also a false fire alarm caused by someone who was smoking in the bathroom (while the concert was complete with the fake fog and the torches later on)

It was a good concert and was well worth the evening and hassle spent.

and getting back was happily uneventful as two of my passengers slept after we stopped for gas and meet up with the others at Rip Griffin and I listened to Weber and Lavigne while drinking fake gas station cappucino while talking to Josh to stay awake.

and alas. I should really try and get up before noon tomorrow because I must get a rather lengthy paper written before Monday. (so lengthy that I probably won't post it to the blog)

that, and I do have a geometry final early (730) monday morning. Happy something or another day for that!


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December 04, 2004

long day

Everything went rather well this morning I think. Both Lily and I felt confident of passing and really didn't care how well beyond that. Although I think passed with a wide margin of error....as much as I hate saying that....because then I get disappointed...

Anyways, I'll let you know my score in a couple of weeks.

The ride went well and I even managed to get Christmas shopping done. I was having trouble coming up with suitable gifts for my younger brother and almost other half. While I saw many things that would have been fun to get, I figured I'd better wait until I have more money. I like successful shopping and visiting new stores.

I got back a couple of hours ago and have been working to finish the research on a book that was due yesterday. an ILL book.... *sigh*

so life goes...i think i need a nap...

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December 03, 2004

appreciate prayer

I have my first test for certification tomorrow morning. I would appreciate prayers for peace of the left hemisphere through the 80 mathematical questions covering everything I've ever learned (practically). Hopefully, I won't feel quite as horrible as I did today being sick yet again. I know my other fellow teachers-to-be would also appreciate prayer. and we have to get up rather early and drive to Tyler to report by 7:30 a.m.


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December 02, 2004

i won't be posting much

unless I'm procrastinating and not doing the work I should be doing at any given moment. I still have a paper and a presentation, not to mention a final teaching lesson and a unit plan plus all the other normal homework and a certfication exam this coming saturday (at which I have to get up at 530 to leave around 6 a.m.) and finals and trying to stay healthy the next few weeks to do as well as i can.

but it seems that I'm not mentally healthy unless I take a break from work but i really don't have a whole lot of time to take a break from work...oh well. something has to give, might as well be some of the work.

okay...maybe it isn't THAT bad....

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November 20, 2004


So Ziggy just called my apartment to inform me that he and Moore were hungry and they wanted to know if I had any food.

Not having any leftovers in the fridge or cereal, we told them no. We (since Heather answered the phone) also told them that if they wanted to cook something, we did have stuff to cook. I think they decided to search elsewhere.

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Real Life

Actually, thing went a lot better after 2:00--except for having to type in 70 addresses rather than type in 70 id numbers and get address labels.

Joe's was good for dinner. I kept myself from purchasing books at the book barn. I actually enjoyed Cabaret.

Bible Study seemed to go well too. and I went to bed before 1! and I have woken up this morning in plenty of time to go on a shopping expedition with friends.

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November 19, 2004

Not again!

The day is only halfway over and it appears to be one of those days...you know, the kind where every little thing just seems to go wrong or be off...

It started when I arrived at the school for observation/teaching and discovered that I had prepped with the wrong notes...the teacher had given me an older copy... and also discovered that there was another concept I was supposed to be teaching.

Well, I had to wing it--I knew the material I just hadn't practiced the examples.

Well, thankfully, things went really well while the lady who watches me was there. But, not so happily, things went rather badly for the last 20 minutes or so. I was showing them how to convert a standard form of a quadratic equation into vertex form and i left out a step but didn't realize until after we had moved on...so, they were very confused when they left. The teacher hadn't even realized I had made a mistake otherwise she would have made note of it.


And then I went to lunch and picked up my mail. My yearbook picture proof was in...it's bad. I look like I am missing a few wrinkles in the gray matter.

and then I came to work. I kept making mistakes (although able to correct without too much hassle) on journal entries. The printer printed all the journals out of order. and I have to make a correcting entry anyways because one of the persons who wrote up a journal entry gave me a wrong ID number.

and i sitll have 3 hours and 10 minutes left of working time...

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Time just keeps going

I'm teaching my last formal lesson tomorrow and my last observation for the semester. My lesson is on Completing the Square and I'll have a class of tenth graders in Algebra 2 to explain the method too and hope they learn. I am sad that I could not be as creative on this lesson...it doesn't really lend itself to fun activities as well as other concepts so. I remember taking two class periods on it mysef as a student in an pre-ap class. It's a skill that one must practice.

I'm sure there's some game or something I could do...jeopardy or what not, but...

At any rate. Keep me in prayers tomorrow morning.

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November 07, 2004

Life goes.

Stage Right did a pretty good job with the play--Arsenic and Old Lace--albeit a poorly edited program.

I had good food at Dr Roden's tonight and enjoyed the idle chat with the cross-country people and Lily & Charlie.

The weather has been beautiful.

Schoolwork continues at a steady pace.

and so on. So life goes on.

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October 23, 2004

more fall break thoughts

I was considering again today the the life of an individual church. I've witnessed 2 churches "die" in my short lifetime. I was also thinking about my college, and how in some ways administrators run it like a church, but they also run it like a business---but than again, many churches today are run like a business (and they tend not to be truly good ones from my experience.) Anyways, I was just thinking...many churches are started by those dissatisfied with something or those who have a passion and energy to start things afresh. LU wasn't quite started by people dissatisfied with other places, but more off the idea of education with a Christian focus.

I think about the churches that I've seen dwindle down to closed doors, churches that were once vital and full of energy and passion. I wonder, if LU could be in danger of the same thing happening in the future because the focus is lost on Who sustains. When things become more about rules and finances, appearance and less about growth.

I realize not everyone perceives the same things about LU. I'm just sitting here wondering about a few things...pondering the last 3.25 years I've spent here.

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October 01, 2004

An Excellent Friday

I keep waiting for the axe to fall and my life seem suddenly not so bright and blessed...

My Pell Grant posted today which means that I get to make a nice payment to my credit card when I get my refund check within the next two weeks.

I also received a rather nice paycheck today after all that grading I put in last week. Again, I can reduce the credit card debt (medical debt and car repairs and such) down a little further.

The mole I had removed was completely just a mole with no bad cells to it---I received that news today. (In other words, no nasty skin cancer...Yet.)

Things just seem to be going rather well. There is a hope that I may even have filing caught up here at the business office soon so that I can work on some other projects, such as removing inactive folders. (That can take a bit sometimes because withdrawn students aren't immediately removed.)

And it's a Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday which means I get to sleep in.

So am I receiving a blessing of rest after the last few trying years? Or am I just being rested up for what is ahead? Maybe both?

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September 29, 2004

So what do you want to know?

Well. I think I might finally be on the mend from the sinus infection....but than again, I thought that a few days ago too. I have two and a half days of meds left. The mole removal went rather well methinks. Haven't heard anything from the doctor's office on the biopsy. The area is bruised and rather sore...underneath the arm isn't the greatest place to stab with needles and cut away things...but, it's a little better each day. Have to have stitches removed next week.

School is going rather well. I like not being in over my head...It's nice to be able to have leisure time to myself and for friends. I even learned a new game called Fluxx tonight. I played it with to crazy guys....Gallagher was in top form for insanity tonight. Scott was sane comparatively. Until they started working off one another...I was highly amused as I was grading and than playing the game.

Speaking of grading....yeah, apparently 0^2 + 0^2 = 4. Yup. you saw that right. the funny thing--4 was the answer in the back of the book that happened to be wrong.

I've started to see the light for catching up at work. Maybe by the end of next week even! (But than there's all those statements that are going to be going out in the next couple of weeks...) *sigh* It'll be better than it has been at least. It's nice and quiet in my office. I'd play music, but the speakers connected to my work computer do not work. oh well. It can be entertaining sometimes to listen to what's going on in the hall and various offices.

My tessellation drawing is coming close to done. I just need to color it now and name it. It's cool in that it looks like a few different things--descending angels, praying monks, morphed bunnies.... But that makes it hard to name. I'm sure some "inspiration" will strike from somewhere.

I have my first formal lesson next Tuesday. It'll be on point-slope.

I should probably consider starting to do some research on those two papers I'm doing this semester...one will be on phi and geometry, the other is a look at the historical, biblical, modern, and personal perspectives on the concept of the soul. I had started it last semester and it now continues on through the second part of the class. At least we aren't doing three topics with all four perspectives on each...

Well. I should really consider getting to bed soon. I don't need to oversleep tomorrow's class.

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September 24, 2004

New Things

So I am now working on customizing my laptop settings and getting used to this new toy of mine. It's strange since the screen is smaller and it is XP. It's also strange to sit next to the desktop turned off. (So I don't go and use it and than have to move more things over.)

But anyways. I think the antibiotic is taking effect, and the stomach upset is a little less every-day. Although it still makes me really hungry and in need of more snacks... But I'm feeling a little bit better.

Arghhh! It's already midnight!

Whew. It's taking a bit to get used to new fonts and colors and things.... I do like this though. It's quite a bit faster than my other computer. and this keyboard seems to be quiet and not very annoying. Hehehe, I'll have to adjust my fun chair now so I don't kill my arms. The only pain right now is that my internet connection limits how far I can move it. Which isn't but a few inches.

Oh, I was talking about other things....Well. My sister is en route to Idaho, as in moving. My dad went out to help her with the kids and all. They're having the Navy move the stuff. But they haven't sold the house yet...so that's a prayer request. My older brother has a birthday tomorrow. I think both of the kids are in good shape. Caedin is attatched as ever to the blankie...apparently he was insisting on bringing it into his bath with him the other night... Funny Kid.

Life goes on around here...I put in a lot of grading hours this week! I wonder if that's how bad it'll be when I'm the teacher....

Amazingly, I keep coming up with these great ideas for lessons to teach and stuff. The others in my class liked the one I used for my practice model of direct instruction with slope-intercept form. Basically, there are groups of six who must find the equation of a graph and than demonstrate the equation in front of the rest of the class by either acting out the term or holding up a piece of paper with the term. So there'd be six pieces in a term: y, =, m, x, +-, b The rest of the class, while viewing the graph on the overhead, than must identify the person who holds slope, the person holding the intercept, and whether or not the equation is correct for the function graphed.

It seems to work rather well...I may have the opportunity to try it out in a couple of weeks on actual ninth grade algebra students. It depends. My lesson topic will probably change now that I have to do it on a different day than originally planned.

Well, I do have to get up early tomorrow morning. As much as I would like to play on this a little bit more, it isn't like I won't have plenty of opportunity....

Hence, goodnight world!

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September 21, 2004

Things were looking up

Now they look kind of down. At least from my perspective.

So after the realization that I had been sick for over 10 days between the headaches, coughing, congestion, sinus pressure, and more...I went to the doctor this afternoon. He agreed that it appeared I have a sinus infection. So he put me on some antibiotics in hopes that they help.

He also looked at some moles I have--I have a family history of melanoma, so I'm going for the better safe than sorry philosophy. He's going to remove one next week. He thought one of the others that still has me a little concerned looked innocuous. I'll keep an eye on it at least.

I have my first big education project/presentation tomorrow. I'm trying to keep that stuff tied very strongly to my formal lesson in three weeks during observations, so tomorrow will be a test run of an idea.

Our A/C is still experience problems. the A/C guy gave us the cell phone number to call the next time we had major issues. This morning, we were woken up around 620 by what sounded like a sheet of metal being chopped to bits by the fan blades in the unit thing outside. Yeah. it scared the living daylights out of me--not that I had many at that hour of the morning.

*sigh* but hey, I'm still living and the weather still is warm. and I have my friends and God is getting me through the week.

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September 15, 2004

long days...

It just seemed long. and our A/C is out again. There's a bad part that is causing it to freeze. so tonight, we sleep without A/C. and I have a test first thing tomorrow morning. not real worried though.

I could just generally use some prayer. I'm in one of those funks that come from time to time. I think it's been building. There could be any number of contributing factors--one that weighs heavy is a sort of spiritual funk. It's a time of doubt and what-not. I'll be okay eventually. Just don't know how long it'll take or what it'll take to pull me out (rather, what God will have to do to pull me out of this pit or make me climb out of it myself.)

My life really is great. It makes it harder because I see God's blessing on me so much these last few months and yet I can't seem to appreciate them. I think I have this selfishness and a dusty servant's attitude.

Well, it's about that bed time. God bless.

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September 13, 2004

Time to Post

Time = 2(Pi)/3

I guess it's probably as good as time as any to post. Classes seem to be going rather well and I think I've got a routine mostly figured out.

Mondays and Wednesdays start out with Instructional Methods at 7:50 a.m. Not too bad a class considering they use the teaching methods that they are teaching us. Try to make things fun and what not and Dr. E likes discussion.

After I get out of class, I head down to MSC-1 for something to drink and a bit of time to read the newspaper or do homework before I go to chapel if it doesn't sound dull. Lunch is next at the Hive where I enjoy much liberty of our flex money and conversion meals. It makes me happy. I work from 1 to 5 in the afternoons and head to supper at Saga to meet the crew up there and find out what is happening. Oh yeah, I will now be auditing the Honors capstone 1 class on Monday nights from 6-7 and I think I'll be chilling in my apt with the roomies for a bit of time after that. :-)

Tuesdays and Thursdays also start out nice and early with College Geometry at 8 followed by Trig (in which I just do the hw) until 10:30. Again I had down to MSC--probably to do a little grading and grab lunch until I decided to go back to the apt and get ready for Abstract Math at 130. On Tuesdays I'll work from 330 to 5 and on Thursdays I'll have a little bit of free time for errands and rest and such if I don't have a meeting. It looks like I'll also have 1100 meetings with Dr Roden and fellow Math Ed's for TeXES content mastery review.

Fridays, for at least the next four weeks and hopefully again the five weeks after that, begin for me with a drive to Pine Tree Jr High (and in a few weeks high school). I aim to be at the school by 745 and stay there until 1145. I get back, grab a bite to eat and head to work again for the afternoon.

Saturday mornings are for sleeping in. Sundays will now also consist of Sunday School with Dr. Watson for the next two months along with church.

That's mostly my week. My life really isn't all that entertaining. Well, there are those "you had to be there" moments, like tonight with the vowel-sound only language. Or Waffle Shoppe runs. At any rate. I need to shower and get some sleep. I haven't been getting to bed early enough lately. Actually, I've gotten to bed a lot later than is acceptable. So. off I go.

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September 01, 2004

Exciting week

Well, classes have started and it looks to be a fairly decent semester for me this last year...LAST year....wow. So that's kept my busy with work along with the normal kick-off stuff of meetings and things. and being social like.

I'll tell you more about my classes later. I'm right now distracted by my spiffy new laptop and getting things ready with that since this desktop of mine will be going home to the family.

Please pray for my sister and kids....Sarah has been running a fever and thus been in the hospital because of her newborn age. Caedin's surgery was looking good...but something now appears not to be right.....:-/

So yeah...

I'll try and update soon.

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August 29, 2004

Finally a post

So yup. I've been back since Thursday.

The trip went really well. Was "randomly selected" for a full screening so that was fun.

I spent the afternoon partly running errands, unpacking, and than had dinner out at Joes Than I went to bed after scanning in some pictures because I was quite tired after a very long day that started at 430 a.m. after a restless night of sleep.

Friday I spent at work playing catch-up and such. and we had subway for dinner while waiting on the Gallagher, watched a movie which I wasn't totally impressed with ( Snatch ) and than went to bed early again because I still couldn't sleep in yesterday morning. I was asked to be a part of a Q/A panel for fish parents. After that, I slept a good chunk of the afternoon and had a delightful evening out with that precious boyfriend of mine and than hit the sack early again.

Church was good this morning and now I'm awake after yet another nap.

I'll try and work on uploading pictures of Sunny's wedding and the darling niece and rambunctious nephew of mine now.

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August 25, 2004

Happy day!

So I ordered my laptop last night so as to take advantage of Dell's free shipping sale and other stuff that was going to end today. And I already have a shipping confirmation which means my laptop is on it's way. Watch it get here on Saturday but I won't be able to get to it until Monday....

:-) Ha. I'll probably be watching the tracking. My desktop got here really quick the last time...


In other happy thoughts, we spent the morning at the Omaha Zoo. If you ever find yourself in Omaha, I HIGHLY recommend that you spend a day at the zoo! It is just so cool! Even though it was kinda rainy, we were able to do alot indoors. Caedin had a blast and Sarah was good the whole time too. The flora and fauna....ahhhhh. We had a lot of fun. and we stopped for Culver's on the way back.

Now we are doing some house things...I stay in with the kids and run the laundry and such. Karin is mowing.

It's rather amusing and sad sc omewhat...Whenever we are out in public and strangers stop to exclaim over the baby, they get confused as to which of us is the mother...because Karin just looks that good. I think iit would be more obvious if they observed who looked like the nursing mother....

*sigh* But yup. She is a beautiful little darling. and she's grown so much just since I've been here!

I'll probably post again later. But I have an early morning...cab pick-up at 445 am since my flight leaves at 630 (barring predicted stormy weather...)

So i'll see a good bit of ya'll tomorrow!

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August 24, 2004

Busy Busy

Well, I'll try this again. Have to start getting used to a laptop keyboard anyways now....

So yesterday started out very early at 530 because Caedin had day surgery. It all went rather well, chatted with some nice ladies in the waiting room and had coffee and such. One lady told me about how her life had improved so much since she had divorced her husband of forty years a couple of years ago. So that was interesting. They regaled myself and Karin with memories of when they had children and were new mothers and such and of course all exclaimed over the very precious Sarah who is rather cute and pretty.

While coming off the anesthesia was not a pleasant experience for either Caedin or Karin until the sedative kicked in, Caeidn thankfully woke up again after an hour and had something to eat and drink which me could leave the hospital just as soon as the medications arrived....that took a good while...

But we were back at the house in time to eat. Karin and I both being rather weary and hungry. Apparently Caedin doesn't get too drowsy from depressants like codeine because he was only a very little bit less bouncy than normal. Just a little. The afternoon passed rather uneventfully as Caedin took a decent nap as did Sarah and Karin. Josh beat me at Literati at yahoo games.

I than attempted to make shrimp scampi for dinner...but it didn't so well because the shrimp was pre-cooked. It was edible though. Our mom called that evening to tell me that she and my dad would buy me a laptop if i gave them my desktop. It'll be more practical for me to have something portable with teaching and such. I know what I want from Dell and my parents have agreed to the price, so after some double-checking on a few details with Josh, I'll get it ordered and ship my desktop to Colorado. They have to have it soon since they will be leaving the cabin business and thus the business computer behind in November. Thus they need to transfer stuff over and get it set up at their house.

The day finally ended and than I had the joy of being woken up again a little after 7 by the ever exuberant Caedin. We got him breakfast and than I stayed and kept him amused while Karin took Sarah for a 2-week appt. After that was over I stayed with Sarah while Karin took Caedin to daycare...ahhh...quiet.

But we had to run errands. Karin had things to do at the base and wanted to swim a little bit, so we spent some time there and I sat at the poolside with Sarah. We got back and I napped. I've lost my clip-ons and I had to squint with the bright sun...not fun. Thus I had a headache and I was rather tired still after yesterday.

All too soon it was time to get Caedin from "school" and we got him dinner while I cooked the swordfish. We had let it marinate all afternoon in an experimental sauce and it cooked rather quickly in the oven. It actually came out pretty good considering the only directions I had were for bake time. I concoted the marinade myself.

After downing more water and finally taking tylenol for the headache, i started to feel better...was getting rather naueous and weak. and kept Caedin amused some more until we made a quick grocery run and got back in time for him to go to bed.

I can't get used to the flatness up and being able to see so far...I think it's also due to the lack of pine trees like East Texas because there are hills around. But still, I can see a good distance. Hopefully I'll have a chance to get a good sunset picture tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow morning's fun is a trip to the zoo. and than, i have a cab picking me up early thursday morning for the flight back to Texas.

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August 23, 2004


Karin was nice and let me sleep in a little bit. I got up after I heard her stirring about getting Caedin his breakfast. Than she mentioned that we could go to Panera Bread for breakfast, so I just had some yogurt to tide me over until then. The house was still basically clean since yesterday's showings, so we didn't have to do anything there. So we let Caedin play outside a good bit of the morning. He likes helping Karin with the sprinkler and than he played with one of the neighbor's kids on their outdoor play stuff. That was nice to enjoy the outside a bit...excepting dealing with the little rat dog, well, poodle, and making sure Caedin didn't get hurt and he shared the slide and stuff. Panera was good....mmm, bagel and coffee..... Than we left ate 1 so we weren't there during the open house. Caedin took a nap in the car--falling asleep about five minutes after we got in. Karin and I went to go get forty-nine cent fountain quarts at the QT and than I ran into Wal-Mart to check out there baby clothing selection and stepstools. Afterl that we had lunch at Sonic. and than ice cream since the kids were still asleep. Caedin woke up right around that time so we gave him the grilled cheese we had ordered from Sonic and some ice cream while we headed to one of Karin's friend's friend's house to watch the air show and give them a chance to visit. This girl used to be an officer in the navy also but now lives in San Antonio and is in the reserves. Apparently there aren't many female officer's at Offut. Anyways. We were there for a good couple of hours and stayed outside most of the time. Thus, I have a little tan on arms, neck, and a pink face. Even though I put on SPF50 sunscreen on my face. Grr. r

So we got back still full from *gah stupid keyboard* lunch and being out in the heat and fed Caedin because he was rather hungry. and just tried to bums...gave Caedin a bath and than found out someone wanted to come back for a second showing...they were rather interested in the house...around 8 this evening. So that was fun. They had a couple of kids and Caedin played with them. and than he had bedtime. Which didn't go too nicely. but he's asleep now. Karin went to bed about an hour ago. We've got to be at the hospital by 615 to check Caedin in. So we have to aim to leave here no later than 6. Which means we are aiming to start getting in the car around 550. Karin wants to feed Sarah before we leave. and we're just going to take Caedin in his pjs from bed to car.

It'll be fun. I stay with Sarah while she does check-in stuff with him. She can't be with him during the surgery but I think she might be able to go back during recovery. We'll see. Looks like breakfast at the hospital...she informs me there is a coffee shop type thing there that isn't bad. But maybe Caedin will be easier to deal with since he'll probably be rather drowsy thru the day.

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August 22, 2004

For Josh

I miss you.


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August 21, 2004

A "Normal" day

Well, it appears Caedin has gone down to bed without a hitch. It was a relatively nice day I guess other than that we had to get the house clean and than leave twice for showings. The first time we went on a hunt for a dual joggin stroller...it appears there is a high demand in the Omaha area for those these days and online too. We also stopped at Hardee's since we didn't want to take the sleeping children out of the car...thus, we took turns running inside and doing things. At Hardee's, I was given the task of ordering and getting food. I had one of there new western bacon burger things. It was rather good.

and than we played blocks a good bit of the afternoon. It's rather depressing. I construct these cool buildings and bridges and Caedin spends a few seconds of time to knoch them down. *sigh* After another outing for a showing...although it was pointless because they were late and came as we had started dinner...we ate. Karin and Caedin went on a walk while I dozed with a sleeping Sarah in my lap and kept an eye on dinner because I don't believe in microwaving a frozen lasanga. I'll wait while it cooks in the oven. Mmm. That was good. and than I read to Caedin and got him in pjs and Karin took him to bed and all is quiet once again. Sarah is finally opting to stay awake for a little while.

So a rather uneventful day. And now to wait around and see if the boy will chat.

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August 20, 2004



The morning went relatively well. Caedin let me make breakfast for him w hile Karin tried to sleep a bit. We played a little bit and he got his blanket back from school. He liked to watch the people run during some of the track events in the Olympics. We attempted to be artistic. We had lunch.

And than it was naptime.


Yeah. I tried first. We read some books; he seemed to be settling down a bit. Karin tried. I tried again. We played and read a few more books. The tricksy little boy kept making me think he was going to lay down and than saw something new to keep him from doing so...behind his bed. He even laid all his stuffed animals down with the blanket and pillow. But no, not Caedin himself. Finally, I was tired of the game wanting a nap myself, so it was time to make him stay in his room by himself and cry himself to sleep if he so chose. I had to hold the door closed. He wanted us to hold him...like we hold Sarah. *sigh*

Half an hour later the crying subsided and he was out. There was of course still things to do though...clean up....Sarah needed a little attention here and there....He woke up all too soon in about an hour or so. And was still cranky. For the next hour. Karin and I were ready to pull hair out. He's also difficult because he likes to show Sarah affection but he's still fairly rough and fast...nearly hits her and such sometimes because he moves fast around her. He settled down into a happy mood after we went up to go get some corn for dinner and he ate his enchiladas. Karin wasn't pleased that I was eating "treat" food in front of him while he ate said dinner...but I needed food while the brisket was in the oven. At least we managed to eat something ourselves. It was rather good.

and Caedin and I played some more...I kept hoping he was tiring himself out so the process wouldn't repeat with bedtime. We went on a walk in the nice evening through sunset. It's been nice up here since I've come. I hope it's nice when I leave too. *back on track*

and we watched the moon for a little awhile and it was time for bed. I left it all to Karin. She is his mother after all. yeah, it wanted to be as bad as at naptime. He kept coming out crying...she sent him back...and again and again....Sarah was getting hungry....

and now he is asleep. Only took fifteen minutes this time. Kids. you gotta love 'em. He is so cute though....This hasn't been the first time for me though. Once upon a time ago I was helping someone out with their toddler and he pulled the same trick...but he cried longer.

So now it is finally quiet. and in an hour or so I'll go to bed myself. only to be woken up again by the wonderful little booger nephew of mine.

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August 19, 2004

A Kinda Busy day

So this morning I woke up a litttle after seven so that I could watch both kids while Karin went to the dentist. Thankfully Caedin wasn't awake yet so I had a few minutes of wake-up time. He woke up around 8 and we made pancakes. Rather, I made pancakes and let him "help" He enjoyed them and I was suprised that I didn't absolutely hate the whole wheat things. Than we played a bit and I got him into clothes just in time for Karin to get back and take him to daycare. I finished my book a little after she got back as Sarah doesn't require a whole lot of attention just yet. Unless she's on the changing table. She helped add to the laundry again. Karin handed her over with a poopy diaper...Sarah quite finished loading it up though. Three times in the process of me trying to get a new one on while avoiding dragging and body parts or clothes through the poop on said changing table. That was quite the process let me tell you. Newborns.....especially this wiggle worm one. And I had to change her clothes after that....putting socks onto her feet...not easy.

After Karin got back, sleep dragged me down for lunch and I took a nice nap while she talked to Ryan and looked at stuff on the internet. I also got the house cleaned up a little bit and scooped out some fresh yummy watermelon...picked up from a roadside stand that also sold us very good tomatos and corn. Than it was time for a target trip and to pick up Caedin.

Came back and made enchiladas. Not too bad either. watched the olympics. Karin put Caedin to bed only to discover his blanket...his "precious" had been left at daycare on accident. This may or may not bode well; we'll see. and Now I'm on here, chatting with my much-missed boyfriend.

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August 18, 2004

Today so far...

*goes to rescue sister with printer cartridge*

I was woken up shortly after 7 by my nephew who dropped my wallet on my head.

So after stumbling upstairs, I slowly came to my senses on the couch while my sister made Caedin some oatmeal since he didn't want me to fix pancakes. probably for the best.

*tries to remember rest of morning* I at a french toast bagel from Panera that my sister had and helped clean things up since the house always has to be ready for a showing. I also held the little Sarah while Karin took Caedin out for a walk. It was then time for lunch...after getting Caedin fed, I made some sandwhiches for myself and Karin and we ate while watching Sarah and listening to Caedin who was in time out. He figured out how to throw himself over the gate and got a great kick out it.

Caedin had a pre-op appt at 130,, which happened to be his naptime, so we loaded up into the car around 1130 hoping that the car ride might put him to sleep. We picked up 49 cent 32 oz drinks at a gas station. Karin had to do some things on the base, so we went there next. It was rather interesting just to see everything from the car. After a stop at Target, we headed to the hospital and I held the waking and hungry Sarah while Karin took care of things with Caedin. It's a good thing that she slept, even if restlessly. Finally, a long time after she should have been fed, we went to a McDonald's and Karin fed Sarah while I took Caedin in and got him ice cream. My oh my. Imagine 18month old with ice cream cone. Yup. quite messy. He liked the model moon guy at the piano and the life-size ronald McDonald. I got him cleaned up and we went back to the house and I made cookies with Caedin. He didn't get all that much in the way, but his sippy cup fell into the garbage disposal straight down...so that was a trick to get out. He seemed amused by it all.

Now, I consider that it will probably be time to make some dinner soon. Life is definitely staying fairly interesting, and I'm mostly going to be working on the same time schedule as I was with work. But tomorrow Karin has an early dental and Caedin is at day care.

I'll try and post again this evening.

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August 17, 2004

Now Speaking from Nebraska

So here I am on my sister's laptop with her very fast connection...faster than the one at school I think. It's probably DSL since my brother-in-law used it for online classes. Never mind, I've been informed that it's a cable modem. At any rate, it's rather sweet. Not as sweet as my precious little niece who is far more cuter in person. and Caedin. He's cute too even if he is being a little booger. He's grown so much even since I saw him two months ago. He's definitely getting ready to be 2 though....

The flights were perfect and nice and all. I read all of The Notebook. I don't know if I want to see the movie. I almost caught myself crying as I read it and I haven't done that in a very long time. It was good. It was a nice read after going through some books I read long ago--"Christian romance" types that I discovered just aren't as good another time around. *sigh* Oh well. There are still a few I could read over again, like those by Francine Rivers. The others were just a little too....choppy I guess. Notebook isn't Christian but eh.

Well. I'm sure I'll have more to post on as the week and a bit goes by.

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By the way...

I have 5 Gmail invites for anyone who is interested.

I like chocolate and cash and comments.

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To Nebraska...

Just can't seem to stop traveling this summer.

I'll be on my way tomorrow to help my sister and her two little ones out for the week. Apparently it's going to be quite busy, but I expect to have fun too. Caedin has doctor appts and such and the house is still up for sell which means showings. and Sarah will turn two weeks old while I'm there!

I'll be back on Thursday the 26th. I'm pretty sure my sister still has the computer with DSL or something nice like that, so I'll probably be updating and such while I'm there and I have the chance.

I even left work fairly happy with the catching up I did and start on some other organization projects. Not that I won't get behind...oy, the filing that will await me! Tis okay though. I always have something to do...

For now, I'm out.

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August 15, 2004

To Georgia and Back

In 40 hours.

Yep. We left Longview at 720 p.m. Friday night and drove all night mostly without incident. I say mostly because we accidentally drove off without paying for gas and a place in Mississippi that we could not find on the way back. Caleb had my credit card so as to pay for the gas at the pump. He gave it to me when I was inside the station with some oil asking if I could pay for the oil with it. I think he may have mumbled something else, but, neither of us remembers as it was a little after midnight and we'd been driving for 5 and a half hours and me asleep because I'd been working all day (caleb drove the first part.) Anyways, I didn't know I was supposed to pay for the gas inside. Thus I didn't. Somewhere at a McD's in GA when we stopped for a breather and breakfast, I asked Caleb about the receipt and we discovered to much chagrin that we had a problem.

But on we went. Josh drove across Alabama, which I'm sure he'll tell ya all about. I tried to stay awake for him, but I couldn't. I drove for an hour and a half through Atlanta, and than slept the last little bit to Sunny's. We arrived at 9 a.m. their time and after crashing in the morning, kept Sunny company through the afternoon so she wouldn't become too stressed while all her family was setting up and decorating.

And then, we went off for the picnic and ceremony. They did a fabulous job decorating and it was a rather pretty little park that they picked. The food was good, especially the iced tea. and we enjoyed visiting with some of their family and meeting other LU people there. and than, after milling about for an hour while they changed for the ceremony, it was time. It was just special to watch Sunny and her girls walk down the road behind the falls and across the bridge as the sun went down. Brenton was grinning the entire time. Their parents had the look of happy sadness. Brenton's dad gave a rather good wedding sermon with a few jokes here and there. Sunny's gals--Cara, Katy, and Brenton's sister Tori, were all gorgeous too. and the guys looked spiffy in the tuxes. Than we had delicious cake and punch (Brenton's chocolate cake was decorated with statics equations...well, and one certain "dynamics" equation....) and we threw the birdseed and watched them run off to start their married life. We had decided during our hour milling about that we would drive all night back to Longview instead of sleeping at Sunny's parents place. and thus, after helping them to clean up and getting lost on the way back to the house, we arrived at the house, packed up our stuff, gave many thanks and hugs to Sunny's mom and family, and left. Lindsay drove from Toccoa to the eastern state line of Alabama. Morgan drove across Alabama until we reached Mississippi and than Caleb drove. I drove across Louisiana into Texas excepting the half hour we were on the side of the road paniced that something more serious than a overheated electrical box had occurred as the electrical system had died and than the van itself. Thankfully, it wasn't. and I think we were all thanking God and saying a few prayers for the last few hours back for safety and getting back soon. We rolled into Longview around 11 a.m. Josh crashed. I stayed awake and had lunch and started Phantom Tollbooth until the coffee from this morning had worn off and I crashed in the living room.

It was worth the trip though. I am extremely glad we made it. It meant a lot to me to see another pair of very dear friends get married and know that God was smiling down on them. The weather was absolutely gorgeous...cool, and sunny for the afternoon and evening. and now, I must rest a bit more because I'm flying to Nebraska on Tuesday morn to help my sister out with the precious Sarah and toddler Caedin for a little over a week. and I'm working all day tomorrow.

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August 12, 2004

Sarah Pictures!

I'm such a proud aunty!

Note: Some of these pictures were taken within seconds, minutes of birth...

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August 10, 2004

Learning Ventures

Well, the out of the last 48 hours, a day and a half has been spent shadowing, rather, observing, how those beginning of the year teacher work-days work. Kinda boring yesterday. Overwhelming a bit too. My jr. high CT (cooperating teacher, get used to the abbrev.) is nice, and that will help too. Sometimes, I wonder what I'm doing in the education program. Simply because I'll have to conform to certain things that the administration and such will request of me..even to stuff like grading policies and such. and the freaking standardized testing. poor kids.

I understand the why's of it; but I don't agree with some of the ways things have been expressed to these teachers and how they are doing things. Not that I can or will speak up about it. It isn't anything unethical really, it's just a matter of...educational philosophy, and worrying more about standards a school must meet up to.

On other ventures....filing folder cuts on the finger hurt worse than paper cuts. And gourmet dinners take quite a bit of time and patience. if you can call Chicken Scampi a gourmet entree with fancy-cooked carrots and delicious, gooy, brownies. It wasn't perfect, but hey, it did taste fairly good and I don't think there are any leftovers. That's happened a lot to me this summer. Oh yes. Recipes off the internet are nice. but I miss a good old fashioned cookbook. and cookbook recipes are a bit more trustworthy than those off the internet and have clearer instructions. That's okay. I have a better understanding of how to cook the stuff the next time now.

Oh my. that hard work has made me sleepy. :-p

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August 09, 2004

I'm an Aunt doubly so!

"Sarah (middle name undecided) Cook arrived at 11:30 this morning. 8 lbs, 2 oz, 22"
All is well."

from a mass email my mother sent to inform me and other distant family of the great event

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August 06, 2004

i love musicals

I really do.

Longview Community Theatre's performance of "The King and I" far exceeded my expectations for this little town. The costuming, sound, lighting, and stage design were works of art. Most of the acting was spectacular. The kids were charming. (Except the one sitting next to me) There was song. There was dance. And other than the TWO people who left their cell phones on!!!! I really enjoyed myself tonight.

Even intermission was amusing as Dr Watson kept us amused by telling us of a musical he is writing about the life of R.G. LeTourneau. It included his doing a brief rendition of a chorus line for us.

I keep getting these other thoughts that might make good posts. I should probably write them down but I am putting more efforts into willing the caffeine and tylenol to kill this nearly migraine status headache.

Until tomorrow..

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August 04, 2004

I feel so extra-girly...

I went shopping tonight. I found more great deals. Clearance shopping is really a whole lot of fun. For example, I picked up a two-piece swimsuit at Old Navy for less than $7 and another at Penny's for about $12.

I also had to buy make-up tonight at Target since we are required to wear it for student teaching Blech. Since cheaper make-up has a limited selection in coloring, I had to get a little bit more expensive stuff so as not to break out and to keep a more natural look. I spent more on make-up than I did on my clothes shopping tonight. Pffft.

We also had a good time at Bode tonight...all of my apt and Jared. Hehehehe, talk about opposite ratio. :-p I'm surprised we didn't have him blushing.

Work is work. I think going up to help out my sister will offer a nice break from the filing, even if it'll be collecting up, waiting for me 8-| I stuffed so many envelopes today too. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for having to fold the paper, and folding packets of paper is harder on the fingers. Guh.

Otherwise, life is generally kind of boring.

I miss you Josh.

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August 03, 2004

Etc Etc Etc

So if anyone who is around wants to go see "The King and I" for about $10 on Friday (Aug 6) at 8 here in Longview (live play), leave a comment ASAP

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July 25, 2004


THe plays were excellent! I'm sure my fellow attendees will leave their own thoughts on their blogs.

I realize my comment box is still out of whack, so I'll try and get some time to play with that soon.

I just don't feel like writing much write right now.

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July 20, 2004

mmmm....good friends

Well, dinner wasn't perfect...but hey, can't always be perfect now can I? The cookies are good though--homemade chocolate chip, a few eaten while still warm with a glass of milk!

But even better than the food, okay, always better the food, was the fellowship of friends. My friend Ashley--the tall one for those who have met her, came to visit me. She was generally entertained by the camardarie of our little crew, enjoyed the cheesy-baked chicken and meal, helped me make the delicious cookies, showed me the pictures from her mission trip to Africa a month ago, and had laughed with us as we watched "Driving Miss Daisy". and, we remininsced the yonder days of junior high and such, and laughed at our silly selves and memories.

I look forward to more days like that in the future--catching up, good food, entertainment, remembering. Not just with Ashley of course, with all my dear LU friends and others.

and, I could give you the story of Sunday to lead you up to the post below...but, only if you really want to hear it. Mostly it sums up to church, lunch, afternoon at the lake, came back...couldn't get a nap before going to dallas so I watched "Ocean's Eleven" with Ardith and washed dishes, coaxed Wheeler into keeping me company on the way to Dallas, left for DFW at 930. Got there and to the right terminal at midnight. waited. and waited. and waited some more on the very slow baggage claim. drove back. got in around 315. had to take heather's car to the place lily is housesitting which meant Josh following me in my car so that I could get back. Got back. made plans to sleep in instead of taking car in. and went to bed at 4. That's the basic gist.

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July 19, 2004

Now I lay me down to sleep...

But first, I make a little post. Course, when i say it's going to be a little post, it usually turns into a long post.

So, today has just been kind of rough and frustrating, but it has ended rather well! Yeah, it was a long weekend. It started when the Cynic didn't check his IM before going to bed last night (okay, so it was around 4) or this morning when he woke up before coming and banging on the door to my apt at 9. See, we were going to take the car in and than Heather left a message saying she needed her car so I didn't think we'd have a way to take my car. But, she overslept and we took my car to the repair shop and started towards IHOP. I approached a stoplight. The brake is pressed almost all the way to the floor as I'm almost at a complete stop. And than, the car doesn't seem to be stopped anymore...Heather's car that is. It surges forward towards the stopped car just a few feet in front of me. I press the brake all the way down and I think one of God's angels helped the car to stop. Great. My car wasn't the only one with issues. We go to IHOP, it does the same thing when I'm parking. We threw it into park and went inside. had breakfast, well, I had a little bit to eat. My nerves were a bit fried. We go back to college. I tell Heather what happened. She takes the car out...comes back and asks me to go for a drive. About five minutes after I read the email about the evil temporary move out. I grab my wallet since she tells me to grab my license and we go out. We figure we'll get the car warm again since it doesn't seem to be driving odd now. Heather is convinced we should go ahead and take the car in, so after I start driving, she tells me where to go for repairs. Well, a few miles from that shop I point out to her the change in the feel of driving and she does notice the little jolts as we drive along the loop. The last stoplight before, the car almost pulls off a surge, but she notices the oddness and is fully convinced. We get it into the shop and she calls around looking for a ride. My lack of sleep is catching up and next thing I know, she's handed the phone off and telling me to give Ardith directions. *hangs head in shame* Needless to say. A half hour later I leave a message at the business office saying I'll be a little late. Another half hour later I explain that the person picking us up seems to be lost. As I'm about to call around looking for someone else to come and get me since there is still not sign of Ardith...look who pulls up but Ardith. We get in and she drops me off at the business office. i really didn't feel like changing and figured they'd appreciate at least my presence as soon as possible. So I go in--tank top, shorts, flip flops, hair down and unbrushed since the morning. (THe windows were down along the drives, thus, the wind had blown my hair about.)

I keep myself awake at work by doing various things that aren't all work while I also work. I actually did get stuff done for the three hours I was there, so all generally seemed well. The ladies I work for seemed to have a bit of compassion on me. I get back, determined to get some more info online about renting a car to go to Sunny's wedding and talk to Cara about our upcoming Shakespeare weekend. An hour whiles (sp) away while I keep various convos and internet searches going. Ardith mentions she is going to Sonic. I say okay thinking I'll have leftovers. At 6, the boys start whining about the lack of plans for dinner and are quite displeased that I did not share the info about Ardith going to Sonic. I tell them to come eat of our copious leftovers. They come over and end up making some mac & cheese while I eat leftovers. I had to eat fairly soon because I really didn't have a whole lot to eat all day. We bum around...well, josh and i got into one of our normal bouts over something silly all in good fun. This time it was Oreos. Wheeler seemed to keep himself amused with it all. Finally, I am tired and we drink some Coca-cola and they leave around 9 and I come to wrap things up at my computer.

But hey, in much goodness, my friend Ashley is online and wanting to make plans to spend time this weekend. Unfortunately, we will be busy on Friday night going to the Tempest so I can't rescue her from her parents' Sunday School thing. But, we made plans for her to come over tomorrow and have dinner with us (I plan on making chicken) and to make fresh, homemade, delicious, chocolate chip cookies. That should make up for my lack of cooking over the last week I guess--particularly tonight. How does that sound guys? See, I have plans for dinner done the night before!

and that is the story of just today since roughly 9 this morning. I haven't even talked about yesterday!

And now, I am going to brush my teeth, wash my face, and crawl up into bed.

Goodnight world.

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Beware Car Break-Down!

I'll post more later.

working on five hours of sleep and had a long long morning. basic gist--took my car to repair shop using heather's car to get back to LU. On way to breakfast, her car has major issues and I nearly have an accident. I get back to LU, tell HEather, we go for drive. We get the car warm again and it starts to act up on the way to drop hers off at a repair place. We can't find anyone else to pick us up so we call Ardith and give her directions. I get two stoplights backwards and she gets lost but in goodheartedness. an hour and a half after dropping heather's car off and an hour and a quarter after talking to ardith, she finds us and takes us back--me directly to work. About a half hour into working here in the business office, my phone rings.

I wonder why charlie is calling me and I go ahead and sneak out and take it. He wanted to know if I had to work. His truck broke down on the other side of the LA/TX state line on I-20.

Beware my friends. Beware.

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July 17, 2004

Half the weekend gone already :-(

Oh well. It's been a nice weekend even without having my dearie around.

I vegged out last night--watching a show on t.v. and than reading myself into a sound sleep. I stumbled to my bed around 11 or 12. I'm not really sure. Today, i woke up a made a blueberry muffin loaf, finished Goethe's Faust, and than went swimming over at the place Lily is housesitting with the other girls and two other G1ers. We had tons of fun and I'm mostly not sunburned. I didn't think to put any on my scalp or ears, and there looks like a spot may have been missed on my left shoulder. But all is well. I forgot what chlorine did to my sinuses though. It was worth it. Charlie came over as well as a couple of other guys and made hamburgers. They were good too, and we just sat around and talked and laughed and had a grand old time. But now, I am back and I've taken a nice hot shower. I'm going to go start another book--probably War and Peace or maybe one of the ones I just got from CBD.


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July 15, 2004

To Dallas and Back

and I have to do it again on Sunday night. Blah.

It could have been a nice trip--the weather was nice, traffic was normal for Dallas late afternoon-thru rush hour.

But the stupid car. stupid stupid car. A belt broke about 15 miles, maybe more, from the airport. I was driving along getting ready to exit in a mile or two when I suddenly see yellow stuff creeping up from underneath the hood and moving with the wind towards the window. Once i take this in, I look at my guages and notice the temp guage is as high as it will go. We must get off and quick. I baby the car into a gas station and ask for directions to the nearest car garage. "Luckily" there was one just a block a way and by babying the car along on some more water, we get it there and I form a plan not expecting to be leaving anytime soon and Josh still needing to get to DFW. However, for the cost of an arm and a leg and the "luck" of the car repair place not being to busy, I can get my belt replaced because they have what we need in about 30 minutes. I am duly amazed but the thought of waiting a half hour for a cab anyways to get Josh to the airport and the thought of leaving the car in Dallas only to wait two hours for someone to come and pick me up is not pleasant. Therefore, I tell them to go for it and we drive off in less than 30 minutes and grateful that we had some time padding for the airport. We leave the car place at 500. It was better that we left just at 5 because that gives us a few minutes before traffic gets really bad and the exit to the airport wasn't too far away. Things move a little slow the last mile or two, but all is well and I drop my boy off and give him the whole be careful talk and stuff and drive off, depressed at what lay ahead. You see, it is now around 530-545 and I at DFW and must drive back to Longview. The traffic begins not even a mile away from the booths where we pay. So, I make my way at an inconsistent speed--sometime crawling along in first/second gear, at other times having my foot ready over the break while i go with the 40-60 mph flow of traffic. I need to remember not to take the loop back from DFW because lanes will be closed due to construction. The road is crap anyways. Finally, I'm approaching my exit to E-I20 and I am listening to the radio to see if I need to beware any accidents or such. and than I'm keeping a close eye on some reckless drivers around me trying to avoid getting in an accident. and I miss my exit. Of course, the road is goofy at this point because the loop ends and people go off in any number of directions, so I figure I'll just go east and turn around first chance on 75 and I manage to do so. As I'm entering back onto 635 and find E I-20 again, I notice that my exit is four lanes over a quarter a mile from the entrance and as I make my way over, I pray not to get hit be the three or four semi's. I manage to get going the right direction and continue my long journey back to Longview without incident after a stop at Dairy Queen for a bite to eat and something to drink since we gave the car the water from my water bottle and other than calculating to make sure I had enough gas in the car to get to Longview when the light comes on about 15 miles out. I had enough. and I finally get to my apt home again.

stupid car. I still have to take it in to somebody here because the belt had been replaced less than six months ago and there is still a funny noise. My dad thinks it's either bad water pump bearings or idler bearings and we don't want to have to worry about me getting stuck in the middle of somewhere with another broken belt.

so goes life. so goes life.but hey, God is good and he provided just the place we needed and the safety over the entire trip.

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July 14, 2004

Update to yesterday's post

I found an online copy of the article I mentioned in my more thoughtful post yesterday. I found it from the SAF site. Check them out.

Never mind. that wasn't the article I copied and read. The one linked is older. *Sigh* It still presents the basic issue though.

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July 13, 2004


wow. I'm sitting here at work, caught up--well, almost at least. To the point, that i can take a break and sit here and thank you all for your patience as my blog is undergoing remodeling.

There isn't much to say anyways. I fear posting about the "Wilde" movie we watched last night because it might attract unwelcome comment spam. Oh, and the Frank Sinatra version of "The Manchurian Candidate" is excellent and all should see it. I'm going to go see if our supplies have gotten in so that I can do a little bit more work.

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July 11, 2004

You Like?

So, what do y'all think of the blog's new look?

*update* Apparently, CSS is giving me fits in IE. So if you can, try using another browser like Netscape.

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Oh Madame Blueberry...

Yummmmmm! Ardith, our popular culinary artist, made the best blueberry pancakes I have ever had. Loaded with blueberries--that we picked ourselves just yesterday evening! I should put some of those blueberries in the freezer for future yumminess. Maybe we'll share, maybe we'll not. I also plan on making some blueberry muffins some time this week.

I can't believe how much we've been missing by eating at Saga. Actually, I can. I am continually amazed at the taste of fresh fruit--the juicy flavor that Saga "fruit" lacks. It's the same with the meat. It just tastes so different, so real!

But alas, I'll probably end up eating at Saga some just because I might as well use my seven meals a week. But will I really be able to? We'll see; we'll see.

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July 10, 2004

Everythings Changin'..

Wow. Two phone calls in the last two days from people and everything in my family is changing quickly.

First, my parents called me on Thursday about the house here in Longview. Someone had sent them pictures and apparently it was in bad shape. My mom wanted some info on someone who is interested in buying. I also told her I'd go out myself and check it out in person, so after dinner, our mini-crew traveled over. First impressions were bad just because the yard was grown over with grass. But that's to be expected. I get out of the car and go around to the back thinking surely the door would be locked from the carport. It wasn't anyways but I walk into the house and it has a bad musty plus something else smell and there's a couch and a few scattered things in the living room. THere's also junk on the porch. I let the others in and I continue walking through the house. It gets worse and worse. The strangest things are missing--light switch covers, stove nobs. Most if not all fixtures are going to have to be replaced. A lot of the trim needs to be replaced. Many doors will need to be replaced. They didn't even flush the toilet when they left. One door frame has nails an inch apart all the way around. So I go out to the shop to see what's up in there. More junk. Bags of it. More furniture. I've seen enough furniture so far to outfit two college student apartments practically. I didn't dare venture into the back yard with more overgrown grass because I was only in shorts and flip flops. So my parents are going to sell the house, but first they are working with are rent manager person to see what can be done legally. My dad will have to come down in the fall sometime. I proposed going to clean up some, but they suspect a mold issue. They're getting the locks changed and more pictures taken.

On top of my parents selling the house, I find out that the place that they are living in now has been sold and they're not going to be managing the cabins anymore. So they will be moving come November. I mentioned the fact that they'll now have to deal with what's left of my stuff until I can come up--some of it can be gotten rid of, but I really need to sort through it first on my own. Mom said not to worry--she doesn't think I really have all that much up there left. Which is true relative to how much stuff my parents have and things. They've got quite a bit on their hands and that move is going to be crazy. What really gets interesting is that my dad is considering going back to the camp full-time which means back to support raising since the camp can't afford to pay him full-time. This means my parents either move into the house they own themselves in town that they have also been renting out to people, or they could even end up moving out to camp. I guess we'll see. Kirk will be back in Lake City probably come December. I don't know what he's doing once he's out of school.

So that's been going on the since Thursday evening. I get another phone call this afternoon while waiting on the guys to recheck out their books from the library. It's my sister. She wants to know when classes start. Ryan is taking a job in Idaho and has to start there mid-August. Karin is due to have baby Sarah in the next four weeks or so and isn't officially out of the Navy until her maternal leave is over. She'll have to go back to work for a week or so after that to check out and things. So they have to put their house on the market and get ready to move. She needs me to come up for a week and half or so at the end of August to help her our though because she'll have a newborn and a toddler on her hands. So now I'm checking out flights and stuff and I'll talk to my bosses about possibly not being able to work those two weeks before classes like I had planned.

Everything else around here has been relatively normal. We've all been having a normally good time and such. I'm glad I haven't gotten anybody sick on my cooking yet. That's one of my worse nightmares. The other night, I was cooking some meat I had never cooked before and I just kind of added glaze type stuff to cook it in. They were these thick slabs of ham and I really try to be cautious about cooking meat long enough. Especially meat that has been given to us for free because Amanda's grandmother shops the sales and gets things like expired meat for cheap. (Hey, meat does keep fairly well in the freezer). Work is the same--more shredding, copying and other random projects. I learn so many interesting things about some people... :-p

Well, I need to go shop up some honeydew melon for the St. Mike's blueberry picking picnic. We're going out tonight which means free food and good fun--plus lots of fresh blueberries! Blueberry pancakes and blueberry muffins, ...

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July 08, 2004

an idea

I just might be able to manage going to bed before midnight tonight if all goes well...course, with the way my spare time keeps flying by.... I'll let you know later.

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July 07, 2004

The Blog needs a makeover

Yeah, it's about time for some redecoration in here. At least for now you don't have to hover or highlight the author name on comments to see who posted. I promise, the pink won't last forever. It's a temporary fixture until I have a good bit of time when I don't need to be in bed asleep.

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July 06, 2004

a long day

I'm really just trying to conjure up enough posts to fix that sidebar issue. It was a really long day. Maybe it's because it was my first day back at after 10 whirlwind days. And now, before I accidentally type something from the conversation going on around me...

Really, there's nothing interesting going on. It's hard to believe it's already July--people at work mentioning how in a month their kids go back to school. *sigh* I'll be with some of them those first days of school in August.

I'm already tired. At least *crosses fingers in prayer* it seems like the allergies are finally letting up a bit. Anyways, it's time to read through the blogging world.

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July 04, 2004

To Colorado and Back *Finished*

Ok. So here goes a long post. I'll even be nice and put part of it in an extended entry.

The trip up there was relatively uneventful compared to the rest of the week. We left on Saturday morning around 9:10 and spent 20 minutes at Bodacious waiting on them to get me the meat I had ordered the night before. I was bringing my father a belated Father's Day Gift--brisket and ribs. It was worth waiting a bit though because I was informed that I had been overcharged the night before and thus received some cash back. It made me happy.

So around 9:30 Josh and I were on the road going South towards my older brother's because we would be traveling with he and his wife Amanda. We got there a bit later than expected but all was good. Eric and Josh packed the Blazer up and than we were off to Palestine for a bite to eat before getting headed north and west. We ate at El Toro, one of the favorite Mexican restaurants and had some yummy enchiladas. Alas though, we didn't get really going until around 1:45. A later start than we preferred as we still had to make it to Amarillo. We drove and drove, realizing that we wouldn't make dinner at Amanda's grandparents'. Thus, we had a small bite to eat--knowing she still would have food for us anyways, and arrived in Amarillo around 10:00. Still having to drive across Amarillo, we hit a major rainstorm and gratefully made it to the house at 10:30 p.m to corn beef, fresh cantaloupe, and good iced tea. Amanda opened some birthday presents because it was her birthday--this long day we had spent on the road. After this, we all headed to bed because we were only halfway through with our journey to Lake City, Colorado.

Waking up a bit early the next morning, we ate breakfast and actually made it on the road by the desired time of 8 a.m. Settled in, we decided to stop at Capulin Volanco Monument (New Mexico) to see if the wildflowers had bloomed yet because Amanda loves wildflowers. Unfortunately, they weren't. But it did give us a chance to stretch our legs a bit. All continued to go well as we ate lunch in Trinidad, Colorado and decided to take the scenic route over to Lake City--it only added about a half hour, maybe an hour. It was quite a pretty stretch of road from Trinidad to La Veta. I struggled to stay awake for all of it, but failed miserably as all the pretty stuff was best viewed out the rear window on the left side--on which had been done a bad job of tinting as the film had shriveled or something and we couldn't really see.

Outside of Alamosa, we ran into a sandstorm and witnessed the creation of either two really nasty dust devils, or two low-grade tornadoes. Whatever they were, we didn't want to stay around and check. The last three hours of driving to our destination were uneventful and we happily rolled into the G&M Cabins, which my parents manage, in time for them to heat up the Bodacious for a late dinner. We chatted and caught up, ate, were generally entertained by my 18-month old nephew and my 8 months pregnant sister who looked only about 6 and a half months pregnant. We also talked over the general idea of what we would do the rest of the week.

It was time for bed again. Josh was lucky enough to stay in the empty nice cabin for the next few days. Eric, Amanda, and I were staying at my parent's other house. I had the whole loft and upstairs bathroom to myself there. But we weren't to spend a whole lot of time here anyways.

I was planning on trying to sleep a bit the next morning sent Monday was to be spent basically being bums around town. Eric, Kirk, and my dad were going out to Camp Redcloud to fix the garbage truck and other stuff. Failing to be awake enough to ride with Eric and Amanda over to the G&M--a whole five blocks--(Amanda was on crutches for the first part of the week having torn ligaments in her ankle a few weeks before), I walked over around 8 and ate some breakfast--from which Caedin (nephew), kept coming over to get a few bites. But anyways, Josh wasn't awake yet so Amanda, Jennie (my cousin), Karin, Caedin, and I walked over to the coffee shop one street behind us and talked and laughed for a bit over mochas. We came back an hour later to find Josh awake and decided to drive out to camp a little while later so as to see the guys and show Amanda around a little bit. Karin visited with a few old friends and we also toured a bit of the downstairs of Moncrief Lodge--which the camp now owns for family camp use. My dad was fixing the dishwasher there. From there, all of us being rather hungry, we decided to order some Poker Alice pizzas and pick them up to eat at the G&M when we rolled back into town. So after driving back to town and being annoyed by the bicyclists hogging the lane, I picked up our Bacon Cheeseburger and Cannibal pizzas and we sat outside at the cabins eating pizza and such.

Josh and I decided to wander around town and pick up a few things. We found some cheaper knives and gifts for friends at Guatemala Mike's, shipped off a packaged to a special friend in Georgia, had a late snack of ice cream at San Juan Soda Co., and browsed the little bookstore--picking up some mystery grab bags. Josh wanted a little nap, so he went to take one while Karin and I went to see if my mom was close to being off work. Because there had been a brief power outage that afternoon, she had to work late and we decided to walk around for awhile outside--picking up Josh our our way. We arrived back at the cabins hungry and ready for food. After a late dinner, we watched Calendar Girls which Eric and Amanda had brought my mom for a belated mother's day gift. It was rather entertaining and amusing. Plans were than made to meet up to get a hopefully early start on the Alpine Loop the next day.

The Alpine Loop is a 30-40 miles jeeping trail which goes through Lake City and Silverton over Cinnamon and Engineer Passes. It also has American Basin where one might be lucky enough to spot the fields in bloom.

We arrived for breakfast again the next morning and plans to take my dad's suburban and Kirk's blazer over the loop. Even Karin was planning on going rather than spending the day alone--she wasn't technically supposed to go over 10,000 feet in elevation. We started rather late since Dad had a few things to do first but all was still rather good. We started by going up to American Basin only to find few wildflowers, but Caedin enjoyed throwing rocks into the river. Than it was up over Cinnamon and down to Silverton for lunch at Handlebars. We had snowball fights from truck to truck at the top of C. Pass and Kirk put a nasty dent into his right fender. Dad had been going rather slowly in front of us in Kirk's truck..but then he became hungry for food so the drive sped up a bit into the little town. Lunch was good--Kirk, Josh, and Jennie ate the Rocky Mountain Oysters of a "nutty and tender" flavor. The rest of us chose not to eat them being psychologically disgusted by the idea.

We left Silverton a little while later and hope to avoid the usual afternoon rainstorm at Engineer's Pass. We were lucky enough to do so, but much of the good view wasn't good because of the fog and clouds blocking us from seeing the valleys below. Kirk enjoyed himself driving, but on our way back into town, we were all ready to get out of the truck and not be in motion. So, we worked our way back in and finally were able to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Josh and I picked up some coffee shakes and went to go get my mom from work while the others were at the ice cream shop and than the park with Caedin. We had fajitas for dinner and watched Big Fish and than went back to bed planning to be bums again the next day.

The interesting thing of Wednesday morning was that we went to the museum. Amanda was braving life without crutches. The museum...well, it was Lake City. I didn't like the fact that the hatchet with the butcher display was sharpened--course, a person isn't supposed to touch the displays--but this was hanging above my head, sharpened. Think of the children! It was something to keep us amused for awhile though. Lunch was spent at the A& A Pasta Factory--run by real Italians. It was some good food. The owner gave my dad, his "super super super super super super super friend" a free little glass of expensive wine. According to my dad, and those who managed sips, it was some good stuff. It smelled good at least to me. I enjoyed my meatball sandwhich and Dr. Pepper.
The afternoon was spent just walking, drinking Poker Alice coffee, talking, and stuff. That evening, we attended The Last Trial of Alferd Packer. Packer was the trail guide who was accused of killing and eating all his companions. He was convicted twice (having escaped hanging the first time by a technicality) and paroled after 17 years in prison. The play took place in the county courthouse and 11 audience members were selected as jury members. I really enjoyed it and it is all based (I'm pretty sure at least) off new historical evidence and facts. The play is written to convince someone of Packer's innocence. At any rate, it was quite good and we left the courthouse to witness a huge double rainbow over the mountains. It was stunning! I hope my picture does it justice when I get the film developed. We than left with hungry stomachs to eat steaks that my dad grilled to perfection. The movie of the night was Minority Report but the most amusing event happened when it was time to get Caedin ready for bed. I was helping to change his diaper and after getting his clothes and diaper off, he put up a fight when we tried to put the clean one on. After scrambling out of reach, he planted his feet and bent over with his hands on the floor and screamed. We all laughed. It was such an amusing sight to have the little nude Caedin standing there mooning those of us on the couch. We finally held him down and Karin took him to bed. Plans were made for the next day since Karin had to get to the airport in Montrose--an hour and a half away or so.

I'd been really wanting to get to Ouray again, so Karin and I finally had everybody convinced to go by Thursday morning. Ouray has a huge hot springs pool subdivided into sections based on temperature and activity. It's also a rather cute mountain tourist town. So my dad, Eric, Amanda, Karin, Caedin, Josh, and I all piled into the suburban the next morning after breakfast at Poker Alice and drove to Ouray. We relaxed in the giant hot tub and had fun going from a colder section to the warmer section. It was good for my knees which had been acting up all week. The noontime was approaching, so we got out and went to find lunch. After driving through Ouray to give Amanda a good glimpse, we settled on a sandwhich place. More good food! Than it was time to take Karin and Caedin to the airport. But first, we needed to make a short stop at Wal-Mart for bottled water and something. While Dad is inside getting what we need, the phone rings. Eric answers. It is Kirk. Apparently, the guy who mowed hit the gas valve or something so that gas had been leaking inside a cabin (propane gas). The gas lit up from the flames on the hot water heater and the hot water heater caught fire. Luckily, they heard the smoke detector go off so they shut off the gas and Kirk put out the fire with the extinguisher. The water heater either needed replacing or repairing. Since we were in Montrose, Dad could just pick up a new one--which we did after the airport stop. It was a good thing, the one that caught fire was black up one side. We rolled back into town in time for dinner and Eric convinced us that we wanted to eat at the Crystal Lodge. My parents were fine with this and thus we went. I had the trout--best trout I have ever had in my life and it went well with the grape juice. I also had a piece of Turtle Fudge Cake, polished off with my mom's grape juice since the stuff hurts her stomach. The chocolate cake was so moist! I drool just thinking about it. After relaxing for awhile there and my dad going to inspect a water leak, it was time to leave. It was so quiet without Caedin now. We needed to get an early start the next morning and still had packing to do, so we headed back to the other house for packing and sleeping after arranging to have breakfast the next morning.

Unfortunately, we didn't get as early a start as we wished. We had hoped to leave around 8, but we didn't get out until 830 or so. Amanda wanted to see what the cheap lodging in Taos was like that she had found on the internet, so we decided to make a detour through Taos. We figured out what route to take and off we went. Amanda wanted to find a Chama t-shirt for her sister, so we made a "short" stop at a gift shop we found. They got held up in buying something, so it wasn't as short as desired. But we got back on the road and continued on. Well, mountain miles are far different from straight plains miles, so it took a bit longer to get to Taos than we thought. We were all really hungry, so we opted to go to lunch first and than head back to check thing lodging near the slopes. Michael's Kitchen had been recommended to us by the people at the gift shop. They deserve something for that recommendation. I had really good French Toast made with fresh-baked bread. I also had some of the others' sopapillas. Oh those were so good. Best I have had yet in my life. Finally, we headed back to the ski valley and couldn't find it on our first shot, but tried one other turn and found what we were looking for. Oh my. Trailers, tents, chickens, a peacock and mismatched buildings. Eric and Amanda went inside to try to find the owner. They crossed the place off the list as possible locales to stay at. We laughed our way out of town. In order to try to shave off more time, Amanda and I decided that we should try this New Mexico state road that looked to drop us down to I-40 instead of driving back to Clayton and taking 87/287 back to Amarillo. It was a good thing. I elected to drive from Cimarron this new route. I discovered that the Blazer was a squirly driving truck and I think I made my brother nervous as I fought to keep control of the strange steering. I decided that I really disliked driving this vehicle. I made note of a few odd things--such as odd acceleration but we figured it to be me being disfamiliar with the vehicle. We discovered what the real problem was later. When we finally got down to the interstate, I pulled off to let Josh drive because my arms hurt from gripping the steering wheel so tightly. I was counting the miles down to Amarillo and dinner when I noticed a strong smell and Josh asked about white smoke as I looked into the mirror. We pulled off and quickly got out of the car--Eric was afraid it was about to blow up. It didn't (thankfully) but I noticed a nastly leak near the bottom--a combination of different fluids. We decided to drive slowly to the nearest open gas station for transmission fluid. The transmission was toast. It's fluid was black. We filled it up and slowly made our way into Amarillo on a slightly shaken note. Good food--steak, corn, bread, fried okra, awaited us and Eric and Amanda made up a plan of what to do the next morning. We had a few different options. But first, we needed to sleep.

I woke up to phone calls to various dealerships advertising suburbans. Eric and Amanda had been looking to buy for the last month anyways and trade in their own two cars. We drove to one promising looking dealership and found a red 4WD suburban within their price range. It looked in mostly good condition and ran quite well. Eric talked to the guy while we went to see if there were any other suburbans for sale. We didn't find any. We got back to find that Eric and Amanda couldn't decide about the trade-in value offered. I was personally, and silently, rooting that they go for it because I didn't trust the Blazer to get back and it seemed to be dragging things out by leaving it in Amarillo until who knows when to be fixed. Amanda's granddad was encouraging them also and offered to help with the down payment so as to reduce their monthly payments on the new one. After some discussion, they decided to go for it and Eric went in to sign the papers. After a bit, we unloaded the Blazer and loaded the suburban with all the luggage and stuff and than waited some more while they dealt with the financing paperwork. Finally, we headed back for lunch at Amanda's grandparents and got on the road around 1:30. First we had to pack in two ice chests and three boxes of food plus a few bags of other things from Amanda's grandmother who loves to shop sales for her family and friends. Far later than we would have liked but in a nice ride now--Josh and I didn't have to scramble in and out of the 2 door Blazer now and had more leg room in the back. It took awhile because we opted to drive within an acceptable speed limit range to avoid getting pulled over with the 4th. Dinner was at Braum's as was dessert. I've never had ice cream that cheap before anywhere. We got two ice cream cones for less than the price of one at Marble Slab! Than it was back on the road for three hours more till Eric's We decided again to change routes through Fort Worth/Dallas and other than getting sidetracked a bit after a map misread, it did seem to ride smoother and go a little faster than taking 287 all the way down to Grapeland. We finally made it to Eric's at 1030, seeing a few scattered fireworks and the line of traffic headed back from the big show in Grapeland. Apparently it draws a fairly big crowd with a major bluegrass festival and stuff. We unloaded the suburban and packed our stuff into the 4runner, and took some of the food from Amanda's grandmother off their hands since they don't have a lot of time to cook in the summer with the camp and all. Finally, we got onto the road at 1100 p.m. I had originally planned to stay if we couldn't leave before 10, but I just wanted to get back (not as much as Josh). So, we headed out and took things a bit slower than normal since there were more cops and idiots out on the roads. We called in one Cougar that was definitely being driven by someone a little more than tipsy and we saw plenty of cops who had other pulled over. Going the speed limit took us an extra half hour or so, but we finally got to LU around 115 in the morning. We unloaded and made our way to bed. I opted to take my shower after sleeping and did so after a long 12 hours of beautiful sleep.

and thus, my brief description of our trip to Colorado. Things went rather well with the whole family--no major fights or anything and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Hard to believe Karin will have two kids soon. My family is growing and we are getting old.---er. My parents are still trying to decide what they are going to be doing after this summer. I just hope they don't work themselves too hard. My dad looks so tired. It has been a good week and I'm glad I still have tomorrow off before going back to work. I need to readjust to the schedule and stuff again.--although I kept waking up early in the morning all week since I was used to it and an hour behind Central Time. It was rather annoying. Anyways, it's also nice to be back now and making rather than spending money. Goodnight all. I have blogs yet to read!

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back finally

yes, I'm back from Colorado after a long long trip home.

and, after getting some food and settling down a bit, I'll have a long long post to write out about the trip from my own perspective--I'm sure Josh has told lots of it already. But he had a cabin with an internet connection most of the week--I did not.

anyways, off for now. I promise I'll be back.

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June 29, 2004

Feed my Fish Please!

How to make a Anna Banana
1 part jealousy
5 parts self-sufficiency
3 parts instinct
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of lovability and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com
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Hallllloooooo Out There

Figured I'd post at least once this week.

The tickets are now officially ordered, so we have lots of fun to look forward to in a few weeks.

Things are going rather well here--even with having all the siblings in the same area and such. Course--it hasn't been a full week yet either. We're all in general getting along well and my nephew--knock on wood--is behaving fairly well for 18 months old. He's so smart too, and he seems to be taken with everyone--including the Cynic. :-)

I'll try to get something up later on that describes more how things are going, but because this is dial-up on the business line and I have to get my email cleaned up....


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June 26, 2004

Shakespeare Confirmation

Here's the deal.

We're going to see

Merchant of Venice on Saturday July 24
The Tempest on Friday July 23.


I am buying tickets Monday. I'll expect to be paid before we go to the plays--it times nicely with my credit card bill. and I'll accept either cash or check.

and now, I get ready for bed because we're off to Colorado tomorrow----err, later today.

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June 23, 2004

Stuck in my head

"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" is stuck in my head after watching the AFI top 100 Movies songs last night.


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June 22, 2004

One last poll...

For going to see Shakespeare: Here are the options. Vote. I mean it. all of you who can and want to come. $20 a ticket.

Merchant of Venice:
Wednesday, July 21 or Saturday, July 24 both at 730 pm

The Tempest
Friday, July 23 or Sunday, July 25, both at 730

The latter days are final shows--meaning seating could be further back already. Leave a comment--Wheeler, Scholl, Ardith--you are all required to leave your opinion on the matter and it can't be "I don't care." :-p Gallagher and others who might be around....we want to hear from you. I buy tickets within two days.

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June 21, 2004

Quote quote!

Wheeler: "but I wanted to say "sex""

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June 19, 2004

Simple Post-It

The italics stay for now.

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June 15, 2004

Bookmark Post-It

So I don't know if I've mentioned that my current reading project is Anna Karenina , a book I picked up at spring break by Tolstoy. It's long and there are these pesky friends wanting to watch movies and the pesky people who want me at work--not reading a book.

I'm about halfway through the book and I love it. It's well-written. It has a great plot, great character development. It's kept me reading and it makes me think and get a new persepective on the political, social system of Russia back before there was no Tsar. The contrast between the characters is excellent and I think Tolstoy is making his point clear. Course, it's easier to say that now many years later...

Not that I don't like playing Anti-Monopoly or watching movies, or even going to work though :-) I just like reading too and I hate having an unfinished book. Alas...

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June 06, 2004

Weekends are for posting

So Kelly and Jonathan are married! Mucho congratulations and God bless.

While they had a happy and fun wedding, this post might be a little bit more on the personal and not as cheery side because I'm lazy and don't feel like posting separate trains of thought in separate posts.

The wedding and reception were beautiful. But I was again reminded of the way our lives turn out. Choices that we make, regrets and sadness and how Life changes. For me, this usually comes as I reflect upon the friendships I've made and lost. While I am sad that there are a few good people out there who I'm not as close friends with as I would have liked to be, God keeps reminding me of the friends around me--many whom I never would have expected to be so close to. Once upon a time I tried to have lots of different groups of friends. In the end, it really didn't work out. Now I have an awesome group of people around me and I'm blessed to know as many other people as I do.

It's been interesting to to read a blog or something here and there and read about other people struggling spiritually or with something, asking for prayer. and God introduces things to me, such as a song or someone's words to remind me that He is still there. For example, Lily had an online Christian Rock station playing on my computer when I got out of the shower. Shortly before we left for the wedding, a song came on by a group I hadn't heard of--Barlow Girl, titled "Never Alone."

I cried out with no reply
And I can't feel You by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I k now
You're here and I'm never alone
And though I cannot see You
And I can't explain why
Such as deep, deep reassurance
You've placed in my life
We cannot separate
Cause You're part of me
And though you're invisible
I'll trust the unseen

That says so much about where I've been and where I am right now. I sit here listening to the c.d. which Mayes so kindly loaned me and there are more great songs to be found

Thought of the week: "God succeeds where I fail."

In other news of the day, we watched the new Harry Potter movie tonight. I really don't like the character development. The effects...oooh, those were good. They did much justice to the dementors and other creepy aspects and some of the other cool stuff. The music...it was okay. They stayed to the story although they left out some key elements and had to cut scenes for reasons of time. I can forgive them for that. I wonder if they'll put out an extended version... Again, I prefer the books and eagerly wait for the next book. I hope it comes out sooner than later. Oh yeah, we ate at a pizza place in Kilgore. It was rather good. We should go again sometime. It's better than Cici's.

Now I continue listening to the music and watch the brewing storm outside as the lightning flashes and I hear the occasional thunder. I'd better post before I lose it. I don't trust the electricity.

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June 05, 2004

Another week gone by

Well, another week...a short one although it felt like a full five work days, is over. I stuffed certificates into envelopes resisting the urge to put sticky notes on the ones of people i know. Yes, when those special studious souls get there certificate for "academic achievement", that envelope was stuffed and labeled by yours truly. I've even made a fair bit of headway into filing for the business offices although it would be nice to start removing files rather than adding new files into already full drawers...

I don't feel like writing extra posts, so here is my confession. You see, many times people wonder why I don't speak up more often or talk a lot. Others wonder why I chat too much...particularly under the influence...of caffeine. But anyways, it seems that my mouth gets me into a lot of trouble with people who are near and dear to me. My parents used to constantly get onto me for a "tone of voice" and other parents described me as sassy. There were some teachers here and there who didn't like my "attitude". My first ex-boyfriend finished a long dead relationship off because of something I said and his sister got a whole lot farther away after that. Before that, a friendship with a lifelong friend was strained. The other ex-boyfriend would probably have the same sort of complaint. My younger brother has forgiven my for my bossy, mean-spiritedness. you get the idea of a general pattern here. it ain't good.

and some people think i'm "sweet-spirited" and such. I don't know what to do though. Apparently I cross the line when giving people a hard time or teasing. Very rarely out of the above instances did I ever mean anything in a mean way. sometimes with my younger bro and maybe a couple of other times. But generally, I was just teasing.

Than again, I'm sitting here musing to myself wondering whether I might be a little too mean when I try to make a point about something regarding someone else. I can be, well, blunt. And it doesn't help that whenever I get mad about something someone else says when teasing or giving me a hard time, every one else laughs and tells me to get over it. This happened(s) quite often within my family. My older sis touched on a few things in the name of teasing....

So, I guess all I can do is say I'm sorry if I've ever given you the reader too much of a hard time and you either chose to not mention it to me or you did. Help me.

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June 03, 2004

Another one takes a blog!

The Punster has finally entered the blogging world! Celebrate!

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May 30, 2004


So, I finally post something more than a link. Happy?

I'm afraid that much of my spare time this last week has been spent rereading the entire Harry Potter series thus far. I think I loved it more this time than the last time I ready them...just after the fourth book had come out. This time I read the 5th book. I can't decided which is my favorite...the 3rd or the 5th. I really can't wait for the 3rd movie...it's going to rock! On a critical level, Rowling's writing definitely has improved with the progress of the series. She's doing a fantastic job with character development and with plot suspense and such.

In other news...work is still good. I continue to do interesting things like shredding files, stuffing envelopes, sorting things...it isn't the task so much as the material that is interesting. That's in Academic Affairs. The Business Office is more entertaining for the personalities and such of the people I work with or around. and numbers!!!!

We've watched some movies too this week. Most have been generally good...I know the boys were entertained more than myself. I kept falling asleep, hard as I tried to stay awake. I made chocolate cupcakes for the church picnic tomorrow, having done quality control first using willing subjects. According to Wheeler, they were "excellent." I know the frosting had to be. It was the first time I can remember that I've made the frosting from scratch and had it come out right. and I had exactly enough powdered sugar left for it. Oh yeah, we saw Troy this week. It was good enough but I predict it'll go like Pearl Harbor and Titanic...big for awhile, but not of everlasting fame like other movies--original Star Wars, LOTR, and some of the classics that we've been watching.

Plans for the week:
*take advantage of the Monday holiday and get more sleep and reading. maybe i'll get some fresh air too. We'll see. It might be destined to rain by Murphy. I also need to vacuum my car out at some point.

*I'll start reading the Hitchiker's Guides--The entire series in one volume being loaned to me by the lovely roommate Ardith.

*Finally pay some more bills--or at least make payments on them.

That's about it for now. Talk to y'all later. Hmm, y'all or ya'll?

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May 22, 2004

a good week done

Well, my first 40 hour week of work for the summer is over and all is well. I like both my jobs and all the people I work with. I don't even mind dressing up because they don't make a big deal out it..i can get away with not wearing panty hose and make-up. Since I am a student worker, I can probably also get away with the occasional jeans and nice shirt. I probably won't since my other stuff is cooler to walk in (temp wise)

Mornings in Academic Affairs generally stay interesting because I come across highly interesting things, but I really can't share. I try to avoid reading too much because that makes it easier not to have things that I'd really love to share. Most of what I do is fairly menial and grunt work, but after witnessing how hard Carol works at the front desk keeping Drs. Coppinger and Sumrall organized, I can see how much of what I do helps.

Afternoons at the business office are good too. There is never an end to having something to do because there is an unending amount of filing to do--for five offices. I really don't mind filing all that much--it amuses me to come across some of the interesting names of people. I also get to data entry---NUMBERS!!!!!!! However, the computer program we use--CARS/CX can be a serious pain.

Life in the apartment continues to settle little by little too. It's been wonderful to cook food and eat food other cook. Charlie grilled for us last night. I usually don't like bell peppers and I liked those bell peppers. Heather is cooking tonight. I cooked the other night and was rather surprised how well things came out. My appetite is coming back after being banished from Saga Food. This may not be a good thing, but then, it might be good too as long as keep eating healthier food.

Unless there has been something I've missed, I'm completely unpacked and organized. I finally sorted through everything, put stuff into storage and organized my desk space. Now to remember where everything is.... It's wonderful altogether because we still have unused cabinets and such!

I do need to decorate the walls around me though. At any rate, it's about time to settle done and continue reading Harry Potter--book 1. I'm aiming to reread through the first 4 and than the 5th for the first time. Heather has the set. Just as an amusing note, there are three complete sets of LOTR in our apartment. I guess if anyone ever needs to borrow them, we have a decent enough supply. I enjoy hearing from ya'll and seeing how things are going in your lives. Feel free to leave comments....

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May 18, 2004

getting there

hmm, to keep the random titles or to create a theme. eh, no matters.

anyways. i had a good monday. first time in a long time. probably since spring break.

The apartment is slowly coming to a semblance of a "home." I love being able to work with the kitchen and having all the storage space. I also like being able to read, away from the distraction of my computer in the living room and just enjoy the quiet (well, not always quiet.) I've read many books in the last week. I may just start on one of the Tolstoy's before the next day is through. We'll see if I have any shorter ones to work on first :-p

The first day of work was good. If the summer is a continuation mostly of today, it'll be good. I get a desk at each job! The one in academic fairs is in this small little space...but there is a window!, even if I probably won't be in there as much of the time--but we'll see. They've gotten me started on a project to work on during times when I'm not needed for more immediate things. like copying, or helping organize their space and stuff like that. I have a computer at the business office, with a nasty little mouse, but still and I am also there to help control the filing in five offices. 8-| It isn't horrible--better than cleaning any day. And even if I'm only using my mind to alphabetize and stuff like that at times, it's good. I had fun copying an article for Dr. Coppinger earlier today...it got to be like a puzzles trying to get the thing on one or two pages and readable. I succeeded with a "work of art." (My own words.)

Hmm, should I put my response to the most recently finished book in another post? probably.

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May 15, 2004

settling in...

well, we're getting settled in slowly but surely here in apt. 15b. it's been interesting to say the least. we have a unique bedroom set up and it looks like our office is going to be a cool little place too. i've got my desk set up and the kitchen is coming along. i still have to work with the bathroom and sink areas and sort through a ton of papers for storage or trash. it's nice to have floor length closest for my long dresses and it's just too wonderful to have all this extra storage space. at any rate, i'm going to attack another area now (putting off the sort as long as possible.) and than we still have to go clean our room up before checking out of ELH.

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May 13, 2004

my vacation is coming to an end...

Well, it ended being a good night. After splitting a dinner with my darling at McAlisters Deli, we decided to go see Butterfly Effect and Josh just happened to have two refund tickets that let us in for free. which is good, because we're both basically broke. The movie was good. As good as Eternal Sunshine. The first part of the movie was rough and choppy...but then, it was supposed to be. It's a gut-wrenching in scenes..showing very little, leaving enough to the imagination and filling in holes as one goes. It's all very well done and ends somewhat surprisingly. At any rate, if you get a chance to see it ...do. If not, I encourage renting it when it comes out. After the movie, we picked ourselves up some coffee, because it just seemed like that kind of night--being rainy and all. I had a Java Chip Frappuccino.....yum yum yum. and than, I've been sitting here, continuing my bum-like rest and enjoying myself immensely. While I have a fair number of errands to run tomorrow, and moving begins tomorrow night...I'll enjoy my last good day of rest before I begin work next week after settling into the apt.

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May 12, 2004

updated links

well, i updated and added some links. enjoy. if you really care.

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May 08, 2004

The Melancholy begins to set it

So I went to graduation this morning. I sat there waiting for the ceremony to commence and realized yet again how close I am to being the one who walks across the stage and how many people I knew that walked across the stage this year...some friends from before I left Longview, others who I enjoyed learning in classes with.

One year. One year. I can only imagine what my life is going to be like next spring planning to end this stage of my life and move on to another. I also sit and wonder at friendships come and gone and am grateful for those who are closest to me now.

There was that. On the ceremony as a whole--remember convocation at the beginning of the semester and the lack of decorum? It was like that again. I could blame it partly on there being a lot of people...I don't know. I'm not sure there was a grand amount of time where there wasn't some din of talking somewhere. I felt bad for the GAPs students because it was worse for them and people moving about. and the butchering of names....gah! oh well, such is life. Graduation is meant to be something fairly serious...and, it just didn't have that feel. anyways, off to lunch.

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May 07, 2004


So tonight, after everyone was gone, Ardith, Wheeler, Scholl, and I decided that Bruce's sounded good for dinner. So after a wal-mart trip so that i could get drops for the water in my fish's home, we went to bruces.

it was great. very good. We pulled in and a little ole lady came out and took our order. She didn't get it exactly right, being hard of hearing, but it didn't matter.

So, we sat there...amidst the other cars with people--that's an interesting story of observation in itself--we waited for our food. the drinks came first. Ardith, Wheeler, and myself had large root beers that cost $1.00. they came in big frosted mugs. very big frosted mugs. maybe 32 oz? josh got his coke in a boring styrofoam cup

and than the food came. the burgers were good. very good. for a mere $1.70 each or something like it. with bacon. and fresh veggies--the right color and everything. and we enjoyed our real food. all of us eating and becoming full enough for less than $17 total.

:-d we'll be back. hopefully getting the floats this time like we had tried to order.

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May 06, 2004

so it's done.

so yeah, everyone else is putting up "last posts" of the school year like stuff. but anyways. so many of you talk about this being the end of your first year of college...for me, it's an entering the last year of my college career. In one year, I will be a certified teacher and walk across the stage to receive a diploma. (there is of course the chance that God might intervene at some point, but the theoretical plan is that I graduate next year.)

this was the hardest two weeks I've had out of all my semesters here. so much work. so many pages that I have written. and the thought that i really need to quit "procrastinating" on papers because i keep losing points only for a few sentence structure errors, typos and stuff. *sigh* curses on making mistakes when correcting old ones.

so i'm exhausted. i feel like i have been beaten to a pulp--including my head. so other than a doctors appointment and taking care of a lot of stuff like returning books to the library, paying bills, depositing a check, filling out insurance forms and stuff--i can rest for the next week or so. mmmm. sleep......

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May 05, 2004

paper finished

well, maybe i can nab a few hours of sleep so that i can get through finals tomorrow. I still have to get up and print stuff off my for my seminar notebook of materials. i'm about to go post the paper on blackboard for my fellow classmates. It's 23 pages long double spaced and only the beginning.

i need to study the assigned reading before my 9:45 exam. I wake up sometime before 8. about 14-15 hours from now....one long shift at the cart thursday morning....and then......


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May 04, 2004

The little engine that could?

Tuesday: work 730-930 am, woodring final at 1245-300, cults final at 6:00-800
Wed: seminar paper due, 945-1145 education final, 300-500 stats final

can i do it?

i can i can i can

i can do it i can do it

(solely through the mercy and grace of God's strength...)

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May 02, 2004

Shareable Quote 'o' the Day

"God can be freaky."


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Well, I seem to be getting like little to no comments these days. So I ask ya'll...what should I do? I really don't want any more comment like I had been getting....that seems to be fixed for now, *knocks on wood*. Should I put forth instructions for a mad lib? Maybe ya'll can help me write my frog story...one sentence per comment? Shall I submit math riddles? Do you have any interesting ideas?

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if you give an imp a keyboard...

Infidel (11:17:13 PM): Is there Waffle Shoppe tonight?
Not Math Nerd (11:17:33 PM): yea
Not Math Nerd (11:17:54 PM): and they stoled my beautiful
Not Math Nerd (11:18:00 PM): curses
Infidel (11:18:11 PM): your "beautiful"?
Not Math Nerd (11:18:23 PM): yes
Not Math Nerd (11:18:25 PM): my anna
Infidel (11:18:48 PM): SO, you are not anna?
!Math Nerd (11:19:03 PM): of course not
!Math Nerd (11:19:07 PM): who did you expect?
Infidel (11:19:40 PM): Well, according to the screen name and the nickname I have on my computer, you are indeed anna.
!Math Nerd (11:19:51 PM): well, then
!Math Nerd (11:19:54 PM): why did you ask?
!Math Nerd (11:19:58 PM): silly boy
Infidel (11:20:20 PM): I asked because I have never heard Anna refer to herself in the third person.
!Math Nerd (11:20:32 PM): ah ha
!Math Nerd (11:20:33 PM): silly boy
!Math Nerd (11:20:40 PM): foolish infidel
Infidel (11:20:51 PM): Apparently so.
Infidel (11:21:02 PM): MAy I ask to whom I am writing?
!Math Nerd (11:21:06 PM): no
Infidel (11:21:12 PM): Alright.
!Math Nerd (11:21:58 PM): and I would never consider refering to scholl as "my beautiful"
!Math Nerd (11:22:04 PM): You may call him "furball"
Infidel (11:22:12 PM): I amy, but I chosse not to.
!Math Nerd (11:22:14 PM): tee hee hee hee
Infidel (11:22:15 PM): *may
!Math Nerd (11:22:32 PM): may call him beautiful?
!Math Nerd (11:22:35 PM): eww
!Math Nerd (11:22:42 PM): just wait till I tell my beautiful
!Math Nerd (11:22:47 PM): and the furball
Infidel (11:23:04 PM): I emant thtat I may call him "furball"...
Infidel (11:23:08 PM): *meant
!Math Nerd (11:23:24 PM): did you mean that you may commit errorous typos?
Infidel (11:23:45 PM): A typo, by definition, is erroneos.
Infidel (11:23:49 PM): *erroneous
Infidel (11:24:03 PM): Your statement had superfluous modifiers.
!Math Nerd (11:24:06 PM): uh yeah
!Math Nerd (11:24:08 PM): duh
!Math Nerd (11:24:22 PM): don't you "superfulous modifiers" me
Infidel (11:24:29 PM): Too late!
!Math Nerd (11:24:38 PM): I'll "superfulous modifiers" your head!!
!Math Nerd (11:24:45 PM): and your mother
!Math Nerd (11:24:51 PM): and your little dog too.
Infidel (11:24:53 PM): Again, too late.

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May 01, 2004


go check out this hijack :-D

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there isn't really anything profound to say on the subject. i spent a lot of money to add "teacher" clothing to my wardrobe that will also help in working in the offices this summer. and as i pack to move down to apt, i'll be doing spring cleaning of some stuff that just doesn't fit right anymroe. i tried to look for shoes again. but of course, none of the stores in the mall sold size 12 shoes. one store had only one kind--a high heel. another only had tennis shoes and after that size 11 heels. clothing went better. with lily's help and comments, i managed to get some nice shirts, a "professional pant set" thing and some other stuff. she also needed to get teacher clothing. than we went to payless and i got three things. one brown pair of shoes that mostly fit with an awesome insole. . .perfect for standing a lot. another was a flat strappy black pair that had comfy straps. the other pair was to console myself after a depressing shoe venture: black furry slippers.

so, i think i'm set now. why i decided to write about this, i don't know. oh yeah, and this chick at penney's saw my last name and remembered that i was "kirk's sister." kirk is my younger brother.

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April 30, 2004

the end is setting in...

The feeling is beginning to sink in. It's almost over. I've known it was coming. I'll be moving out of this dorm forever in a couple of weeks. Many friends are leaving over the summer and we'll start afresh another semester with new traditions.

It started to sink in when I began to take the posters off my cabinets. Something about ripping paper off that I decided not to keep anymore. It isn't really symbolic of anything in my life (other than getting out of this building), but it just started to hit me. I'm not sure what to feel (other than that I hope the caffeine begins to wear off from that dollar latte five hours ago...) Do I dread the approaching of summer? Somewhat. Do I look forward to it. Eagerly (I love my roomies!) Something just doesn't feel completely right. Maybe I really don't like change at all and I'm quite fond of routine. There's all these friends getting married this summer. While the last couple of years I knew things would be different the next year, it just seems more enhanced for the coming year. We're growing up. In one year, I'll be graduating and looking to teach the year after that. Only one year.

All this from tearing paper off my cabinets...

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April 26, 2004

This week:

Assignment: Status:
Doctrines Paper, Thurs. noon FINISHED
Doctrines Journals FINISHED
Cults Paper, Thurs midnight FINISHED!
Education Tests Assn. FINISHED
Seminar Paper, due next Wed. Still need to add to draft.
Clean off shelves/box books, stuff In progress*...

*thank you Lily and Charlie!!!!!!!!!!

hmm, what else?

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April 25, 2004

The week ahead

I have hope for this week. For example, my classes lately keep getting let out early with the encouragment to either eat, work, sleep, or whatever. One of my classes is cancelled tomorrow which means I'll have some extra time for working on the three major papers/assignments I have due Wed/Thur this week. Normally Josh and I attend Bible Study off campus on Monday nights. However, that was cancelled. Tuesday night cults class will be somewhat shorter than normal. Dr. J. gave us until Wed of final week to turn in our final work for the semester on the seminar paper instead of this Friday. I might just be able to sleep this week. I also have all my chapel credits, so attending chapel is a low priority this week (although I will be in chapel tomorrow since it has been strongly encouraged by my roommate that I attend.) While I haven't done the full amount of research for either of my papers due Thursday yet, I have gotten the hard part done in that I understand where I'm going with the paper and thus supporting research can be done to fine tune my points and add to the number of sources I have.

And while I seem to have hope for the week ahead, I realize that many of my other friends out there are going to be swamped and sleep deprived more than usual by the end. So I wish the best for all of you and pray every night that all of us survived with our "sanity."

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April 23, 2004


I have some shelves for sale. They're pretty cool shelves and are styled for the odd-numbered rooms in Trinity Dorms. If you know of anyone who might want them next year, send them my way. They can find me on the Student Directory and get necessary info there.



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April 19, 2004


For the record, I need not attend another chapel as long as I am a student at LeTourneau University.

*Assuming I graduate next May.
*Assuming the chapel policy doesn't change to worse punishment after two semesters chapel deficiency.

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Lily has a job!!!!!

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April 17, 2004

for the summer longview folk

An idea of what could and should and will come.

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April 08, 2004

everything's changing..

so i changed my background color. and the funny thing is, i could almost swear that was the color i had started out with as my background. who knows? i changed my colors so many times in the beginning, I lost track.

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April 07, 2004


It's truly amazing but I have just caught up all my doctrines study question and journals and reading. I may even get started on my history of math paper tonight to that i can make a good bit of headway on other stuff this weekend, like senior seminar paper. course, i have a stats test first thing after the lovely long weekend and i have some sample test questions to write for education, but with regards to the major papers i have due in the next few weeks, i'm feeling rather happy that yes i can sit down and get this stuff done. it also helps to be very interested in the subject. for example, in doctrines we are now discussing the nature of the church, baptism, communion, and spiritual gifts. maybe I'll post some more thoughts on that later.

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April 03, 2004

where did my life go?

well. here i am again. it's been BUSY with all capital letters. and i enjoyed sleeping around 11 hours last night. A lot.

where did I leave off? Well let's see. Tuesday I spent much time preparing for my presentation on Wicca. and it went WELL. :-d we had lots of fun and good food at Dr. Carl's house. although I somehow managed to leave my purse behind in the street. THankfully, God must have watched over it for a few hours before I managed to go back and retrieve it and had no problems.

Wednesday. Other than classes and work all day long, I spent two and a half hours on a Woodring test before devos. Than, we tried to go for free food for a year at Chick-fil-a, but alas the line was already too long at midnight. I read an article the next day that said people were in line at 6:30 WEd morning for the 6:30 Thursday morning opening. So we came back and slept in our own beds. and that was quite nice.

Thursday. I worked, I went to class. My glasses broke so I used my lunch hour to take them to Wal-Mart only to have to pick out new frames. THankfully my lenses didn't break and thankfully it was a manufacturer defect and thankfully my glasses were still under warranty. and I like my new frames a whole lot more. I think they look better on me. but oh yeah, now i remember what kept my going going going on thursday. So i got out of class, got ready for my teacher education interview and than had to get the room clean. well, my room was in a state of chaos. so that took some time. and i had to start my laundry and eat dinner at which was the pie auction. and we walked away with yummy desserts. after dinner, i went to go get my glasses. we got back, and went to registration. we got dollar coffee at common grounds. i finished cleaning my room and than we went to practice reading papers for the conference the next day. and than i came back. and about cried at remembering that i hadn't done the grading for friday.

i woke up early friday morning and was at the conference at 8. Thankfully they had coffee there. I drank some. The first hour was kind of boring. But I chose well the first seminar session to attend. It was fantastic! Narnian education, Treebeard Philology, and Dark Tower as the Allegory of Lust. The session energized me. the next session was okay. and lunch was quite good along with the drama. the sessions i went to after lunch were okay. I was particularly impressed with the lady who spoke about Lewis's female characters and how Lewis really rather upheld the feminine ideal rather than being chauvinist.

and than it was my session to present. After having a slightly troubled practice the night before, I have been told that I did very well. I felt like I did well too. but even more so, all my other fellow students have also been praised and the ones I were able to see went quite excellently too. My quotes on powerpoint helped me to go more smoothly along and it helped me slow up my speed just a little bit. hooray for Dr. Olson's work with us last semester!

After quickly changing and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we went to Hootenanny. I didn't have a lot of expectations but I did end up enjoying myself. It wasn't as good overall as last year I would say, but I think that it was good for it's last minute prep and scheduling in a busy weekend. I also think that the judges awarded quite well those who received first, second, and third.

after hootenanny, i spent a relaxing hour reading with My Sweetest Heart and than we had a good chill out time with the crew with lots of chocolately goodness. YUMMMMM and we laughed and talked and laughed some more. and than I came back. and I went to bed. and I slept a wonderful 11 hours.

Now about that catch up grading to do and homework...

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March 30, 2004

Prayer Request

Hey everyone.

One of my floor gals fell off her horse over the weekend and received a bad concussion. After being sent home on Sunday, things were looking up but she has been admitted into the hospital in Tyler.

Please keep her in your prayers--healing, recovery & her schooling the rest of the semester.


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March 25, 2004

Grinding along

I just finished what ended up being a full nine page paper. Now I must finish my journals.

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March 24, 2004

this week

Life is crazy.

as most of ya'll know, yes I am back. The trip was mostly uneventful and good. The weather is beautiful and I'm happy that it is spring although feeling bad for all those suffering from allergies.

However, my attention is wanted from more directions than I am capable of handling, so I may not be posting much right now. Prayer is welcomed with much gratitude, particularly for trying to figure some things out.

Just to let you know how I am busy school-wise: Doctrines Journals and Paper due Thursday. Unit Plan with 60 activities due Friday. Stats test Friday and I'm behind on what we're doing. Doctrines take-home test next week. Cults presentation Tuesday night. I'm trying to cope with future unknowns from summer to housing next year. I've got to get paperwork in to the education department for next year and of course there is course scheduling and all that mess going on too.

On that note, I'm going to wrap up here and get to bed soon. God be with you all.

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March 20, 2004


All too soon we will be on our way and back in little ole Longview to finish off the semester. I've really enjoyed this break and I rather like it up here. It takes some getting used to having stuff so near by and houses relatively close together, but the week has gone well. I probably haven't done near as much research as I should have, but eh, I needed lots of rest and chill time too. I do have to say that the stuff I have been reading for my papers this week has been quite fascinating, somewhat appaling, but really interesting. I spent one day reading a book on euthanasia and the soul by Dr. Peck and other amounts of time reading about peace pursuing folk of the last hundred years, written by a Buddhist. I've also been reading up on liberation and secular theologies--the secular theology tending more towards the pluralistic theology and other stuff. I'm feeling better about the paper too because I think I'm getting a handle on the basic ideas and beliefs. The paper will be a comparison of salvation concepts between evangelical, liberation, secular, and existential theologies.

It's challenging ina lot of ways. I sit here and read a lot of stuff that goes against everything I've been taught and believe. It sounds so close to right, yet also so misguided and deceiving too. and I want to say "what if" but I remember that I cannot deny the existence of the God of the Bible and the truths I have seen and experience and Christianity--the evangelical, conservative, biblical theology--is the most consistent and strong system. Some of the stuff is hard to accept, yes, but well, one thing I have learned is that the easy road can be very wrong and that the best things in life tend to come with hard things. It's hard to explain. and it gets confusing to be confronted with different logical thought systems--one human mind is complex.

You see, I'm one of those people who usually doesn't have a hard time seeing different view points. I can mold to other systems of logic somewhat easily. :-) Or at least, so I think. But anyways, the curse of this is not flip-flopping and just jumping from system to system--I need to know what I believe and I need to know it well. Oh the joys of being stretched and molded and growing. Yet, it really is awesome.

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March 17, 2004

another update

Well, I have to say this place is unique and interesting. Monday night we went book shopping.... :-D :-D :-D and had some good ice cream that was definitely unique. Yesterday was more research and bumming around and later visiting Jungle Jim's....a very interesting grocercy store with all stores of interesting foods. and Today we walked over to Skyline for chili...definitely not like Texas chili. So Cinncinati seems to be full of unique flavors. I'm probably not getting as much done research wise as I should, but oh well. It'll get done by the time the paper is due. I'm liking this whole rest and sleep bit plus having good food in a homey atmosphere. and I'll try to keep an eye on that spam... or rather not look at it but delete it as fast as I can.

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March 15, 2004


so, it seems i'm getting the comment spam now too. at least it's easy to delete. at any rate, so we are now two days here in ohio and i'm still absorbing it all. It's an interesting little place and not all that bad. and i'm surrounded by books to research and reseach some more. I really don't have anything interesting to say. We're busy being total bums here. Oh yeah, I did read this book called Tortured for Christ that was really good. It's from Voice of the Martyrs. I recommend it. You can borrow my copy if you'd like when we get back to school. But that's is still a good few days from now. Later!

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March 12, 2004

Entry 60

Well, many of you want to know how the Houston trip went. Let me see if I can explain what can't be explained.

My doctor is baffled. For sure I have an abnormal electrical pattern in my heart, but he doesn't know that it is the cause of my varied symptoms. If I were 40, 50, ya know, old, he wouldn't hesitate so much about emphasizing the need for a pacemaker. However, I am not that old. I am quite a bit younger. So, he's concerned that a pacemaker may or may not treat the symptoms.

So he sent me off with a 24-hour continuous Holter monitor to see if the electrical pattern had change/worsened any since my last visit. I shipped that back today after gratefully removing the electrodes. But, I do have to wear an event monitor again. This will have two wires connected to me for most of thirty days--only off when I'm in the shower. It has a ten second memory loop so that whenever I press a button, it'll make ten more seconds of noise to record my past ten seconds of heartbeat and the current ten seconds. In other-words, it gets my heartbeat when I am having a "symptom." This means I get to be a disturbance during classes and other things. Or more likely, I'll be stubborn and only hit it on more serious episodes when i am in an environment that shouldn't be disrupted. We'll see.

So basically, we just don't know what is going on. I'm frustrated because I've been trying to ask for the last year and a half if we were positive the symptoms were from the heart-beat. Lightheadedness and such can also come from neurological problems (:-p) Sinuses. Maybe it's some crazy wiring of my flight or fight system. Who knows but God?

so that's that. We thank God for the good traveling we had coming and going and had a bit of good time with my dad and grandpa and uncle, good food, good bit of time away from school. And now we're back to wrap things up for Spring break and it's off again. Now to make a post about doctrines!

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March 10, 2004

before i leave

well. we leave at 7 am tomorrow morn for the dr appt in houston. my most wonderful boyfriend and i will meet up with my dad and than head up to the nineteenth floor of St Luke's Medical Tower.

and I'll decided on something that could forever alter my life. to get a pacemaker. i'm at a strange point with it...i'm half resigned to it and half at peace about it, knowing it needs to be done as much as it feels strange that it is. at any rate. i'll post more either tomorrow evening from houston or thursday when i get back.

have a wonderful wednesday all. and please pray for our safe travels.

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March 09, 2004

note to self

Note to Self:

Self, one should run windows updates more often than every two years.

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March 03, 2004

Random Scattered Diverse Thoughts

Well, I just sent my paper off for the C.S. Lewis conference....

The new letu home site is looking better. but for some reason, the conference information is found at http://www.letu.edu/people/arturomorales/conference/.

I thought of the niftiest way to come up with an answer key for a multiple choice test. I could write a simple little program that would take the first n digits of pi or e or phi for (n+1) questions, and than mod each q sub n (question n+1) by the number of answer choices. The appropriate letter would than be assigned as the correct answer. And I could write the questions and answer choices and let the program do the rest.

A. this would mean I could easily create any different number of versions of a test. B. It's just cool. C. having a program makes it easier to write tests in the future. D. FYI--q sub 0 would be 3, q sub 1 would be 1, and so on if one chose to use the irrational number pi. So that the first question would have an answer of C if there were four choices. E. You can switch your pattern up...maybe go backwards from the last question starting with 3.

that's all.

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February 28, 2004

On the Conference

Well. It wasn't horrible I will say. The latter half was much better than the morning for sure.

The theme of the conference was ethics in relativistic world.

After a nice little breakfast and two couple o coffeeThe first guy was a engineer/businessman and he gave a presentation I would expect to hear at a business chapel. Although there was some relevance, there wasn't much for me. I feel asleep since I had only had about six and a half hours of sleep. But I got some interesting things down. I'd wished I had had one of the crew to sit there with during a few moments of disagreement and frustration. And oh yeah, we had this father of a previewer who made some comments that were...interesting. Such as a comment on his brother who belives that money and power are corrupt and that missionaries also believe this fact. I turned to Trina and we were both very horribly stricken by this statement. Another element was one of the principles of the Christian employee: Count one's superiors worthy of honor in your thought, word, and deed. Respect yes. Honor, that is earned in my book. Although I do need to do some more pondering on the commandment to "Honor thy father and mother" and those parents were are quite unperfect and unparentlike. Anyways, finally we got out of that and were supposed to break out into groups to discuss "What? and So what?" but we stared out the window toward the construction of the parking lot and talked about other things until it was time for lunch. Saga catered lunch. Blah. Firecracker wrap things with olives, black beans, and unhealthy looking lettuce and tomato. But the chicken inside was good. And the apple pie was good.

After lunch we had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Kesler again. And although it wasn't as funny as chapel, it was just as good and I'm hoping that there is a recorded message somewhere because I can't take down quotes fast enough sometimes.

After a bit of break to my room for some socks and something warmer to wear in the cold MSC-3, I went back for another hour, this with Rosemary Farmer wife of Richard Allen Farmer who spoke at a chapel last semester. She did a good job too. It was a good discussion at how to go at moral dilemmas and also leaving behind a legacy idea.

And now, after some cheese and crackers, I'm back here at my room contemplating that I should get something done so as to expand my study time tomorrow for the three midterms I have Monday and Tuesday. And I'm thinking that a brief nap might be nice too.

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February 27, 2004


what to say
what to do
hurting are the people
around you

you love them dearly
you want to reach out
feeling helpless
but remembering it's not about you

toss aside what you're doing
ignore what you think
praying for help for you
for them

wishing to take their pain
wanting to make it right
wanting to understand
to say the right thing
to offer the right touch

I want to carry their loads
I want to show love
They've been there for me
Am I being there for them?

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February 25, 2004

I should go to bed..

So it seems to be destined to be another long, hard semester--and more than just on the academic level. I'll leave that at that for now.

In some ways, I think the students of this campus are going through a Job time.

There's so much I want to say, and yet I can't. Maybe I had better just pull out my doctrines notes from earlier and share a few of those more pleasant thoughts:

A new analogy for thinking about predestination/free will:
So we are dead in our sins and heart has stopped beating. But there is this great defibrillator uses on our heart and some of us respond and the heart begins beating again to a new life. Others do not and stay dead in their sins.

We were discussing regeneration today and Dr. Woodring was using the example of a dead car battery that must have an external action upon it to recharge it : as in, regeneration is action of God to give us that new life, as I think about it "that instantaneous spark."

All this, and I've been thinking quite a bit today about our response to other Christians. We learn in Education about "At-Risk" people and the traits that make them so. But you see, I'm more of a "take it as it comes person" and although I do place validity in being wary of how someone's background will affect their actions and such, I also believe the best of people and pray for their success. and if they do fail, I try to forgive, support, and encourage rather than judge. I see how someone's background might make them more liable to give in to a certain temptation, but I also believe that they have the power of the Holy Spirit upon them and they CAN escape. Christians from being born again are given the ability not to sin as Christ had on earth.

all right, i'm getting confused and really starting to sound confusing I am sure. so i'll leave now and go to bed.


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February 16, 2004

Chapel Today

All I can say is, for those who missed chapel, you missed something special. The first half wasn't that great...didn't really know the songs and all that stuff that s hard to fight being distracted by when worshipping God. But the second half...there are almost no words to describe. I applaud God for using Vinny today and I pray that what happened this morning wasn't a one time thing and continue to impact the lives of students around here. It was so cool though, because at the beginning of chapel this morning I had prayed for God to make this one that people wouldn't forget and just to be there. and He was. oh how He was. *added later* Here are a few other thoughts I remember from chapel--When Vinny began his talk by asking the question of asking "who here is sick?" I knew what was coming and inwardly began a little battle or whether or not I would go forward. You see, with this heart stuff, I've asked myself often about asking for the annointing of oil and such, questioning faith-healing and what to do there. To get the pacemaker or no? I've had a lot of good discussions with people--and reminders of the classic parable type story of the man whose house was flooded and refused the help of three people who went by. Than he asked GOd why he hadn't saved him and God told the man that he offered his help in the three people who came by. anyways. i still haven't firmly decided on getting the pacemaker, and i would really appreciate prayer on making that decision in knowing what God's will is there--for me to live life trusting in him as my pacemaker, or whether he is offering me to trust him by getting the pacemaker. (i guess that doesn't have as much to do with chapel, but it gives a little more idea of what i internally was going through.) *end added thoughts*

and for the other stuff--off key singers, people not on beat, mistakes by people on stage--it happens. I pray and wish we could get past all that...even as I am one who has a lot of trouble not complaining. The point is not about sounding good to us.

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February 13, 2004

a good day

ah, it's been a good day, good enough that i must post before i sleep.

work was nice and slow.

doctrines was full of thought as the current topic is "election" aka, free will & predestination and fun stuff. Dr. Woodring is an awesome teacher. I hope I can be that good of a teacher one day. He doesn't force us to side with him but to think, to study, to search, to build one's own understandings and beliefs. Everyone was sort of quiet as they were tired...I was quite full of questions and kept Dr. Woodring answering for awhile. Than other popped up after awhile :-) It was a good class and now I have a handout to read supporting Arminianism--since the author of the textbook is a Calvinist.

After that I finished cleaning my room before heading out for the evening for a concert in Shreveport. We grabbed Chick-Fil-A on the way (hey that rhymes!) and followed my roommate's boyfriend's sister's family. It was much easier to get to than I anticipated and easy getting to our main floor, front rows seats too. Bebo Norman opened. which was sad in that he only got to play five songs. Than Amy Grant played, and it was good although not near as nice compared to the other two. It was more than I expected and I enjoyed that part. After intermission came the best part of the concert--MercyMe. they did an excellent job--and I think the worship was more than crafted by the lights and music; it was genuine. They also sang a new song which is destined to be great for many reasons--one because it is great, two because it's a very moving song--tearjerker, and three, because people will see it as a "sequel" to "imagine" although it isn't as much. It was a song writted in sorrow because as the lead singer put it "that's what songwriters do." I was very happy to note that mercyMe and Bebo sound as good live as they do on c.d.--their voices are made to sound good by recording equipment. It was just fabulous. *odd thought* let's see 2004-1998 is 6 years ago on friday the 13th of february i attended a michael w. smith concert. and this year on thursday the 12th i attend another good Christian concert. oddness. that valentine's weekend of 1998 was a memorable one for lots of reasons...

and than we had a nice drive back to longview to pick up parts in the reading of "Romeo and Juliet". I am the Nurse and it is a fun part to have. And reading it with this crew is SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than it was when we read it in high school. and i think there is a scene or two that we didn't read in HS...

and now it is time for me to sleep. i had another though to expand my ideas on the tower of babel later--a connection between languages and communication, and possibly the added difficulties of different forms of communication post babel.

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February 04, 2004

Life! OH my!

Wow.... what a yesterday it was.

I'll start from Sunday. It was mostly normal and I had the pleasure of seeing The Godfather for the first time. I liked it well enough and it has a fairly well deserved spot on the list of great movies. Church was good as St. Michael's new rector preached his first Sunday as rector. He's a good one and I'm glad the church has a good rector now although Father Neil will be missed. However, on the way back from church my car started to have some serious issues.

Monday I woke up with a cold. Mostly just a stuffy/runny nose. It was a normal Monday as much as I remember and I spent all evening in the library with friends, finding that the library had recently added some books by some favorite authors of mine in continuing a favorite series. So yes, I am now spending my spare time and procrastination time by reading the book. I wasn't feeling as well by the end of the day so off I went to bed because it was to be an early morning.

I woke up at 7:45, got dressed, and stumbled out of the dorm into the freezing but sunny air to my car. I started it up and grabbed the scraper out of the back to scrape the frost off the windows so I could see. After warming it all up, I drove to the other end of the parking lot to meet up with Josh who was going to follow me to the car repair place and off we went. We made it there fine, left the keys and got some coffee at Promised Grounds since I like to see how Common Grounds compares to the Longview places. I had a mocha. I like C.G. better. We use actual chocolate. They used a chocolate flavoring it tasted like.

We came back since Josh had a 9:30 class. I was feeling very not well so I read in bed until the chaplains meeting where we learned some CPR basics (not certification but at least a general idea). Next was a normal SAGA lunch and than Doctrines which was nice and slow because it was small groups discussing papers. I went back to my room and discovered that my car was ready for pick-up and that all was nice and cheap. The people who did the tune-up didn't get all the wires connected. They now owe me. So Josh and I went off to pick up the car. After having to pay in cash since my credit card was declined for some unknown reason, we started the drive back. I had to make a fast start into traffic and the car acted up a bit with it but I wasn't too terribly concerned. Well, about 3 miles out of the car repair place at a stoplight I noticed that the car was idling at 400 rpm and I was having a lot of trouble getting it to go. So I decided we'd have to go back with it and made a left turn into a parking lot as the engine died during the turn and my power steering went but it was still fine. I tried starting the car and it didn't want to stay started. I called the repair man and he said get it back. Well, the only way to keep the car going was to keep gas on it at all times...including when stopped. I wasn't sure I could handle this so Josh and I traded keys and I followed him back to the repair shop. The repair guy took the keys, checked something in the engine and took it for a ride, came back, fixed what he wanted and all was well. (excepting my frayed nerves from being tired and ill). We got back to campus, had dinner. Than I had cults class and found out that an elder at a local church my parents attended had committed suicide. I knew I'd have to let my parents know so after class (about 9 p.m) I went back to my room and called my parents. They were fairly shocked as has been anyone who knew the man. We also discussed our lives in general and what not and I got off with the idea that i needed to get grading done. However, first I tried to access my credit card account and found that I could not. Finally around 10 I got to the grading, feeling very unwell so I didn't go and join the crew at the library this time. I was still grading at 12:30...far after I had planned to be done when I noticed this strange sound coming from above my head and to the left. It sounded like something was scratching inside the styrofoam cooler I have on my very top shelf. To make sure I wasn't hearing things again, I asked Lily if she heard it and she did too. She climbed to get the box while I held a shoe. Being as how the thought of a roach or something getting into our beds and chasing it around the room was very unpleasant, we took the whole box with lid firmly down into the well-lit and empty hallway. we opened it up, took things out and were baffled as we discovered nothing unusual and the sound had stopped. Well, I was shaking one of the boxes with styrofoam peanuts that had been inside the cooler and very suddenly a two and half inch long roach FLEW out of the box towards Lily who screamed and jumped back. The roach had flown to the inner frame of a door and we had attracted a few other girls who wanted to know what was going on. I took my shoe and hit the thing until it fell down on the carpet with legs wriggling in the air and explained to those who were still sleepy and confused what was going on. Lily finished off the still living roach and deposited it in the trash. I put the cooler back to its home upon the shelf and explained to Wheeler and Josh what had occured because I had been talking to them online before the whole bit. I finally finished the grading an hour later after finding my red pen again and took a shortened shower and crawled into bed a little before 2 a.m.

So I woke up this morning and dragged myself to statistics, chapel, education class which was again interestingly infuriating. Than lunch where Wheeler informed me of the ultimate rat story and than I went back to my room and read myself to sleep until dinner a few hours later. We had a good meal at Bodacious; we went to the library where i did devo prep and doctrines test prep. I had devos which was a very small crowd so we just decided to share all the prayer requests and pray and delay the study until another week. And after cleaning up some of my more in the way clutter and writing a check and washing dishes, I have been sitting here writing my story for your amusement.

I think it's time to read again :-)

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January 31, 2004

Three Weeks Down

Maybe I should post more often.

So. I have lots I could write about, enough on my mind but I'm not sure what to say. Strange eh?

Missions Week was fairly good this year. Our Speaker was just great!

I am reminded again of a little seed that lies inside. I wonder right now...there is that parable of the seeds that fall on rocky soil, good soil, ground, and such. I wonder if that same principle might apply to the seeds that such things as Missions Week plants amongst folk. For some people, the seeds of a call to go overseas is so strongly planted. I don't feel a strong call. Yet. But I have to admit that something tugs inside at the thought. A tug that might become a yank or a harder pull at a different time. Maybe it'll be for a short-term summer trip sometime in the future. Or it's just a reminder that I need to support prayerfully and materially as I can those who do go outside the country and even those who sacrifice all within the U.S. I'm a little familiar with that...my family lived on missionary support for a few years when my dad took the job at Camp Redcloud. Or this gentle tug is one that will pull even me into the world of missions, maybe to Russia. I may have posted sometime last year about this strange fascination I've had with Russia--from the time I was a little girl. In a series of stories I wrote in third grade, I moved my main character to Russia and had her build a life there. I worked with Russians at Poker Alice Pizza. One of my favorite studies was into the legend of Anastasia. It's interesting to think about all the little things of my life thus far. Maybe I should pick up learning Russian just in case.

Wow, there's a lot I could write about iny life. I need to start writing down some things that aren't in journals about my childhood and stuff. I know I was going to post more about my life as an introvert at some point...but than, that would also be a good one to combine into one post about my life in Lake City. Hmm. I'm feeling inspired to write about that. I maybe start that somewhere and than post a finished product here. We'll see.

Yeah, this is fairly fragmented I know. That's what happens to my mind after midnight at the end of the week.

I sit here listening to Jars of Clay and Juliana Theory. "Hardest Things" by JT finished and now I am listening to "Worlds Apart" by JoC...my favorite song by them. There's something else I could write about--the effect various songs have had on me at approriate times of my life. For example, "World Apart" hit me my sophomore fall...many of you were beginning to get to know me at that time and also know this as a major semester of trials and such. I believe I also was introduced to the passage in the gospels where it talks about those who have a faith in Christ being broken on the rock but those without that faith being crushed. I think it was the first time I fully realized that I have to be broken to be molded into a new creation. Sometimes broken a lot. At any rate...these two ideas--asking God to take my world apart and asking God to be broken both were strong for me--I'm thinking it was early in the semester, maybe even before the heart stuff started. Hmm, I need to think on that timing a bit more.

Gotta love my brains flow eh?

I am going to leave off here for now and start to try a bit of writing on my lake city life.

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January 19, 2004

Looking for Inspiration

I feel the need to post, but what to say here I do not know.

Here is a thought from The Purpose Driven Life:

"The problem with living sacrifices is that they can crawl off the altar."

He also mentioned a book called Sacred Pathways that I am going to look into getting because it talks about the different ways people relate to God based on personalities I guess--naturalists, sensates, traditionalists, ascetics, activists, caregivers, enthusiasts, contmplatives, and intellectuals.

I've noted lately that as good as daily Bible readings and a good church and such are good, they aren't "enough" for me in a way. I don't see them as the cure-all keys for faith although they are great helpers. I think that everyone relates and loves God in their own way, and it sounds like this mentioned book might shed more light for me on this idea. So, as soon as I decided to add another charge to the credit card, I'll order the book. Like when I'm getting paychecks again.

I'm off to other stuff right now.

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