March 16, 2005

Spring Break Flies

It'll be over before we know it. *sigh*

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous with a day at the daffodil farm (pity we were a week late for peak) and a wal-mart run and a movie/games. Ahhh, Spades... Martinez and I cooked Doug and Scholl like Gallagher and Scholl cooked Doug and I a week or two ago. I laughed so hard :-)..and than there was wonderful sleep.....

Sunday was church, lunch at Joe's, Constantine (ok movie), dinner (my spaghetti wasn't perfect, can't win them all..), and rowdy game of Cranium with the Leatherwoods. Rachel was very pleased to win. Be careful playing anything with Rachel that requires drawing... Scholl and I came close but he took a rather round-about-way to trying to make me guess Jackie Onassis on a Copycat. We sadly had to skip any of the sculptorades because the clay was too hard.

Monday was my first observation day at the high school. I was mostly bored and trying not to fall asleep in front of the students. Monday was yummy tacos and than laundry and packing. plus napping on the couch under the effects of Aleve. Oh yeah, we played Catch Phrase. Much fun. and there was the small matter of wrenching my ankle carrying my laundry out of the laundromat...

Tuesday was an interesting day at the school in that I've got some more special kids. S, Drugs, Alchohol. It'll be fun. I do have one friendlier class. The rough class caught me in a moment of nodding off. It was 830 in the morning after a rather long night of packing and sleeping on the couch. Climbing up to bed didn't sound like a wise idea with my a nkle. After hobbling out and rushing back to campus, I finished throwing things into the suitcases, made a few phone calls, and we went to the airport. Flew to Dallas and than Ohio. Made an IHOP run. and than, I wonderfully slept.

Today has been good too. Other than being woken up at 10:30. Bummed around this morning and put some research notes into the computer. Went shopping and accomplished two goals--a sweater for the very chilly classroom at the high school (to which I now have a key this time) and gifts for the bridesmaids. :-D ;-) :-D

and now, I bum around and try to ignore the pile of research that I need to do to write the paper by Monday afternoon. ...

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