March 22, 2005


I tried to post last night, but lo and behold, by computer decided it was tired and put itself to sleep.

I'm grateful I haven't been too pressed for need of files on my cranky laptop which is getting shipped off to Dell Drs. tomorrow. It's annoying not to have it, but thanks to the generosity of my fiance', I've been able to use his computer to do my work. I just haven't had time to play around much online since my normal online fun time occurs after open dorms when I'm in my own apartment.

I'm tired of classes. Senioritis is getting worse. It has been strange, and a struggle, to go from teacher figure to student again for a week. I'm tired of sitting in classes being bored by material we have covered before. I only have two classes--one for two and a half hours in the morning and the other for the same amount of time in the afternoon, but the time can drag on so much....and I had two major projects this week. One is to set up a model classroom with three other students, including a learning center and bulletin boards. It's a lot of work, even with three people, to decorate and arrange a classroom. I also had to turn in a 10-12 paper.

but others are having a harder week than I, so I don't have much to complain about.

Spring Break was good though. I had a fun time at the shower--strange as it was to be opening gifts in a month other than December--and I even got some rest and relaxation in. Plus good food! We also got a fair bit of wedding stuff done. and we spent money at a bookstore :-d

well, it's off to do more things for me now. I do want to get some i don't doze off in class...

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