November 14, 2005

4 more days!

before i get a week off!!!!! finally!!!!!!

I'm over a third of the way through my first year of teaching, and other than being peeved that I have to explain why students are failing to the principal and not the students themselves, things seem to be going pretty well still. It's crazy busy day to day but overall climate has improved.

It's kinda lonely sometimes. There are a few other younger, newer teachers, but I don't work closely with them. The ladies I do work with and eat lunch with are'd just be nice to have some closer to my age that I could make friends with.

We've had lots of good times with friends over the last couple of weeks. and greatly enjoyed Les Mis Friday night as well as time with the BABs on Saturday with delicious foods.

Other than Josh being sick with something nasty...and me hoping to make it by without too much....I feel something coming on but I don't think it's the same., life is pretty good. If i could just somehow magically get papers graded though...

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