January 31, 2004

Three Weeks Down

Maybe I should post more often.

So. I have lots I could write about, enough on my mind but I'm not sure what to say. Strange eh?

Missions Week was fairly good this year. Our Speaker was just great!

I am reminded again of a little seed that lies inside. I wonder right now...there is that parable of the seeds that fall on rocky soil, good soil, ground, and such. I wonder if that same principle might apply to the seeds that such things as Missions Week plants amongst folk. For some people, the seeds of a call to go overseas is so strongly planted. I don't feel a strong call. Yet. But I have to admit that something tugs inside at the thought. A tug that might become a yank or a harder pull at a different time. Maybe it'll be for a short-term summer trip sometime in the future. Or it's just a reminder that I need to support prayerfully and materially as I can those who do go outside the country and even those who sacrifice all within the U.S. I'm a little familiar with that...my family lived on missionary support for a few years when my dad took the job at Camp Redcloud. Or this gentle tug is one that will pull even me into the world of missions, maybe to Russia. I may have posted sometime last year about this strange fascination I've had with Russia--from the time I was a little girl. In a series of stories I wrote in third grade, I moved my main character to Russia and had her build a life there. I worked with Russians at Poker Alice Pizza. One of my favorite studies was into the legend of Anastasia. It's interesting to think about all the little things of my life thus far. Maybe I should pick up learning Russian just in case.

Wow, there's a lot I could write about iny life. I need to start writing down some things that aren't in journals about my childhood and stuff. I know I was going to post more about my life as an introvert at some point...but than, that would also be a good one to combine into one post about my life in Lake City. Hmm. I'm feeling inspired to write about that. I maybe start that somewhere and than post a finished product here. We'll see.

Yeah, this is fairly fragmented I know. That's what happens to my mind after midnight at the end of the week.

I sit here listening to Jars of Clay and Juliana Theory. "Hardest Things" by JT finished and now I am listening to "Worlds Apart" by JoC...my favorite song by them. There's something else I could write about--the effect various songs have had on me at approriate times of my life. For example, "World Apart" hit me my sophomore fall...many of you were beginning to get to know me at that time and also know this as a major semester of trials and such. I believe I also was introduced to the passage in the gospels where it talks about those who have a faith in Christ being broken on the rock but those without that faith being crushed. I think it was the first time I fully realized that I have to be broken to be molded into a new creation. Sometimes broken a lot. At any rate...these two ideas--asking God to take my world apart and asking God to be broken both were strong for me--I'm thinking it was early in the semester, maybe even before the heart stuff started. Hmm, I need to think on that timing a bit more.

Gotta love my brains flow eh?

I am going to leave off here for now and start to try a bit of writing on my lake city life.

Posted by Anna at January 31, 2004 01:03 AM