November 07, 2005

Super Suppers

I did the coolest thing tonight with Dr. S. Watson and a bunch of St Mike's Ladies. It's called Super Suppers and you go and prepare 6 or 12 meals for 2-3 or 4-6 people. Dr. W and I split at $100 each so that we could walk away with half portions (2-3 people) of all 12 meals. Ribs, pork tenderloins, turkey, chicken, stuffed pizza, pie, dressing, and all sorts of yummy things. The best part: no chopping and no cleaning up!!!! Plus, it's all prepared so that you just stick it in the oven one evening and voila! 12 meals with 2 hours of work--simply placing all the ingredients together. They provide everything, you just bring a laundry basket or large ice chest to carry your food away in. Plus they have hors d'ouevres and wine!

So now I have a few things in the fridge for the week and a full freezer of food waiting to be cooked over the next couple of weeks.


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