May 25, 2006

slow what?

So this was supposed to be a slower week for me, and somehow it isn't.

It has been really nice to be done with students after an hour in the morning though and than having the rest of the time to organize and clean up. I'm jotting down ideas as I go on how to be better at the whole organization thing next year. Yeah...if i don't lose that list of ideas...

Anyways. Monday afternoon I came back home to clean the kitchen and something else. Maybe apartment hunting. We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner at our place with friends and waching "Desparate Housewives." I also got to explain to the vice principal that I did not discuss the Da Vinci Code book or movie with my class but only referred to it and than stopped conversation about it so we could talk about the golden ratio which is mentioned in the book. Apparently a parent called and said I'd been talking about Da Vinci Code in class. I don't remember now. But the kitchen looked so nice for the whole two hours.... Tuesday afternoon I went duplex hunting in the paper, viewed an apartment (way smaller than Josh could bear), and picked up Josh to go see Da Vinci code with Watson's class and have dinner at Jap Tree after. The movie was good for a movie. (not oscar winning but not bad either). Jap Tree dinner was fine, and I had the perfect view of the reserved room and the powerpoint presentation therin. I had noticed in while ordering "The True story of Sodom and Gomorrah" as the title slide. While others discussed the movie I looked up and noticed that they were going through the slides. Quite interesting...a powerpoint about the development of the word homosexuality...and we found out later it was a group from some gay/lesbian church in Tyler. I didn't know the word "homosexual" meant so many things.... I scared a few people at the table because I'd look up and see something and either take in my breath or start laughing...

Wednesday, I worked through lunch so I could leave at 1 p.m. and have lunch with my tall friend Ashley and go wandering around town. We were going to look at two duplexes, but alas, they were both leased already since I had called the day before. So we had snowcones and rummaged the Book Barn, and a delicious lunch at Mama Moose Deli. We also did get to view an apartment that I rather liked for lots of reasons and took Josh too after he got off work. It's the only promising thing I've found so far in our quest to move away from the upstairs neighbors and smoky smell. This apartment did not smell like smoke, is not right on the parking lot (only bad if we are running in the rain), overlooks a golf course, the two bedrooms are separate, has a larger dining area and equivalent living room with a nice layout and nicer carpet. But, we haven't decided on moving there yet. There aren't many downsides that I can find. but it would mean $50 a month more in rent. (it's worth it to me to get away from the upstairs neighbors and smoky smell)

Today, i was going to go home and take a nap. But alas, I saw a set of apartments when leaving lunch at Catfish Village and just had to stop in. But they were out to lunch so I headed over and was inspired to get my hair trimmed and go shopping for a half hour. Back to the apartments only to discover nothing available (which sucks because they have ideal location for my job and they have 1 bedroom plus study available). oh well. and I was driving back home when I saw Midas and remembered that we needed the oil changed and front brakes checked. They checked my brakes and said they were fine, changed the oil, and as I was looking around saw "wiper replacement", replaced our wiper blades too. Then I really did make it home after one last stop at a different apartment complex to check on possible vacancies. No luck again.

I was depressed today as I verified my grades. I have a horrible passing rate this last six weeks. I hope the principal doesn't look too closely. I hate that I have to call parents on NINTH graders to try and "intervene" on their failing. They've got to learn some basic responsibility some time soon...and if we keep catering to the student they're going to learn the hard way in a few years. *sigh* I like teaching, but I don't like working.

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