April 03, 2004

where did my life go?

well. here i am again. it's been BUSY with all capital letters. and i enjoyed sleeping around 11 hours last night. A lot.

where did I leave off? Well let's see. Tuesday I spent much time preparing for my presentation on Wicca. and it went WELL. :-d we had lots of fun and good food at Dr. Carl's house. although I somehow managed to leave my purse behind in the street. THankfully, God must have watched over it for a few hours before I managed to go back and retrieve it and had no problems.

Wednesday. Other than classes and work all day long, I spent two and a half hours on a Woodring test before devos. Than, we tried to go for free food for a year at Chick-fil-a, but alas the line was already too long at midnight. I read an article the next day that said people were in line at 6:30 WEd morning for the 6:30 Thursday morning opening. So we came back and slept in our own beds. and that was quite nice.

Thursday. I worked, I went to class. My glasses broke so I used my lunch hour to take them to Wal-Mart only to have to pick out new frames. THankfully my lenses didn't break and thankfully it was a manufacturer defect and thankfully my glasses were still under warranty. and I like my new frames a whole lot more. I think they look better on me. but oh yeah, now i remember what kept my going going going on thursday. So i got out of class, got ready for my teacher education interview and than had to get the room clean. well, my room was in a state of chaos. so that took some time. and i had to start my laundry and eat dinner at which was the pie auction. and we walked away with yummy desserts. after dinner, i went to go get my glasses. we got back, and went to registration. we got dollar coffee at common grounds. i finished cleaning my room and than we went to practice reading papers for the conference the next day. and than i came back. and about cried at remembering that i hadn't done the grading for friday.

i woke up early friday morning and was at the conference at 8. Thankfully they had coffee there. I drank some. The first hour was kind of boring. But I chose well the first seminar session to attend. It was fantastic! Narnian education, Treebeard Philology, and Dark Tower as the Allegory of Lust. The session energized me. the next session was okay. and lunch was quite good along with the drama. the sessions i went to after lunch were okay. I was particularly impressed with the lady who spoke about Lewis's female characters and how Lewis really rather upheld the feminine ideal rather than being chauvinist.

and than it was my session to present. After having a slightly troubled practice the night before, I have been told that I did very well. I felt like I did well too. but even more so, all my other fellow students have also been praised and the ones I were able to see went quite excellently too. My quotes on powerpoint helped me to go more smoothly along and it helped me slow up my speed just a little bit. hooray for Dr. Olson's work with us last semester!

After quickly changing and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we went to Hootenanny. I didn't have a lot of expectations but I did end up enjoying myself. It wasn't as good overall as last year I would say, but I think that it was good for it's last minute prep and scheduling in a busy weekend. I also think that the judges awarded quite well those who received first, second, and third.

after hootenanny, i spent a relaxing hour reading with My Sweetest Heart and than we had a good chill out time with the crew with lots of chocolately goodness. YUMMMMM and we laughed and talked and laughed some more. and than I came back. and I went to bed. and I slept a wonderful 11 hours.

Now about that catch up grading to do and homework...

Posted by Anna at April 3, 2004 03:40 PM