July 06, 2005

23 more days

of Facility Services left to go. The apartment cleaning madness has begun. I spend all day cleaning apartments---scrubbing carpets, bathtubs, ovens, ya di ya di ya da......at least I have a good crew to work with and things can be somewhat entertaining....threats if anything is stolen...various items left up on refridgerators in bad taste...and the like. It isn't so bad....there is at least a little variety in what I do in any given hour....albeit some of these jobs are NASTY!!!! like, the ovens. But thank the Lord for EZ Off oven cleaner left overnight....it is your best friend....and the bathtubs.....it's sickening....and the toilets.....even more disgusting. I arm my hands in gloves and wage war on the dirt and grime and make myself forget that it'll all be dirty again when they move back in...and probably left to scum up again all before August....but it won't be our problem then...

So, we truck on. I'm going to go wash the nastiness away from my face and hair (the chemicals sometimes stay in the air and on then get on my face....) and put lots of moisturizing, healing hand cream on the hands (I discovered that the large disposable gloves are not long enough and stuff creeps inside making the gloves pointless)(I now have long happy yellow gloves to protect my poor hands.)

Sorry this isn't as interesting as the cheesecake photos :-)

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