July 04, 2005

Taste of Scholl's

Last night, a crew of gentlemen or ("my 5 dates") were treated to a homemade lasange dinner (I even made the sauce) and after Macbeth a homemade New York Cheesecake.

I slaved in our kitchen all yesterday afternoon, using my great Kitchen Aid mixer to create a cheesecake filling and getting my hands messy creating a shortbread crust. While that was cooking, I cooked up some tomato sauce for the lasagne and prepared the meat and noodles for layering. I discovered that our oven burns hotter than it is supposed to---when I got an extra toasty crust on my cheesecake on the minimum recommended time :-( and the cheescake got a nice dark brown layer on top (thankfully a very thin layer) instead of a lightly golden top. *sigh* It was still good though as I am sure the others shall testify. Everything was ready by 5. except our company, who had yet to arrive, but that's okay because it never hurts to let a lasange sit a little while.

We enjoyed dinner and than prepared to be off to Kilgore to see the play. and that was good too. But critique is not my area of expertise.

We came back the Scholl abode and I pulled out the cheesecake and blackberry filling (sadly, from a can...) and served up six slices of the cheesecake. The inside looked perfect. In fact, it was perfect...and very very rich. The crust even tasted good, and as I was eating, I noticed that only the very outer layer of the crust was dark brown....the inside crust was a happy golden color.

Finishing my cheesecake and remembering our recent purchase of a Fugi Finepix S3100, I grabbed the camera and took pictures of friends and food to show off....and maybe make a few people drool :-) (I'm still working on sizing...)

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