July 01, 2005

Casey--Rehab & Prayer Pager

From LU Site:

Prayer Pager for Casey Reneau
Many of you have been praying for Casey Reneau, one of our students who was seriously injured in a fall that has left her partially paralyzed. Casey has undergone back surgery and reconstructive surgery on her face. She is now at Baylor Rehab Center in Dallas. During the weeks she is in rehabilitation, we are asking for you to pray for her and in the process, let her and her family know that someone somewhere is praying for them.

LeTourneau University has been provided a “Prayer Pager” that the Reneau family has in their possession right now. When you call the toll free number listed below, the pager will ask you for the number you wish displayed and then vibrates for the family to see the phone number of someone who is praying. Hopefully, by forwarding this email to your prayer partners, the Reneau family will receive calls from all across our country. Can you imagine how blessed they will be each time the pager vibrates!

Please pray for Casey now and in the next few months and then give the pager a call to let them know we just visited with God about them.

So pray for her and call the pager # below.


It costs you nothing…but will mean everything to them right now.

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