May 10, 2006


Alright, so I know I promised the rest of the story some time ago.

We had fun at Senior banquet and than bumming at the ice cave until we decided sleep was good. It was only 10:00, but we were very tired after the really long day. I don't think I was that tired after my own wedding....

So after flipping a coin to decide who had to drive home, I lost and drove fell into bed into a deep sleep while Josh set the alarm so we could make it to graduation. I woke up and heard it raining at some point and thought--darnit. We figured graduation would be inside and thus it would be more important to arrive early...grabbed some good seats by Rachel who had been saving them for someone or another and noted that I would be able to take some good pictures of them getting diplomas. But alas, not ten minutes after sitting down we were asked to leave. It took me a bit to cajole Josh into going, and than reminding Rachel that she didn't need to leave because she was a spouse of a graduate.

After weaving our way to Belcher, and discovering that they weren't letting us in there until the graduates were gone...yet somehow people kept getting in past...I decided we should go. But there were all these people behind us. but hey, I'm smart and I had worked Solheim when cleaning with Facility Services last summer and I knew of a back exit from the dressing rooms. And away we went. Grabbed some goodies at a bakery and headed back to campus, snagging an even better parking spot at the library. Waited a bit, caught up with a few people and than decided we should at least try and see the recessional...but they weren't coming the way we thought. In fact, chaos reigned so I figured we could sneak around the back...and got to a good spot just as the liberal arts grads had already gone by. We at least got to wave at the engineering buddies Toad and Ziggy.

Than, to the library. Passed out cards, snapped pictures, blew bubbles and remembered other good pictures of certain persons blowing bubbles at my own wedding.

After snapping some good photos...or at least I hope...if someone would remember to email me the files from work....

we headed to lunch with Toad and his family at Texas Roadhouse. MMMmmmm, yummy yummy filet......

Headed back to campus and discovered the Wheelers.....this just should not have been and I marched off to order the Rachel off campus. After discovering my help really wasn't needed cleaning at Rachel's apartment and seeing the Wheelers off, I headed to the ice cave and tried to be of some help cleaning there. I was probably more in the way...and Josh broke the ceiling light cover...but oh well. Then we headed to Randy's apartment and bummed around a bit before getting dinner at Joe's. and then heading back home until it was time for drinks with the Toads and mom Toad and Danny. We went to Gerald's, the only non-smoking bar and partook of two rounds of drinks and had fun just chatting and what not. But we were hungry so we headed off to chili's and had a few appetizers before deciding more sleep would be good.

Sunday we awoke after blissful sleep and dragged ourselves over to the Toads to help them move out. They already had a lot done.....I helped with the cleaning and Josh dragged things down the stairs and we were done within two hours. So after going and getting one final lunch with them at Tele's, we said another round of goodbyes and went home to rest. Sweet sweet rest. In fact, I don't remember anything about what we did that afternoon--I think I read. After dinner and ice cream with Randy, we got some more sleep and another school week started. and our first anniversary

I went to school and got through the day waiting for the TAKS results to come my way...which did after school. I was bummed after looking at them, but it was my anniversary so I shrugged it off the best I could and picked up Josh. We had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster, ate some of wedding cake which I had thawed, watched Chronicles of Narnia, and drank our bottle of wine--Queen Anne's Revenge from the Duplin Winery. and went to bed. Oh and Josh bought me a keyboard so now my thigh muscles happily avoid the burning of the bottom of my laptop.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by like normal ole school days I think. It's all kinda blurry.... I have a week and a half left! I'm starting to keep my eye out for "now hiring" signs to find a summer job to keep myself amused. It has been quite an emotional weekend with a happy wedding and sad goodbyes...and I'll stop here. I have these wishful thoughts of posting some memories of the grads moved away soon, but we'll see. The end of the year is going to get busy really fast here as we wrap things up at school

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