May 16, 2006


almost done....almost done...almost done....

*tries to rememer exciting things*

Josh and I celebrated an anniversary getaway this last weekend in Pittsburg, TX at the Carson House Inn & Grille. It was lots of fun and we had fun seeing ugly architecture in Mt Pleasant (pictures coming soon....really) and enjoying an excellent meal with the newlywed Wheelers and seeing MI-3 and just hanging out in general. That's probably the most vacation we'll get together for awhile. *sigh* C'est la vie.

School is wrapping up. A third of my students failed the TAKS test, and about a third of those missed passing by 1-3 questions. I assigned an "Algebra Reflection Paper" to the students as the easy test grade this six weeks....I've had some really interesting papers. I also have a lot of students failing for the six weeks and I feel generally bummed about that. This week it's been really hard to keep the classes under control and that makes me feel like a really bad teacher. I will have to be stricter next year....but hey, this is only my first year and I think I have done a pretty decent job of it. I generally start getting depressive when I start having multiple migraines in a week....

We really don't have any news right now. We remembered to call our Mom's and we bought the cards way before it was time to send them...and then sent them late due to various distractions of the last two weeks. well, we mailed them out on Friday so the cards probably weren't going to get there in time for Mother's day.

Enough ramblings for now. We miss ya'll who have left us....hard getting used to not doing things like Sunday night dinner with LU folks and Tuesday night dinner with the Toads. *sigh* Oh well, time to start new traditions.

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