April 25, 2004

The week ahead

I have hope for this week. For example, my classes lately keep getting let out early with the encouragment to either eat, work, sleep, or whatever. One of my classes is cancelled tomorrow which means I'll have some extra time for working on the three major papers/assignments I have due Wed/Thur this week. Normally Josh and I attend Bible Study off campus on Monday nights. However, that was cancelled. Tuesday night cults class will be somewhat shorter than normal. Dr. J. gave us until Wed of final week to turn in our final work for the semester on the seminar paper instead of this Friday. I might just be able to sleep this week. I also have all my chapel credits, so attending chapel is a low priority this week (although I will be in chapel tomorrow since it has been strongly encouraged by my roommate that I attend.) While I haven't done the full amount of research for either of my papers due Thursday yet, I have gotten the hard part done in that I understand where I'm going with the paper and thus supporting research can be done to fine tune my points and add to the number of sources I have.

And while I seem to have hope for the week ahead, I realize that many of my other friends out there are going to be swamped and sleep deprived more than usual by the end. So I wish the best for all of you and pray every night that all of us survived with our "sanity."

Posted by Anna at April 25, 2004 11:12 PM