April 25, 2004


While I do think Pat Tillman deserves the respect and honor he is getting, I wonder what makes him more special than the many others who have died "in action" the last year. A big deal was made for the first number who died, otherwise we've just gotten the names of others in yet another news report. Did others die with Tillman in the same mission? (*goes to check the story*), or how about those who have died since in the last 24 hours?

In general this is something that bothers me. The fame and such that some people get at their death for the various circumstances. Yet there are so many others who died heroic deaths and do not get the same amount it seems other than by those closest to the deceased. I realize it'll always be this way and that's the way it goes with celebrities.

Maybe it's the part of me that wonders at every person's story. I don't think that's fully it though. I have issues with it sometimes on the local level too, such as the IMPACT bit. "These students sacrifice so much blah blah blah" when I can share stories of student leaders who aren't IMPACT and yet do more than some IMPACT persons I know.

It's the imbalance from my perspective that bothers me. And it grates me in even other areas, such as various causes involving suffering. Most can sympathize with someone who has experience a more physical or "harsher" tragedy while others may be suffering from something more subtle and of a "lesser" degree.

At any rate, I should go to bed now. I would like to go to church in the morning.

Posted by Anna at April 25, 2004 02:39 AM