November 10, 2007

Health Saga, Chapter Some Big Number?

Well, I had some blood work done at school about a month ago as part of a cheap screening. Having some results that weren't quite normal, I took the opportunity to set up an appointment with a new doctor so that I could actually have a "primary care physician" who is familiar with my medical history.

The good news is that I found a really good doctor who is very nice and will explain anything to me and doesn't treat me as if I'm some whining worrying hypochondriac. He explained all the unusual results to me--mostly a "you probably were sick with some virus>' But then he also warned me that by some standards, I could had a slight "pre-diabetic" blood sugar level and that I really need to work on losing weight and eating low-fat and exercise more to lower my bad cholesterol. He said that if I were a normal healthy human, my slightly elevated numbers could be generally tolerated. However, as you are all aware of, I'm not a normal healthy human being. I'm in okay shape right now because I have excellent good cholesterol, but I have to bring down that bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Given what little bit I know of my family history, it's possible that this is hereditary--really, why should Josh have good cholesterol and mine be bad? We all know his diet is WAY worse than mine....(even though he IS diabetic--but it is under control as far as he can tell...)

Oh, and he recommended trying a different dosage on the Nexium for my reflux issues, prescribed some medicine for emergencies on the nausea, and happy meds for emergencies with migraines--I've been having troubles for the last two weeks with bad headaches and migraines. So we're going to see if this is just an allergy phase of migraines and he's going to try and understand more about my heart arrythmia before we try preventive medicine--especially because I usually don't get migraines often enough to really go down that road.

Good thing I'd already started on the whole diet and exercise thing. I've lost 13 pounds so far :-D and I'll invest some of the money earned into the next challenged "Hold it off during the holidays".

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