November 25, 2005

Evil Friday

I am sitting here at home celebrating that I am not shopping on the black Friday of shopping. I hate crowds, and while there are clothes and such that I need--I can't bear the thought of all the people and the lines.

Thanksgiving was good--with fun times playing on the computer--all of us at Toad's, and AWESOME food. Molly makes a mean apple pie. and my pumpkin pie was the best I've ever made. (I swear it's the Kitchen Aid that helps me get the right consistency...)

I still haven't felt like I've caught up on sleep yet--but I've had to get up around 8 still every morning this week. Later than normal for me, but I'm in such a dead sleep when Josh drags me out of bed. I've been taking care of blood tests and such for the doctor over the last couple of days--felt sympathy for the poor young teenish kid going through a glucose test today.

I've gotten a few projects graded this morning. I can't make myself sit and do them in one round. So I grade 2 or 4 and than take a few minutes break and go back, or I take a longer break. Each one takes about 5 minutes and I have 20 more to only about two more hours of it.... rar.

Life with the month long heart monitor is fun. But this one is cooler because it doesn't make noise when i hit record and it auto-records the really unusual stuff. and I figure out that I can cancel the beeping after an auto-record with erasing it. This is good to know before I go back to school.....

and other than the stress of trying to set up an appointment with a neurologist locally, I enjoy being relaxed. Since I didn't get the appointment in Houston I decided I'd just get a referral to a local neuro. Well, they specifically want a local doctor to refer me not my Houston doctor. (good grief.) So I called the clinic where I normally first go with general sinus infections and stuff and they said they would call me back. not having heard from them in a few days, I went by this morning after getting blood drawn and shared my conundrum again. One of the nurses called me back, who is usually nice, and asked why I was being referred to a neuro. I explained about the muscle tremors and shakiness being unusual to a heart condition. She said they couldn't refer me because they hadn't seen me for it and I had to get my Houston dr to do it. She was being really rude. I mention again that they won't accept and out of town referral so now I have to go my Longview cardiologist and have him talk to my Houston EP and have the cardio refer me to a neuro. and of course with it being the Thanksgiving holiday I can't make any more calls until Monday. RARRRRRR! It's not that I'm looking forward to the extra costs of going to a neuro, but I'd really like to know whey I keep getting these tingling sensations in my arms and the tremors. If they hadn't been a new and frequent occurence I wouldn't push it any further. Grrrr. I don't want to waste the neurologist's time, and I'm tired of having my time wasted. okay. enought ranting.

and now, I shall post a few thoughts on worship.

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