November 25, 2005


A post made a couple of months ago on ego-centric praise songs got me thinking a lot about worship and different songs we sing at church and stuff. Something I've come to understand in the last couple of years is that worship is about giving glory to God, and so often we limit worship to the act of singing in church or chapel. Praying, service to others, and learning can all give glory to God depending on our attitude and motivation. Worship draws us closer to God. and as it seems to be with everything, everyone has their own unique way in getting close to God. Some revel in music, like me, and others enjoy learning and deep thinking. I enjoy this too, but music is the easiest pathway for me to connect to God--it's easier for me to focus with music and I am easily distracted during sermons and such when I try to focus on the material.

Songs too are very different in their nature, and I don't think that a song which doesn't specifically focus on God isn't worshipful. (That's a lot of negatives...) Anyways. There are songs that give glory to God by telling a story, testifying of what God has done. (such as "Amazing Grace") There are songs that are meant as encouragement to other Christians--as we are called to do. I think particularly of a song our music minister wrote for the installation of our now-gone rector. One of the best ways I receive encouragement is through music which is why I started to consider worship in a different way and why the comment-happy post got me thinking.

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