November 21, 2005

ye olde weekend

so we left for houston on saturday. arrived and relaxed with an aunt and uncle and cousins. Sunday visited my grandpa and then headed to Galveston where we wandered around and enjoyed good food in a fun atmosphere.

and then Today. The great visit the doctor day.

Arrived early and checked in and updated info. Was called in around 9. Didn't see doctor for a LONG time--probably around 11. He ordered multiple more tests and said see a neurologist because he was concerned about the shakiness and tremor symptoms. So in the next two hours I had an echo and stress test done, which were of course perfectly normal. and I walked away with another event monitor that is much more friendly and much smarter. It doesn't make annoying noise when I record, and it's programmed to record and strange events automatically. So here we go another month... we finished around 115, but waited around another 2.5 hours because they were trying to making an appt with a neuro down there. at 345 i told them I was going home and would find a doctor up here. I wasn't looking forward to another low sleep night next to sick snoring husband on and okay futon bed. and I was just ready to wave Houston goodbye again.

so that's the story for now.

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