October 28, 2004

In Which the Strangeness of Life is Observed

Life is strange, and often quirky.
For example, my most incredible suprise birthday party took place when I had been awake for 35 hours. The utter irony: surrounded by food, and barely able to get a few bites before falling unconscious. Fortunately, those bites included the most incredible brownie-chocolate things ever. Yum.
I also realized I've been socializing too much, and not spending enough time with people. I'm always chasing "the crew", counting on greater entertainment with a greater number of people. Oh, I do spend some quality time with Sharon, but by far most weekends are spent with at least five other people. I've been missing the great joy of one-on-one friendship, talking with someone on a more personal level. I'm surrounded by people who make great such friends, I'm just not taking advantage of it. So when I corner you in a dark alley, I just want to talk.
I've also noted a disturbing development among another smaller group. Specifically, Sharptiano, Scott, and Ziggy have really let me down. I've always admired their qualities: Sharptiano's death-blast, Scott's mind-control, and Ziggy's god-like powers. But yesterday night they were all bested by homework. Only I shared in the rich goodness of Walnut Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake. I win.

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October 21, 2004

LK2K and Moore

Inspired by Martinez and the Late Hour, I reached this obvious conclusion for the disturbing appearance of undone homework every morning.

The homework leprechauns are working overtime to bring me homework goodness. While I sleep, they sneak under my door and pile paper on my desk. When I awake in the morning I find oodles of homework, and in that early morning fog I assume it's stuff I forgot to do the night before. They're terribly clever and dreadfully evil.

I've considered sending them North to get some peace around here. Unfortunately, they don't like the northern climes. Too extreme for the tender dispositions. My next thought was to send them to Mexico, but they don't speak any Spanish. Right now I'm contemplating a swap for some Irish garden gnomes. I may have to de-gnome the lawn every month, but anything is better than these endless piles of poorly written homework I find every morning. The real problem is the transportation. Standard shipping just won't do, the leprechauns don't care for boxes, and those troublesome gnomes would beat their way out with their little picks and shovels. I was going to use my frequent flyer miles and send them coach class, but once again I had a run-in with airport security. Apparently there's a lower height limit... Next on my list of possibilities was a Arctic Trek. I had already bought my mittens when I discovered my little leprechauns were terrified at the very prospect of crossing the English Channel. When pressed for details, little Lucky only shrieks "I had a bad experience!" His little voice is so adorable.

Right now I'm contemplating a four-dimensional phase shift. If only I can trick those little rascals into putting their hats on inside out and upside down simultaneously, I'll only need to switch their shoes to send them four-dimensional. The major problem right now: my little green friends have assumed my antics are the effect of too little homework on my part. Thus I suddenly found myself enrolled in Numerical Analysis and Electronic Circuits I. (The packing tube experiments had nothing to do with it, I assure you.)

I'm heading to bed soon, as soon as I hook up this little desktop Leprechaun Killer 2000. It looks like a harmless snack until they touch it... Bother, I can't seem to find the LK2K. Oh! I didn't know I had a bag of peanut M&M's!

*falls to the floor*

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October 19, 2004

The Ruins of K'Narak

Ok, maybe it isn't K'Narak. But it's still cool.

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October 18, 2004

Re: Further Clarfication of Gotcha Week Rules

From: Ross, Corey
To: All Gotcha Week Participants
Re: Gotcha Week Rules

This is a note for all those signed up for GOTCHA week…
It begins tomorrow... Attached are the rules that will also be in your CPO tomorrow.
Remember, this game depends on you (1) being honest about getting hit, (2) being honest about your being “dead” until Midnight if you get hit by a target shooting in self-defense, and (3) you carrying your GOTCHA Slip at all times. Thanks for being a good sport and for playing based on the honor system.
Enjoy the game, Corey

From: Ross, Corey
To: All Gotcha Week Participants
Re: Gotcha Week Rule Clarification

Sorry to forget the attachment…I HATE it when that happens.
Also, I’ve had a question about #2 below. The rule is listed in the attachment, so that might help. If shooter A shoots at target B and MISSES, target B can shoot at shooter A in self-defense. If hit by target B, shooter A is then unable to try shooting target B again until after midnight. Shooter A is still able to be shot by their assassin, though.
Hope this makes sense. J Moral of the story: sneak up, and make your “hit” count!
Have fun… Corey

From: Moore, David
To: Ross, Corey
Re: Further Clarification of the Gotcha Week Rules

Sorry to ask, but I need some more clarification.
What if a sees b sneaking about, and a knows b knows a is there. Can b shoot a before a b shoots him? And suppose a b shot a other b 23 hours earlier. Is a b still allowed to shoot the a a that wants to shoot him? What can a b be doing if he's out but a a shoots him anyway. Can a b be knocked out again before a b finishes his 24 hours? In short, if a b is an a to another b, can that be b b while he's not a b or a a? Please help me sort this out, I'm terribly confused.
Thanks, David Moore

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Reply: 12:39 am
From: Ross, Corey
To: Moore, David
Re: Re: Further Clarification of the Gotcha Week Rules
No problem at all... The idea is that they can only shoot in defense...
As for all your scenarios, don't make it more complicated than it is.
:) Just be sneaky and aim well and this will never be an issue. With
the combination of not capitalizing A's and B's and not always using the
article "an," I'm too confused to read your scenarios.
I hope this helps a little bit. If you have further questions, please
contact TimDygert@letu.edu. He'll be able to help you out a little
more. ;)

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October 09, 2004

Moore Dreams

I had a wierd dream last night from which I awoke only minutes ago.

I was myself, as usual, and I was going to Ziggy's family's house with a bunch of people I knew. I know Anna and Ziggy were two, but I have no ID on the others. Ziggy was saying we could walk, as he always walked and it only took about an hour. I had RPG books with me, not sure if they were GURPS or DnD. Anna volunteered to drive and make the trip much shorter. Ziggy noted that this would make it much shorter than usual. We drove to the house.

The house was crazy and cool. It was in the country on the edge of a little town. It was made entirely of rail-road tie like beams of wood. It had many levels and walkways, and large complexes surrounding each bedroom. I had a lots of fun figuring out how things were laid out and wondering how the thing stayed up. It was like a glorified tree fort house.

As I wandered about the house, I came upon a bunch of Ziggy's brothers drinking apple juice. They had a lot of it, so I joined in. We bummed around on the stairs from the balcony above one room and drank it down. They told me neat things about the house. I saw Ziggy's little brother playing with the wooden Eskimo house. Then he went over to the barn that resembled and old western store front. He flipped around a bunch of wooden panels on the front, changing the name from something or other to "Church".

Then it was time to play DnD. I got my stuff and we set off to the lower end on the west side to use a room in the house for DnD. We got there and found a room with the same number as a room on the other side of the house. Ziggy said that was strange, he didn't know his house had duplicate room numbers. Unfortunately, the door was locked. We went further towards the west end looking for a room to use, but the family restaurant had just opened for lunch, and there were people in long rows at a bar eating food as Ziggy's Mom (mainly seen as an incredible food maker) rushed about with food. Ziggy thought we might be able to sneak into a back room even though things were busy there, so we opened a small round hatch about three feet high. We were going to climb through it. Just as we started to, sugar came pouring towards us from a hole in the side of the tube a few feet ahead. We tried to push it back and get the hole closed, but there was a heck of a lot of it. We yelled, and Ziggy's Mom came around the corner of the hall (not the tube.) We were lightly reprimanded for opening the tube and she helped us push the sugar back and start to close the door. Just then a huge wave of sugar came pouring in from above. We called out for the pourer to stop, but he didn't hear us. We were swamped in pounds of sugar. Finally the pouring stopped. The pourer, Ziggy's big older brother, came down from above were he had been unloading it from a big red pickup truck. He helped us force the lid closed (it was hinged at the bottom) and we sealed it off. Ziggy and I were covered in sugar and very sticky. We went to get cleaned up. Ziggy had extra shoes around the house, but I didn't have any clean ones. Fortuantely, my room was nearby, so I grabbed them quickly.

I was still at a loss as to where we would play DnD, but Ziggy had an idea. The Ziggy family had bought a house long ago in the town, two houses down from their own on the edge of town. We hurried out the West exit. The house was a small two-story, and as we moved towards it, I realized I ought to check what time it was. It was 11:08, so I woke up.

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October 08, 2004

Ask the Man in the Hat

Dr. Norman Geisler regaled us with tales of morality.
If you didn't "dig his style", perhaps our Men in Hats will please you.
I would rather be an intelligent skeptic than a gullible believer.
At least I'd know I wasn't right.

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October 07, 2004

Hello? IT?

The First Exchange:
Your network port has been deactivated due to unauthorized access to Faculty/Staff computers.

Our Hero responds valiantly:
Our firm yet chivalrous Hero: Hello IT. I need my 'net back. Please....
IT: You must... speak with the Ethan... Torgo watches over things while the Ethan is away.
Our lionhearted and indomitable Hero: Have no fear! I shall confront your leader!
IT: Click.

The Dark Voice Replies:
Our audacious yet benevolent Hero: I summon you, Ethan of the IT!
IT: It is not the Ethan's job to plug or unplug. We only does as we is told.
Our just yet gracious Hero: Then I shall not destroy you... this time! Tell me, who is your true master?
IT: We cannot speak the name of him-we-do-not-name...
Our refractory yet tenacious Hero: You are the servant of the Bowser? I shall challenge him in single combat!
IT: Click.

Our idealistic yet practical Hero Pursues Destiny:
OoSA: Who dares to call upon the Dark One?
Our bold yet merciful Hero: It is I, our defiant and noble Hero!
OoSA: You'll have to make an appointment. Unfortunately I've got a wedding to plan, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped.
Our daring yet dawdling Hero: Then I shall appear tomorrow, at 3:30, and demand an audience! Think not that you shall escape my Wrath!

And so our gallant hero seeks to restore to himself his rightful bandwidth. Will he survive his journey to the palace of the Dark One? Will he do battle with the dreaded half-cactus desk chair? Will he wrest his access from that Dark Hand? Will the kilobytes flow like water again?

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October 04, 2004


Electronics I hates me.

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