October 18, 2004

Re: Further Clarfication of Gotcha Week Rules

From: Ross, Corey
To: All Gotcha Week Participants
Re: Gotcha Week Rules

This is a note for all those signed up for GOTCHA week…
It begins tomorrow... Attached are the rules that will also be in your CPO tomorrow.
Remember, this game depends on you (1) being honest about getting hit, (2) being honest about your being “dead” until Midnight if you get hit by a target shooting in self-defense, and (3) you carrying your GOTCHA Slip at all times. Thanks for being a good sport and for playing based on the honor system.
Enjoy the game, Corey

From: Ross, Corey
To: All Gotcha Week Participants
Re: Gotcha Week Rule Clarification

Sorry to forget the attachment…I HATE it when that happens.
Also, I’ve had a question about #2 below. The rule is listed in the attachment, so that might help. If shooter A shoots at target B and MISSES, target B can shoot at shooter A in self-defense. If hit by target B, shooter A is then unable to try shooting target B again until after midnight. Shooter A is still able to be shot by their assassin, though.
Hope this makes sense. J Moral of the story: sneak up, and make your “hit” count!
Have fun… Corey

From: Moore, David
To: Ross, Corey
Re: Further Clarification of the Gotcha Week Rules

Sorry to ask, but I need some more clarification.
What if a sees b sneaking about, and a knows b knows a is there. Can b shoot a before a b shoots him? And suppose a b shot a other b 23 hours earlier. Is a b still allowed to shoot the a a that wants to shoot him? What can a b be doing if he's out but a a shoots him anyway. Can a b be knocked out again before a b finishes his 24 hours? In short, if a b is an a to another b, can that be b b while he's not a b or a a? Please help me sort this out, I'm terribly confused.
Thanks, David Moore

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From: Ross, Corey
To: Moore, David
Re: Re: Further Clarification of the Gotcha Week Rules
No problem at all... The idea is that they can only shoot in defense...
As for all your scenarios, don't make it more complicated than it is.
:) Just be sneaky and aim well and this will never be an issue. With
the combination of not capitalizing A's and B's and not always using the
article "an," I'm too confused to read your scenarios.
I hope this helps a little bit. If you have further questions, please
contact TimDygert@letu.edu. He'll be able to help you out a little
more. ;)

Posted by Moore at October 18, 2004 12:28 AM