October 09, 2004

Moore Dreams

I had a wierd dream last night from which I awoke only minutes ago.

I was myself, as usual, and I was going to Ziggy's family's house with a bunch of people I knew. I know Anna and Ziggy were two, but I have no ID on the others. Ziggy was saying we could walk, as he always walked and it only took about an hour. I had RPG books with me, not sure if they were GURPS or DnD. Anna volunteered to drive and make the trip much shorter. Ziggy noted that this would make it much shorter than usual. We drove to the house.

The house was crazy and cool. It was in the country on the edge of a little town. It was made entirely of rail-road tie like beams of wood. It had many levels and walkways, and large complexes surrounding each bedroom. I had a lots of fun figuring out how things were laid out and wondering how the thing stayed up. It was like a glorified tree fort house.

As I wandered about the house, I came upon a bunch of Ziggy's brothers drinking apple juice. They had a lot of it, so I joined in. We bummed around on the stairs from the balcony above one room and drank it down. They told me neat things about the house. I saw Ziggy's little brother playing with the wooden Eskimo house. Then he went over to the barn that resembled and old western store front. He flipped around a bunch of wooden panels on the front, changing the name from something or other to "Church".

Then it was time to play DnD. I got my stuff and we set off to the lower end on the west side to use a room in the house for DnD. We got there and found a room with the same number as a room on the other side of the house. Ziggy said that was strange, he didn't know his house had duplicate room numbers. Unfortunately, the door was locked. We went further towards the west end looking for a room to use, but the family restaurant had just opened for lunch, and there were people in long rows at a bar eating food as Ziggy's Mom (mainly seen as an incredible food maker) rushed about with food. Ziggy thought we might be able to sneak into a back room even though things were busy there, so we opened a small round hatch about three feet high. We were going to climb through it. Just as we started to, sugar came pouring towards us from a hole in the side of the tube a few feet ahead. We tried to push it back and get the hole closed, but there was a heck of a lot of it. We yelled, and Ziggy's Mom came around the corner of the hall (not the tube.) We were lightly reprimanded for opening the tube and she helped us push the sugar back and start to close the door. Just then a huge wave of sugar came pouring in from above. We called out for the pourer to stop, but he didn't hear us. We were swamped in pounds of sugar. Finally the pouring stopped. The pourer, Ziggy's big older brother, came down from above were he had been unloading it from a big red pickup truck. He helped us force the lid closed (it was hinged at the bottom) and we sealed it off. Ziggy and I were covered in sugar and very sticky. We went to get cleaned up. Ziggy had extra shoes around the house, but I didn't have any clean ones. Fortuantely, my room was nearby, so I grabbed them quickly.

I was still at a loss as to where we would play DnD, but Ziggy had an idea. The Ziggy family had bought a house long ago in the town, two houses down from their own on the edge of town. We hurried out the West exit. The house was a small two-story, and as we moved towards it, I realized I ought to check what time it was. It was 11:08, so I woke up.

Posted by Moore at October 9, 2004 11:30 AM