November 30, 2004

Breakthrough: Iran to Aim Smaller Warheads at Euro Cities

(2004-11-26) -- After a week of tough negotiating by France, Germany and Britain, the Islamic Republic of Iran has conceded to reduce the size of nuclear warheads it will use in the eventual bombing of Paris, Berlin and London.

"Iran blinked," said French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier, who is a man. "We have achieved everything we wanted in these negotiations. Our capital cities will be spared to a certain degree and Iran has pledged to stop enriching uranium, while retaining 20 operating centrifuges, and continuing to process plutonium. This is a great victory of diplomacy."

A spokesman for Iran's President Mohammad Khatami said, "The Europeans are vigorous negotiators, and we have made deep concessions. The eventual survivors in Paris, Berlin and London will express gratitude to Allah when they compare their lot with the fate of Jerusalem and New York."

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November 22, 2004

Work, Commitments, and Entertainment

These past weeks have been a rush of things that must be done and things that are incredibly fun. Fortunately, I seem to have completed my commitments while still snagging several very fun experiences.
The World of Warcraft open beta served to delight and entertain me for many hours during the 10 days I played it. The immersive world and steady company of friends and strangers proved to be an experience I shall not soon forget.
I spent many hours working away at a web page for Digital Electronics. It is all about digital radio, which is something of a minor fascination for me. I worked on the digital radio implementation project all summer at HCJB.
I have also been rather busy with the creation of brochures and planning of the chapel for Spring Break missions. Please note that I accept no blame for these items, only praise.
When the WoW beta ended, I was left in a void of RPG-less-ness. I have been nursed back to health by the goodness of Icewind Dale II, courtesy of Gallagher.
These varied diversions have served to fill in the edges of my already cluttered life. Perhaps they have even caused a bit of overflow into that hallowed time of sleep. I realize my work load is far below that of many, for indeed I rarely get less than five hours of sleep. Regardless, they were full weeks for me.
I shall end with another promise of a "really cool post". These promises are something of vaporware on this blog, but this time I "really mean it". I shall produce a post detailing my great adventures in that virtual online world of Warcraft. Therein I shall discuss the joys, wonders, and dangers of MMORPG's. This time of reflecting will bring introspection and self-cognizance to all who read it. Upon finishing it, you shall feel older, wiser, and subtly witty. So wait with expectation, all readers of this blog!

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November 08, 2004

Death of a Computer

Last week the National Consortium of Computers agreed unanimously to declare a "Hate on Moore" week. The festivities included random beeping instead of booting, sudden LCD backlight burn-out, and catastrophic hard-drive failure.
Inspired by the example of higher technology, the BRTLF (Banana Republic Truck Liberation Front) announced it's own "Hate the Moore" day. The Leading Truck participated by refusing to run shortly after its return from a trip to Tyler early Saturday morning.
Local law enforcement is working to bring the "Haters" into line. Victim D. Moore has reportedly been searching for a Windows XP Pro CD. His own CD participated in the festivities and has not been seen since a night of heavy drinking last Wednesday.
Please report any suspicious computer activity via this link.

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November 01, 2004

Now falls the Sun

Now falls the sun through darkening skies,
I watch from earth, my shadow flies,

That glowing fire that lit my day,
Has passed its route, and had its way,

Now willingly it yields its throne,
To other powers less well known,

As if it knows it yields to night,
It offers up a glorious sight,

The sky is splashed in glorious paint,
No human hand would aught but taint,

A glowing hearth, a blazing star,
A bloodied head, a precious scar,

As valiant day gave way to night,
It lit the sky with glorious light,

The colors ran, the day was done,
The night had come, and I lived on,

As fell the sun, through glorious skies,
I watched from earth, before my eyes,

The darkness came and covered all,
And I was left give the call,

Night is dark, and darkness long,
But soon His hand will bring the dawn.


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