September 30, 2004

Where Can He Be?

Moore hasn't been posting.
Why? Lots of answers:
1 - He has no 'net connection in his room because IT shut him down and he's too lazy / busy to bother to get it back up. Plus he wastes less time now.
2 - He went to Illinois last Tuesday, the day his 'net connection got nipped. It sucked. The resulting homework pile-up sucked.
3 - He has been hopelessly addicted to "Dead Like Me", a TV show about dead people. Naturally, it was Randy who hooked him on this kicker.

Yet, despite these problems he is highly motivated to make a real post sometime soon. Reasons:
1 - He has some great pictures from the Illinois trip.
2 - He would enjoy a short and public rant on said trip.
3 - He enjoys sharing his deep and insightful viewpoint on life, food, and geraniums in general.

Posted by Moore at 04:42 PM

September 15, 2004

Much Madness

My life feels like the Flight of the Bumble-bee. Except without the honey. Or the bee. Or the sunny outside-time in a hammock.
I hurry to classes. I hurry to the Hive. I hurry to more classes. I hurry through homework. Sometimes I even hurry to bed. My week generally lacks non-hurriedness. Thus I present-
The Issue: I don't like being hurried.
The Culprits: Drs. Ortiz, Kim, Leiffer, Johnson, and Erickstadt.
The Solutions:
1. Go to Australia.
2. Shoot someone. Anyone.
3. Clone myself. Then force my new self to do the work while my old self (me) sleeps, reads, and generally enjoys making and eating cookies in my apartment like a normal human being.
4. Get organized.
The Conclusion:
I don't have the cash to go to Australia. I don't have the cash to buy bullets, much less a gun. I don't have cash for cloning experiments (and I sure don't want a vindictive clone of myself chasing me through the sub-sahara desert.) Thus, I must start setting aside times to do my work, go to classes, and make my cookies.
Bother. Getting organized isn't has fun as the alternatives.

Posted by Moore at 01:51 PM

September 09, 2004

Another Night with The Man

I don't think I will ever cease to enjoy World Literature Through Film every Thursday night with Dr. Solganick. In the spirit of joviality I would like to share a few of tonight's greatest lines.
"Or, as my hero Freud says..." - Dr. Solganick
"Immediately my Freudian mind took over." - Dr. Solganick
"That's my shower theme, 'I'm Julie Andrews!'" - Dr. Solganick
May the joy of such nights live on in our hearts and Id's.

Posted by Moore at 11:34 PM

September 08, 2004


Where has my time gone? To homework-land.
When shall it return? Who can tell?
Will there be cookies when it does? Yes!

Posted by Moore at 07:17 AM