June 29, 2005

Off to Chicago

I am heading out for the week/weekend to see the beautiful Sharon. We will go to "Taste of Chicago" food-thinger in Chicago. We will have fun and do stuff with the family. I'm not sure what all we will do, but it will be fun.
And I won't pine for WoW...

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June 28, 2005

Brother's Wedding

Here are some pictures from my brother Enoch's wedding. It was wierd/good. He is my first brother to get married. See my previous post for details.
This is perhaps my favorite picture:
For some reason, Firefox hates the photographer's page I have linked, so I had to use IE to see it properly.

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June 23, 2005

Batmobile in Chicago

Someone crashed into the batmobile while it was in Chicago for the filming of Batman Begins.
This footage was also shot in Chicago as the batmobile came rolling down a downtown venue.

*edited to reduce inanity

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June 21, 2005

I Don't Care

I don't care if you're not a WoW Priest. If you have ever played computer games, seen their FAQ's, or visited a forum anywhere, you will be shouting "Yes!" to this Guide to Not Posting Your Inane Crap.
Quote: "The goal of this FAQ is for you to shut up."

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Further Happenings

Life continues, as you have all noted. My shoulder is healing well. I contracted a little poision ivy from my younger brother. I have consumed copious amounts of Intertestamental Literature.
I am having fun building a linux box that runs off a compact-flash ide device. Right now I'm seeking to install a live linux so that it treats the "hard-drive" like a cd and keeps it read-only.
I'm still experiencing World of Warcraft withdrawal. I keep getting great quest ideas and finding items I want. The various forums and Thottbot continually draw me in.
Food is in good supply, I don't expect to starve this summer.
Ardith, please buy me a nice laptop with a big screen and a good video card. It needs to have a wireless G card as well. I need it to play WoW where my parents can't see me. Thanks.
Time to beat on the linux box again... maybe I can run WoW under Wine...

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June 15, 2005

In Which a villainous mis-handled axe deprives our hero of Ice-Cream

In classic summer style I have fulfilled my obligation to be injured during my vacation. I'm not dead, maimed, or severely wounded, so lets not have any fainting spells.
The short story is as follows. This morning I went with my brothers, my old cross-country coach, and a bunch of young high-school guys to a nice forested area. There we worked on clearing a trail through the forest for next year's cross-country course. I used a machete and had a lot of fun. Other utilized scythes, clippers or saws. One kid wielded an axe. We worked from 9 in the morning until noon. We took a break for lunch and then resumed our work. By 2 o'clock we were tired out. We decided to walk the route we planned to clear next Monday. I brought my machete to mark the way and the axe-wielder carried his axe along too, swinging it at trees as he passed along. For the first few minutes my brother Peter kept people back from me so I needn't constantly watch my backswings with the machete. With time, however, Peter wandered off and unbeknownst to me, the axe-fiend crept nearer. As I paused beneath an old pine to mark our way I suddenly felt a crushing pain on my left shoulder. I decided to sit down, quickly.
The axe-fiend apologized, and as no blood was readily apparent, he went crashing on his way. I careful moved my arm through its range of motion and determined it had no broken bones. It seemed only bruised, and I assumed I had only been hit by the blunt of the axe-head. When we returned to the road some minutes later I noticed some blood seeping through my dual-layered shirts. Further and later analysis revealed a 1 inch gash mid-shoulder that penetrates to the bone immediately beneath the skin. My wonderful mother has patched me and I sit now on the couch using the laptoppy to blog. My arm complains of any demand to support itself, and the main pain-inducing injury seems to be the bruise. Unfortunately there are several major problems. Getting the lid off of a half-gallon of ice-cream generally requires two hands. I shan't be able to do more path clearing this coming Monday. I shall not be able to compete in the Buchin National Weightlifting Competition this Saturday.
All is not lost, however. I have high hopes of a great scar.

Updates will be posted as the situation develops. Pictures will also be forthcoming, albeit linked so those of faint heart need not view them. Have a great afternoon and steer clear of axe-wielding fiends!

After extensive testing it was determined that I can still open half-gallons of ice-cream. Also, the wound is nicely closed and doesn't hurt as much. All seems to be well. I will keep you updated on the status of the ice-cream as the situation develops.

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June 13, 2005

I Have Returned

After a delightful weekend with Sharon here at my family's house, I now face the prospect of another normal week.
The weekend itself was great, we journeyed all over northern Indiana, watched the Robots movie, and visited Ice-Cream is Happiness.
Sunday evening I returned Sharon to her home and developed a sore throat. I stayed at her house that night and finished the week's Intertestamental Period homework. This morning I returned and spent most of the day recovering from my very sore throat.
In this time of boredom and idleness I read Forward the Mage, a book I am sure all Ice-Caver's are familiar with. You will recall Scholl's oft-read Civil War in the Mutt. A very fun book, but I was forced to stifle my laughter lest my family members request a hearing. This is a very Schollish book, and is thus not entirely appropriate for our younger audiences.

Having finished the work I must now keep it out of sight until I can return it to the library lest my younger siblings happen upon it in a fit of curiosity. Meanwhile, I shall get some sleep and attempt to get actual work done tomorrow.
Oh, and all you programmers out there should check out Google's sponsorship of A Summer of Code. Applications end tomorrow.

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June 08, 2005

In Honor of Someone I Know


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Sadness and Joy

The Moore is sad because the parents have enforced a decree. There shall be no more than 1 hour of gaming each Wednesday and 4 hours each Saturday.
In light of this mandate there is no real reason to keep my World of Warcraft account active for the remainder of the summer. The second month would begin Friday.
Before the end of adventuring, however, I am allowed 5 final hours today. Thus I shall attempt to reach level 60 from level 33, averaging 5.3 or so levels per hour.

On a much happier note, Sharon is visiting this weekend. She is arriving Thursday and I get to see her until Sunday! There are lots of things to do, and I fully intend to make a trip to "Icecream is Happiness", my favorite area restaurant.
Good things and bad things... that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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June 04, 2005

Phone Blogging

I am blogging this from a phone at my local Verizon store. Ardith, please buy me one. Meanwhile my Dad gets his legit phone working and 3 of my brothers terrorize the shop. Clearly I win.
Oh, Scholl would hate this, the qwerty pad is the size of an eraser. Each key is about the size of a large grain of rice.

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June 02, 2005

Big Day

Much has transpired since I last blogged. I've held a pseudo-job, and after some time and thought, dropped it. You don't want to know.
Geekiness dictates I announce I am level 29 in World of Warcraft.
I visited Sharon last weekend and had a great time. I also saw her older brother Kenny.
I have installed Fedora Core 3 (linux) on my system and when I wanted to install an app I realized why I love Debian. I am downloading it now.
Finally and most importantly, my eldest brother Enoch is getting married today.

He is my first brother to marry, and I think a short eulogy for him is in order. Enoch holds a difficult position as oldest brother. We all watched (and to some extent continue to watch) him as an example. But what I will remember most when he is gone is what a good friend he was. He would take me to movies we'd chat about games, girlfriends, jobs, and life. He is a laser-tag master. He always beat us all in network games, beginning with the first we ever played, Descent 2. He actually caught fish when we went fishing, and when we would go to the woods he would move like a deer, not making noise or disturbing anything. I will always remember rafting down the Elkhart river in our milk-bottle raft and discovering an unwanted dam. I will miss his treatises on where tanks ought to be hit for the best chance of taking them down in World War II Online. His knowledge of how to fix Golfs will be quite a loss, but at least I will continue to receive phone calls from Alaska detailing his adventures of ice and strange animals.
In short, Enoch's main roll is changing from Brother to Husband, and I am sure he will continue to excel in his new capacity. Good luck Enoch, I can't wait to see what new adventures await you.

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