June 21, 2005

Further Happenings

Life continues, as you have all noted. My shoulder is healing well. I contracted a little poision ivy from my younger brother. I have consumed copious amounts of Intertestamental Literature.
I am having fun building a linux box that runs off a compact-flash ide device. Right now I'm seeking to install a live linux so that it treats the "hard-drive" like a cd and keeps it read-only.
I'm still experiencing World of Warcraft withdrawal. I keep getting great quest ideas and finding items I want. The various forums and Thottbot continually draw me in.
Food is in good supply, I don't expect to starve this summer.
Ardith, please buy me a nice laptop with a big screen and a good video card. It needs to have a wireless G card as well. I need it to play WoW where my parents can't see me. Thanks.
Time to beat on the linux box again... maybe I can run WoW under Wine...

Posted by Moore at June 21, 2005 11:14 AM