June 02, 2005

Big Day

Much has transpired since I last blogged. I've held a pseudo-job, and after some time and thought, dropped it. You don't want to know.
Geekiness dictates I announce I am level 29 in World of Warcraft.
I visited Sharon last weekend and had a great time. I also saw her older brother Kenny.
I have installed Fedora Core 3 (linux) on my system and when I wanted to install an app I realized why I love Debian. I am downloading it now.
Finally and most importantly, my eldest brother Enoch is getting married today.

He is my first brother to marry, and I think a short eulogy for him is in order. Enoch holds a difficult position as oldest brother. We all watched (and to some extent continue to watch) him as an example. But what I will remember most when he is gone is what a good friend he was. He would take me to movies we'd chat about games, girlfriends, jobs, and life. He is a laser-tag master. He always beat us all in network games, beginning with the first we ever played, Descent 2. He actually caught fish when we went fishing, and when we would go to the woods he would move like a deer, not making noise or disturbing anything. I will always remember rafting down the Elkhart river in our milk-bottle raft and discovering an unwanted dam. I will miss his treatises on where tanks ought to be hit for the best chance of taking them down in World War II Online. His knowledge of how to fix Golfs will be quite a loss, but at least I will continue to receive phone calls from Alaska detailing his adventures of ice and strange animals.
In short, Enoch's main roll is changing from Brother to Husband, and I am sure he will continue to excel in his new capacity. Good luck Enoch, I can't wait to see what new adventures await you.

Posted by Moore at June 2, 2005 08:17 AM