June 13, 2005

I Have Returned

After a delightful weekend with Sharon here at my family's house, I now face the prospect of another normal week.
The weekend itself was great, we journeyed all over northern Indiana, watched the Robots movie, and visited Ice-Cream is Happiness.
Sunday evening I returned Sharon to her home and developed a sore throat. I stayed at her house that night and finished the week's Intertestamental Period homework. This morning I returned and spent most of the day recovering from my very sore throat.
In this time of boredom and idleness I read Forward the Mage, a book I am sure all Ice-Caver's are familiar with. You will recall Scholl's oft-read Civil War in the Mutt. A very fun book, but I was forced to stifle my laughter lest my family members request a hearing. This is a very Schollish book, and is thus not entirely appropriate for our younger audiences.

Having finished the work I must now keep it out of sight until I can return it to the library lest my younger siblings happen upon it in a fit of curiosity. Meanwhile, I shall get some sleep and attempt to get actual work done tomorrow.
Oh, and all you programmers out there should check out Google's sponsorship of A Summer of Code. Applications end tomorrow.

Posted by Moore at June 13, 2005 09:50 PM