May 25, 2006

slow what?

So this was supposed to be a slower week for me, and somehow it isn't.

It has been really nice to be done with students after an hour in the morning though and than having the rest of the time to organize and clean up. I'm jotting down ideas as I go on how to be better at the whole organization thing next year. Yeah...if i don't lose that list of ideas...

Anyways. Monday afternoon I came back home to clean the kitchen and something else. Maybe apartment hunting. We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner at our place with friends and waching "Desparate Housewives." I also got to explain to the vice principal that I did not discuss the Da Vinci Code book or movie with my class but only referred to it and than stopped conversation about it so we could talk about the golden ratio which is mentioned in the book. Apparently a parent called and said I'd been talking about Da Vinci Code in class. I don't remember now. But the kitchen looked so nice for the whole two hours.... Tuesday afternoon I went duplex hunting in the paper, viewed an apartment (way smaller than Josh could bear), and picked up Josh to go see Da Vinci code with Watson's class and have dinner at Jap Tree after. The movie was good for a movie. (not oscar winning but not bad either). Jap Tree dinner was fine, and I had the perfect view of the reserved room and the powerpoint presentation therin. I had noticed in while ordering "The True story of Sodom and Gomorrah" as the title slide. While others discussed the movie I looked up and noticed that they were going through the slides. Quite interesting...a powerpoint about the development of the word homosexuality...and we found out later it was a group from some gay/lesbian church in Tyler. I didn't know the word "homosexual" meant so many things.... I scared a few people at the table because I'd look up and see something and either take in my breath or start laughing...

Wednesday, I worked through lunch so I could leave at 1 p.m. and have lunch with my tall friend Ashley and go wandering around town. We were going to look at two duplexes, but alas, they were both leased already since I had called the day before. So we had snowcones and rummaged the Book Barn, and a delicious lunch at Mama Moose Deli. We also did get to view an apartment that I rather liked for lots of reasons and took Josh too after he got off work. It's the only promising thing I've found so far in our quest to move away from the upstairs neighbors and smoky smell. This apartment did not smell like smoke, is not right on the parking lot (only bad if we are running in the rain), overlooks a golf course, the two bedrooms are separate, has a larger dining area and equivalent living room with a nice layout and nicer carpet. But, we haven't decided on moving there yet. There aren't many downsides that I can find. but it would mean $50 a month more in rent. (it's worth it to me to get away from the upstairs neighbors and smoky smell)

Today, i was going to go home and take a nap. But alas, I saw a set of apartments when leaving lunch at Catfish Village and just had to stop in. But they were out to lunch so I headed over and was inspired to get my hair trimmed and go shopping for a half hour. Back to the apartments only to discover nothing available (which sucks because they have ideal location for my job and they have 1 bedroom plus study available). oh well. and I was driving back home when I saw Midas and remembered that we needed the oil changed and front brakes checked. They checked my brakes and said they were fine, changed the oil, and as I was looking around saw "wiper replacement", replaced our wiper blades too. Then I really did make it home after one last stop at a different apartment complex to check on possible vacancies. No luck again.

I was depressed today as I verified my grades. I have a horrible passing rate this last six weeks. I hope the principal doesn't look too closely. I hate that I have to call parents on NINTH graders to try and "intervene" on their failing. They've got to learn some basic responsibility some time soon...and if we keep catering to the student they're going to learn the hard way in a few years. *sigh* I like teaching, but I don't like working.

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May 22, 2006


So, it's a bit unofficial whether or not the teacher across the hall from me is also leaving now....but people keep coming by my room to tease me in how next year I will be the senior member of the 9th grade math in, I'm the only 9th grade math teacher staying on next year.....

I was fairly productive today in starting my room clean-up. It's amazing how I avoid organizing the piles of papers that need organization....but yet, i keep on avoiding them. :-) I plan on bringing home the extra papers in boxes to organize this summer. Because there won't be any air conditioning in the school after this week. Course, I may get them organized before Friay. HAH.

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May 20, 2006

found it...

accidentally had it in drafts at the main blog...

"If I lose a few d's...."

in this post, please forgive me. the "d" key on this new keyboard of mine isn't always working very properly.

So today was the last day of full classes. Next week are all partial days and I have to teach one 55 minutes class each day of TAKS remediation. Same lesson 5 days in a row too with a different group each day. The rest of the day is work in the classroom, count textbooks, and basic end of the year wrap-up stuff. It's almost as bad as moving out of a dorm room...

It felt strange today. I received a few hugs an goodbye an even a few thank-yous (by the grateful students who passe by a hair.) My current count is about 10 who are going to fail for the year. *sigh* If they' just one the work...

I feel a lot better after this first year of teaching an I have a lot of ideas on how to improve my organization next year an other various teachery things. My main focus this year was really just surviving an making sure I coul manage a classroom. Next year, it's organize all the paperwork, documentation an what not.

We ha a fun time in a couple of my classes learning about Phi, the divine proportion. I figured it woul be something fun that they coul o han's on (measure their heights an finger lengths) as well as the timely connection to the upcoming movie, The a Vinci Coe. I tried to steer discussion away from the controversial parts of it, haveing to be a careful teacher an what no. I also mae some strong hints in talking to a a few classes about how phi is found in tons of places in nature an how I don't think that it's a coincience so many things have a relationship to the perfect proportion. A lof the stuents were fascinated, some were just confused at what was so interesting about it, an some were just there normal bored selves. At least it provide something for them to o. Oddly enough, I ha the best behavior today that I've had all week.

I'm scare of next year, so far away that it is...just because I really have had a pretty good group of kis, especially compared to the ones I had last year when student teaching. I just hope I get another good group next year...

Well, off to enjoy a graing free weekend! (stupid d key...)

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Where did it go?

I type up an thought I posted a nice long entry yesterday about my last full day of classes in my first year of teaching and about how I learned a lot of stuff this year....but I don't know where it went.

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May 18, 2006


In searching for something else that is mathematically fun to do in class, I mused upon my Escher prints in the classroom and decided to search for easy do-it-yourself instructions for tesselations. I found this EXCELLENT step-by-step site.

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May 16, 2006


almost done....almost done...almost done....

*tries to rememer exciting things*

Josh and I celebrated an anniversary getaway this last weekend in Pittsburg, TX at the Carson House Inn & Grille. It was lots of fun and we had fun seeing ugly architecture in Mt Pleasant (pictures coming soon....really) and enjoying an excellent meal with the newlywed Wheelers and seeing MI-3 and just hanging out in general. That's probably the most vacation we'll get together for awhile. *sigh* C'est la vie.

School is wrapping up. A third of my students failed the TAKS test, and about a third of those missed passing by 1-3 questions. I assigned an "Algebra Reflection Paper" to the students as the easy test grade this six weeks....I've had some really interesting papers. I also have a lot of students failing for the six weeks and I feel generally bummed about that. This week it's been really hard to keep the classes under control and that makes me feel like a really bad teacher. I will have to be stricter next year....but hey, this is only my first year and I think I have done a pretty decent job of it. I generally start getting depressive when I start having multiple migraines in a week....

We really don't have any news right now. We remembered to call our Mom's and we bought the cards way before it was time to send them...and then sent them late due to various distractions of the last two weeks. well, we mailed them out on Friday so the cards probably weren't going to get there in time for Mother's day.

Enough ramblings for now. We miss ya'll who have left us....hard getting used to not doing things like Sunday night dinner with LU folks and Tuesday night dinner with the Toads. *sigh* Oh well, time to start new traditions.

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May 10, 2006


Alright, so I know I promised the rest of the story some time ago.

We had fun at Senior banquet and than bumming at the ice cave until we decided sleep was good. It was only 10:00, but we were very tired after the really long day. I don't think I was that tired after my own wedding....

So after flipping a coin to decide who had to drive home, I lost and drove fell into bed into a deep sleep while Josh set the alarm so we could make it to graduation. I woke up and heard it raining at some point and thought--darnit. We figured graduation would be inside and thus it would be more important to arrive early...grabbed some good seats by Rachel who had been saving them for someone or another and noted that I would be able to take some good pictures of them getting diplomas. But alas, not ten minutes after sitting down we were asked to leave. It took me a bit to cajole Josh into going, and than reminding Rachel that she didn't need to leave because she was a spouse of a graduate.

After weaving our way to Belcher, and discovering that they weren't letting us in there until the graduates were gone...yet somehow people kept getting in past...I decided we should go. But there were all these people behind us. but hey, I'm smart and I had worked Solheim when cleaning with Facility Services last summer and I knew of a back exit from the dressing rooms. And away we went. Grabbed some goodies at a bakery and headed back to campus, snagging an even better parking spot at the library. Waited a bit, caught up with a few people and than decided we should at least try and see the recessional...but they weren't coming the way we thought. In fact, chaos reigned so I figured we could sneak around the back...and got to a good spot just as the liberal arts grads had already gone by. We at least got to wave at the engineering buddies Toad and Ziggy.

Than, to the library. Passed out cards, snapped pictures, blew bubbles and remembered other good pictures of certain persons blowing bubbles at my own wedding.

After snapping some good photos...or at least I hope...if someone would remember to email me the files from work....

we headed to lunch with Toad and his family at Texas Roadhouse. MMMmmmm, yummy yummy filet......

Headed back to campus and discovered the Wheelers.....this just should not have been and I marched off to order the Rachel off campus. After discovering my help really wasn't needed cleaning at Rachel's apartment and seeing the Wheelers off, I headed to the ice cave and tried to be of some help cleaning there. I was probably more in the way...and Josh broke the ceiling light cover...but oh well. Then we headed to Randy's apartment and bummed around a bit before getting dinner at Joe's. and then heading back home until it was time for drinks with the Toads and mom Toad and Danny. We went to Gerald's, the only non-smoking bar and partook of two rounds of drinks and had fun just chatting and what not. But we were hungry so we headed off to chili's and had a few appetizers before deciding more sleep would be good.

Sunday we awoke after blissful sleep and dragged ourselves over to the Toads to help them move out. They already had a lot done.....I helped with the cleaning and Josh dragged things down the stairs and we were done within two hours. So after going and getting one final lunch with them at Tele's, we said another round of goodbyes and went home to rest. Sweet sweet rest. In fact, I don't remember anything about what we did that afternoon--I think I read. After dinner and ice cream with Randy, we got some more sleep and another school week started. and our first anniversary

I went to school and got through the day waiting for the TAKS results to come my way...which did after school. I was bummed after looking at them, but it was my anniversary so I shrugged it off the best I could and picked up Josh. We had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster, ate some of wedding cake which I had thawed, watched Chronicles of Narnia, and drank our bottle of wine--Queen Anne's Revenge from the Duplin Winery. and went to bed. Oh and Josh bought me a keyboard so now my thigh muscles happily avoid the burning of the bottom of my laptop.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by like normal ole school days I think. It's all kinda blurry.... I have a week and a half left! I'm starting to keep my eye out for "now hiring" signs to find a summer job to keep myself amused. It has been quite an emotional weekend with a happy wedding and sad goodbyes...and I'll stop here. I have these wishful thoughts of posting some memories of the grads moved away soon, but we'll see. The end of the year is going to get busy really fast here as we wrap things up at school

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May 07, 2006


Everybody here *blink* everybody gone. Well, note everybody.

The last three-four days have been insane. Maybe even insane as the same three-four days last year. I now have an overwhelming gratitude to my family and friends and my mother and mother-in-law for everything they did last year after the last few days.....

So Thursday.... Went to school. Took off for an hour and half to attend part of a rehearsal. Grabbed lunch at Sonic and was mad because they put mayo on my sandwhich after i asked for it not to be there. But I discovered this too late. Got off of school and left everything for a substitute that was needed. Headed to LeTourneau and bummed around the Ice Cave. Then we went to the Wheeler-Gullman Rehearsal dinner at Cotton Patch. Good food and fun times. I was overcome with emotion as the happy couple was able to celebrate their wedding with grandparents....and I had none and now am left only with my paternal grandfather. I was also made weepy as I realized how far Jared and Rachel have come and how happy I am they made it this far and will make it farther.

Was recruited into helping Rachel pack up and move out. Did not realize the extent of packing needed. But alas, three hours later, the majority of stuff seemed to be gone. I left with pleas that Rachel go to bed sooner than later and hopes that somebody would make sure of it. Told Rachel I'd be there around 815 the next morning to help her get out and off the wedding. I had promised to help her stay sane as could be before the wedding and get ready. Glad I did.

Slept sort of thru the night. My knee hurt and I dreamed I had a headache only to wake up with one. Not a great way to start the day, but at least I wasn't getting married :-) Dropped Josh off at work, grabbed a cinnamon roll and cinnamon mocha at starbucks (decaf of course) and headed to LeTourneau again. Heard Rachel taking a shower and stripped her bed and put linens in bag to go to her new apartment. Realized we needed to pack foodstuffs into my car for reception. Also packed Rachel's post-wedding luggage into my car for later move to Jared's truck. Drove to Church with Sarah muttering along the way...I was cranky from the headache. But my mocha was starting to calm me thankfully. Repacked Rachel's backpack and helped her get her meds in order while Ashley did wonders with Rachel's hair and make-up. Offered little gems of advice to Paige as she did wonders with Rebecca and Julie's hair. GREAT JOB ALL OF YOU!!!! I'm not sure I was too much of a help, but I was glad to be a part of getting the bridal party ready. Rachel was just about to get into her dress when I realized Josh would need to picked up. Waited long enough to see Rachel become a really beautiful model bride in dress and headed out to the car...saw Caleb standing with Doug and Jared and headed over to see if Caleb was free. Heard some mumblings of Caleb going with Mr. Wheeler to run a last minute errand and begged them to pick up Josh because I wasn't ready myself and time was quickly ticking away. Just as they drove off Moore wandered over and wanted to know if I wanted anything from Taco Bell. A minute earlier and he could have picked up Josh. Oh well. Called Josh and had him give Moore a food order. Ran back so that myself and Paige could help Rachel through last-minute jitters. Rachel did better than me.....

Than, it was time for the last minute things...was recruited to help with some reception and gift table stuff. Sat with Rachel and promised to stay with her until she started the walk down the aisle with her Dad. Which was good because I could make sure her train flowed down the aisle all pretty like. Snuck in on the side so I could watch her come down. Read Ephesians passage at wedding; tried to pay attention to Dr. Watson's homily....hmm, I can remember bits and pieces...more than I can from his at our wedding....

Saw them prounounced man and wife and admired the studly groomsmen (really, men are sexy when dressed up in suits/tuxes) and the gorgeous bridesmaids (I want one of those dresses!) Stayed around for pictures and stuff and started to plot against Josh in the decorating of the car-but he thought I was helping them. I needed knowledge of what car to transfer Rachel's luggage to after all. hehehehehe Kept running around and taking care of little things...and was asked to coordinate the I went around and recruited those who were available. The more we had, the faster it would get done. Headed to reception and grabbed a few bites to eat and talked to people. Took care of a few more small things--like luggage transfer and car key transfer. Also announced when it was time to throw bouquet and garter toss, than went to get the car hoping that they would be ready to leave quickly enough...unfortunately my husband followed me and found that I had betrayed him to save the car from decoration. They got it a little bit anyway with leftover window paint. Oh well, at least they didn't have to deal with the shaving cream. Saw them off, gave people a few things to do to help clean up. Ran to school to pick up student work and ran back. Helped pack up levtover foods and organize things. We were done by 5 and I was pleased. Found that there were extra senior banquet tickets so we decided to go and was happy we did....

*to be finished later*

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May 05, 2006

Before I Sleep

Happy Wedding Day to Jared & Rachel!
Happy Graduation Day and moving out to all our friends who are lucky enough to be moving on....*sniff* We're going to miss you.....*stops before more tears flow*
may I not think of my regrets and only of all the memories I have....

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Why i believe in Suburbans

or big tank SUVs in general for families..... and just SUVs....

this was my parent's vehicle of the accident two months ago...

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