June 26, 2006

Not to worry...

Well, my plans to make multiple trips of moving small things today fell through. I picked up breakfast and headed over at about 10 this morning to fill out the paperwork and do the walkthrough inspection and stuff on the new abode. The manager informed me that there had been an accident--the waterline below the commode apparently got cut sometime in the last few days and they were still repairing it. and then the cleaning lady would have to go through...but it should be ready by 2:30 or 3:00.

So back home I go and pack whatever empty boxes I can find. Have lunch with Josh. and get a call--the cleaning lady had an emergency--her mother was in the hospital. Could we start moving tomorrow? No, but I can put off moving until about 5 ot 6 because I already had a u-haul reserved.

So i sit amongst boxes and what not and hope that this is not a sign of things to come....

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June 24, 2006

an update

Summer vacation means very little happens.

I slipped in the shower last night and now sport a nasty bruise on my heel which hit the drain stopper.

I dreamed last night that I put out a fire at my old house (one where I grew up) and dreamed that this would make a good blog story. Strange.

We move next week. We need boxes.

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June 16, 2006

A poster for my classroom?

"As long as everything is as I want it, I'm totally flexible"

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June 04, 2006

never a camera

when you want one.

I saw a flamingo flying across the water!!!!

and a partially sunken shrimp boat and barges and rigs and all sorts of things you might find in the Bay Area (Houston).

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June 01, 2006

The First Week

I know my vacation is just going to fly by.....

So, an update.

WE"RE MOVING!!!! to a non-smelly apartment more central to our jobs with a happier layout and nicer carpet. Last week of June....

Let's see, I've filed the pile of papers. Gone grocery shopping and shopping at Penney's. Picked up a little bit around the apartment. Made Chicken Alfredo...didn't turn out too bad but the sauce needed more salt. and I've played lots of WoW.

Josh and I had an interested discussion about education last night in lieu of the new bill that will require 4 years of Math and Science to graduate (that's each). and the teachers get a "$2000" raise-- 500 of which is actually a 500 healthcare stipend that was taken away that's being given back...

Anyways, about the discussion. Our disagreement seems to come down to the fact that we have a different philosophy about the meaning of a high school diploma and just what high school is for. He supports the 4 year M/S req, I don't. He supports it because it's raising the standards for graduation...a good thing I know, but I'm not sure that it's necessary for a person to be able to be a functioning member of society. Really, how often do people use Algebra II as it is? Now if a student is planning on attending college, I STRONGLY recommend that they have the 4 years of Math at a minimum and at least 3 in Science. Josh thinks (and I'll be surprised if he isn't working up a post in his head while working today) that it'll make a HSD more meaningful and people will have a better understanding of the world around them. I don't know...I realize we shouldn't really make it easier for people to graduate high school, but I don't think we should make it harder either. The discussion got really fun when Josh started saying that if teachers were doing what they should, it wouldn't be up for discussion. Hehehe. I reminded him that nobody has been blaming the students and their lack of motivation or caring. But then, as they taught as at LeTU....it's up to the teachers to motivate the students. *sigh* There are so many problems with the system....

Granted, people need more critical thinking skills when they leave high school, but how is more math and science going to teach it? Especially since they seem to have taken proofs out of geometry... as much as I hate proofs... *sigh* Hmm. time for breakfast. Especially since today's project is clean the bathrooms and kitchen...

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