May 30, 2005

Grocery Stores

Maybe I'm just in a thoughtful mood these days.

Anyways, I was just remembering how much I used to love to go grocery shopping with my mom. This was before oh so great Super Wal-Mart was around in Longview, so we did the majority of our shopping just about every Saturday at Brookshires...over where that new warehouse place is next to Cici's. Before the warehouse was being put in, the place held what was once a grocery store I remember well. I like straight-up grocery stores. There's something about wandering aisle by aise and through produce, and being checked out by a team--checker and bag-boy that gives me good memories, and makes something in the world seem more human. wal-mart is great sometimes...especially for late-night fun runs, but there's just something about doing one's weekly grocery shopping at the same store...becoming familiar with its employees and getting to know them by name. My mom and I used to get one of the same "bag-boys" each time...he was friendly, nice, and quite helpful with putting groceries into the car. In fact, he'd even walk us out to our car when we only had a small bag of something. Normally, they didn't do that. I don't know if my mom ever tipped him. But he was one that would have deserved it.

The good ole days. *sigh*

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May 29, 2005

Physical Flaws?

So I was thinking a bit again about something that really irked me during my student teaching--these guys who were making rude and mean comments about a girl who they deemed fat and thus ugly. It got me thinking a bit on the whole concept of physical flaws...

For me, the word flaw connotates something as imperfect and of low quality, something you would send back or sell at a lower price. Now, obviously, that is not how one deals with humanity and it is immoral to even think of someone as a lesser person because of some so-called flaw or defect.

There is an aspect of semantics--the word "abnormality" wouldn't bother me as much as "flaw" or "defect" or "blemish" does in relation to the body of a person. or even, "physical differences" Granted, there is a standard on what is deemed a "normal" body and "normal" functioning heart and other organs. Definition of normality as it relates to the brain is still a bit hazy... There is no truly normal standard for height and weight and other more relative physical characteristics. and there should not be. Course, this now makes defining a frame of reference when discussing abnormalities. It's complicated. But there is a simple thing to be understood. People are not less of a person because of physical "imperfections" or "abnormalities." and it really bugs me when I hear people even discussing someone else's physical traits in terms of goodness of appearance or quality as a person. I would assert that are appropriate comments one can make regarding physical appearance, but it should be tread carefully.

Just some general thoughts.

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May 28, 2005

Three days of Facility services later...

Yeah, three days of work are done. I spent the majority of my time (read 2.5 days of working hours) wiping down Thomas 3 and Thomas 1 East. Needless to say, my back and knees and other muscles are quite sore from all the bending down and reaching of back places. I still hate Thomas furniture. especially when I have to wipe off the tops of shelves, dressers, and desks that have been stored underneath a bed with just enough room for my arm to reach. and those shelves are still a butt to deal with since they are so dadgum deep. Of course, if R.A.s had actually checked to make sure people wiped down their shelves and wiped out their drawers, my work would have been much easier... Speaking of butts....*sigh* Well, I'll get to that exciting moment in a bit here. I was alone in my cleaning about half of the time (it was either alone or with a group of guys...) the other half of the time I had Blondie cleaning restrooms, mirrors, and floors (since most residents got away with not mopping). Anyways. The first day had an exciting find of killing a spider with the mop. Medium, brown, nasty looking thing... digging out plastic bags from behind the drawers that would not come out off their tracks....and coming away with some shampoo and such. Day 2 didn't see much else, other than finding one entire shelf of empty notebooks, a peer advisor notebook, a "Business Europe trip" notebook thing, and a discman. I'll be emailing that person to ask if they need anything...particularly that p.a. notebook. If I didn't have ethics, I might just read it.

and than, Day 3. yesterday. We were almost done. I was in the last four rooms to clean. being on the guys floor, things were somewhat dirtier. in more sense than one as I was about to find. I was spraying down some shelves and I notices a set of tapes in the back corner. So I pulled them out to see if they were anything interesting to keep. They were interesting all right but not in the sense of me wanting to keep them. In fact, after a split second of thinking a title "Agent Muff" odd and rather suspicious and than seeing another side "-- rated" (sorry, i don't want to attract unwelcome spammers), I decided that the R.D. might like to see these. Well, not to watch them. But he might want to know of their existence. He wasn't in his office, so I told Blondie I needed to go take something to Student Affairs. She asked what, I showed her, and I left. Upon closer inspection of the agent tape, I saw that their was a subtitle: A.T.F. A was a scientific word related to one's deiriere (sp?) and than "task force"

The people I needed to see happened to be talking right inside the offices. So I walked up, said, "Umm, I found these in [room number] and thought you might want to know. They grimaced and I walked away hearing Eleana ask about watching them and Shareen saying "no, those are bad tapes." I went back to work and Blondie had mentioned to the supervisor of the crew working in the dorm with us. After we were out of their earshot, she mentioned he seemed disappointed that I took them if he wouldn't have minded keeping them himself!


It's just sad. I've seen firsthand some of the effects of such an addiction on a friends of mine...and I've heard the stories of girls affected by people with an extreme problem....and felt it myself. Not to mention the biblical problem I have with it..."lust of the eyes" and "adultery in the heart" being among them. It makes me so very sad and disgusted. A few guy friends (yes, plural) have disappointed me over the last 8 years in relating their problem, but I'm glad that they felt the need to share it so as to fight the addiction. and it doesn't make me love them as my friends any less. Actually, there was one friend who couldn't believe that I still wanted to talk to him and be friends, that I still looked on him as Christian brother because he had been persecuted by a home church for it.

We all have our flaws. and I am not the one to judge another for their problems. God still asks us to love one another. So even for "really bad" sins, I can't turn from love to hate or turn away from a friend and cast them aside. I would rather help and support them and pray for them for I know God is working inside of them to make them anew and help them fight whatever flaw it is, as God works inside of me to fight pride, selfishness, and such.

Well, this really turned into a deep post. I could go on, but tears begin to form. So I'm off now. God bless.

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May 25, 2005

The Interviews

So, as most people know, I drove to Garland yesterday for two interviews. I made it quite a bit early to each one due to finding things a whole lot easier than I thought. The first one was with the district math coordinator for Garland ISD. That one was okay. He makes recommendations to all the high school principals...he's kind of a screener.

The second one I felt a whole lot better about. It was with Sachse High School. Unfortunately, they don't have a position open immediately, but they might depending on whether or not a teacher gets a coaching position elsewhere. It's a fairly new school and I really like the area it's in. So we'll see what God has in store here.

I started work today. Back to good ole Facility Services....and muttering at slacker R.A.s who don't actually check to see if someone actually cleaned their toilet or mopped their floors.....

C'est La Vie.

Time to catch up with the rest of the world.

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May 23, 2005


I was a rather excited driver as we entered Texas (finally!) earlier today. The next hour and half couldn't go fast enough as we finished our drive. 3300 miles! 2 weeks! umm, many states (Texas, LA, Ala., Miss. GA, SC, NC, KTY, TN, Ark, Ohio, WV, Virginia) and much fun! (and lots of money...) Anyways, we are done with the vacationing part of the honeymoon and here in Longview for at least the next four-five weeks. After that.....????

Let me tell you, it is seriously strange to drive into Married Student Housing....making a right instead of a left at LU entrance....

So, I have two interviews in Garland tomorrow. The first is with the head of math curriculum for the district. The next, arranged this morning, is at Sasche High School with the lead math teacher there.

Thus, I probably shouldn't be staying on much longer as it's going to be an early for me morning and driving to Dallas! Prayers appreciated.

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May 20, 2005


Go here

Type in my last and first name and click "search"

Click on "Anna M. Olson"


I haven't been back to file for name change and such yet because I need a copy of the marriage license, and well, it's sitting in our CPOs. But soon...

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May 19, 2005

The Toasts Never Said

For all sorts of mad details that got in the way, Josh and I never got a chance to have our say about all our wonderful friends and family, so we're going to make our toasts here online. There are so many spectacular people to thank and honor who helped pull this wedding together. So, I'll do my best to make a note about EVERYONE! :-D (but alas, will probably forget somebody or another)

I (Anna) will start with my sisters, in no particular order, just as the thoughts come to me.

Rachel: my wonderful little sister in Christ. Rachel, you have honored me so much by trusting me and lookin up to me even though I don't feel as if I'm the best role model. I thank you for sharing oh so much with me. I am grateful for having had the chance to watch you grow and mature in the last two year and a half or so and I pray all God's best for you, a beautiful daughter of God.

Ardith: I don't know how you put up with all you have in the last year of actually rooming with me in the apartment. You are a spectacular little soul and there's a reason you're so very popular :-) Thank you for putting up with all my quirks and things and for allowing me into your circle of friends and for allowing me to share different joys with you, such as birthday dinners or making fun of the various t.v.s shows and commercials. For being so little, you sure have a whole lot of people who lean on you. Keep in touch. I want to continue to hear about how God is blessing you.

Ashley: my tall friend with whom God has allowed me to grow in more ways than one. I can't believe I can still remember the time when I was taller than you. You have known me and my craziness longer and probably have the most number of stories to share :-p Thank you for your prayers and support even over the long distances. I really hope I get to stay closer to you over the next two years so we can spend time together. You're an awesome friend and sister in Christ and God will use you to do great things.

Karin: Hey older sister. It's amazing what growing up and becoming adults has done for our relationship. It's nice that we can now share our lives. You served to strengthen me and mold me in various ways as I grew up and I looked up to you even if I didn't always express as much. You and Ryan are doing a fabulous job with those two darlings and I'm glad to be able to watch them grow up and hear what's up and share my own life with you. Thank you for standing in my wedding party and sacrificing time and bearing much to be a part of the wedding.

Lily: I felt a connection just from our shared major even before I knew you when I was flipping through that book of incoming freshman info LU sent us a month before starting the college journey. It's been a crazy road God has brought us together on these last four years. Thanks for the memories we get to share, the good and the bad, and for helping to shape me as a daughter of God. It's been an honor to watch God mature and shape you and I wish the best for you and Charlie and your little boy.

Lindsay: Thanks for helping out with the various details that needed taking care of. You rock! Thanks for bearing with me on the spring break trip and as the summertime roommate. Thanks for sharing with me all the crazy times and being there for all of us and for organizing the details as we all began to separate ways. God bless you and Andrew.

The guys:
I'll leave most of this to Josh, but there are a few things I'd like to say that I wish I could have expressed to all of you. I don't know if I could put words to how grateful I am to y'all for standing with us in the wedding and putting up with all the photos and the tuxes and crazy what nots. Thank you also for putting up with us over the last twenty-two months of dating and engagement. and thanks for enjoying all the food I made, even if not all of it was the greatest....

Martinez, thanks for being a rock of dependability and trustworthiness and strength in your quiet ways. Thank you also for being so willing to help polish those papers of mine at the last minute. God has great things in store for you.

Wilson, thanks for the discussions and keeping me company down at the coffee cart or in the courtyard. Thanks for introducing me to Chesterton. Strive for greatness. God will use you in big ways.

Wheeler, thanks for all the movies and being on my side in various discussions every now and again :-p Thank you also for the red pen work on my last minute touches to papers. Be good to Rachel. or else.

Gallagher, thanks for all the math! and sharing the number madness with me. and bearing with me through Abstract..... and being available with your car for all the crazy times. I look forward to hearing about your work in the future.

Really, all four of you I look forward to receiving signed copies of books that you write and bragging about you to my students.

Tim, if you chance upon reading this, thanks for being such a great friend to Josh and putting up with the changes that came with me. Thanks for being open with me and letting me join the circle and making me feel comfortable. You and your family have done so much for us and I'm not sure we could ever repay the hospitality.

Moore: You're welcome for all the food. Thank you for the fun times and being an energy in the group. Be good to Sharon. and keep working hard.

Ziggy: You rock and roll with that piano. Thanks for your steadfast faith and challenging ways. Even if I don't always agree with you, thank you for not being afraid to share your disagreement even when you are the lone man out and thanks for standing by your beliefs.

Morgan: Thank you for everything and I look forward to seeing the fruits of all your hard work at the wedding. You did a specatacular job keeping things going pretty efficiently. Thanks for also helping to make me laugh and have fun with me that morning. Thanks also for your blog and your personal testimony and making yourself so vulnerable. I have felt a kindred spirit in you many times as you share your struggles and joys. All the best to you and Caleb. ;;)

Caleb: Thanks for helping Morgan out and for all the nice back rubs and little brother actions over the last few years. Thanks for being so free to help out in time of need with a place to stay or a ride to the airport and for the great hugs. Be good to Morgan. or else.

I'm going to take a break for now but there are still so many more people to thank and toast, including our families and professorial friends. Stay tuned and stay in touch wonderful friends.

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alright, this is a test....

because I know I posted last night...

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May 02, 2005

The New Life is already beginning!

Well, I finished my student teaching today!!!!

and, after the various car troubles, my parents arrived in Longview safely last night with trade-in vehicle in tow. At least they brought two cars.

and, while I was off at school, Josh went car shopping with my parents and found us a rather nice '99 Toyota Camry, gold, with cd and cassette and sun roof and 65000 miles. Let the car payments begin. It's in really nice condition and it's a refresher to drive after an SUV. Sadly, it is not a manual. :-( But, it is a working reliable car.

and we got insurance on it so that's taken care of.

Now I'm getting ready for "Senior Honors" Dinner.

Pictures to come eventually of us with car.

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