June 29, 2005

Slowly But Surely

The apartment comes along. It is even suitable for understanding guests (understanding that we are still in the process of unpacking. It's less of a danger to travel around and gives us a better idea of what we need to start imagining in the way of more little miscellaneous furniture (like plastic drawers or something in our "office"....and a coffee table (cinder blocks and 1x6 anyone?) and such. We look forward to this weekend and the Fish Fry/Drive-in Movie (Finding Nemo) at church on Friday and Shakespeare plays on Saturday and Sunday(Midsummer Night's Dream & Macbeth), but even more so, we shall have two good friends in town (Wilson and Gallagher)!!

Something to look forward to as I drudge through another week of work and Josh searches for work and gets angry at Sallie Mae. *scowls* I'm not sure those lower interest rates are worth this hassle....

At any rate, maybe I'll even cook up a lasanga or something for Wilson and Gallagher's visit. unless they have another idea. I have lots of recipes and lots of stuff to work with now, albeit in a tiny space.

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June 25, 2005

The Furniture Score

The Scholls were a very busy pair today hunting for furniture deals. Things didn't look so well in the morning...drove by many garage sales without any luck. We worked our way over to an estate sale we had found advertised in the paper and had a bit of luck: one sturdy dresser for $40 and two mostly matching end tables, $8 and $10 apiece. So I hit up an ATM and we drove off with our goods. Our next plan, after picking up a little bit more cash for later buys, was to drop off our furniture and head to LU to drop off some keys and than head to Bill's Used Furniture just a mile away from LU. I told Josh we could not have lunch until we had checked here--I had seen a used dinette set advertised for $100....and after doing some browsing, determined this could be a good deal for us. It was. We now own a black table with matching chairs (dark brown wood with black padding)....it extends with a handy leaf and there are 6 chairs. So, once the chaos of our apartment is settled and people are back in town, we will have a place to seat a few guests.

We had lunch at a new cheap fried chicken joint down the road, dropped our table and chairs off at the apartment, and went off to an auction we had discovered would take place. We had seen a table and a comfy chair we would like and decided to take a chance. This was the most fun we had all day plus the most profitable. The auction was for a florist shop gone out of business. So there were lots of florists to pick up floristy things. But we were there for furniture, and the only ones apparently. If we had more money in our checking account, I would have been tempted to try for the van too. But we'll worry about a second car later when we need it: like when Josh gets a job....

Anyways. So we stood around and waited while they sold off lots of vases and ribbon and such. The ribbon was really popular. If I had need of a whole LOT of vases, I might have tried for a box or two. However, no room for crafty things yet. I did purchase a set of 9 plastic boxes (one filled with food like chocolate and cheese crackers) because I knew those would be useful either at school or home. and finally, we got around to the furniture. First we managed to score a good table for $5...nice desk, work space. Than we managed to get a Fat-Boy Recliner, brown leather, for $25. No one else wanted it. I should have started at a lower bid.... Everyone must come see this recliner of ours sometime when they are in town! We also managed to get Huge loveseat or big big chair for $5. It's stained but mostly clean and definitely cozy. Will be great to curl up next to our little fireplace with a book. When we are unpacked and arranged and all. We ended up picking up two more items....another little desk/table and a 2 drawer filing cabinet, $5 each. I was rather pleased. We even managed to get everything into Wheeler's pick-up truck, which was quite a trick. But trust two people with logical/mathematical minds to make it work.

Now Josh is trying to set up our wireless router so I may roam the apartment with my laptop and he may also be connected to the internet. maybe we can play WoW......

*update* YAY! My computer is free! Almost seems too simple...

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June 24, 2005

Now Posting

from our new home. We have our cable internet and electricity and lots of stuff.... yet there still seems to be so much to get....a dresser....another desk....kitchen table and chairs.....wireless router....all baking food items....(flour, sugar, ...)....

we are starting from scratch on what meager means we have until we both have happy paying jobs.

At any rate, IM us for our new address if you wish. I don't really want to put that up on the blogs. I'll try and be good about putting up away messages. we are going to get dinner and than some more stuff and clean up the Minelga's apartment.....

and than crash. only to get up and go furniture shopping at garage sales. and move more stuff and try to unpack what we can into pantry, closets, and our little kitchen.

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June 21, 2005

Update on Casey

Casey is doing pretty well and recovering a bit faster than expected---they are taking the tube (respirator) out two days earlier although she had been running a high fever for awhile. They hope to airlift her to Baylor on Thursday to start rehabilitation. Apparently what had happened is she had climbed up higher to watch when the rocks slipped and she feel face first to the water 20 feet below. There were some boys who were down there to keep her from drowning; one of the mothers of the boys said she heard the sound of Casey's back breaking. She has pins and screws under her eyes into her sinus cavities. I don't think she's been told that she'll never walk again but it sounds like she is aware of it. They are sending in a caseworker to her tomorrow to discuss the injuries. She didn't want to talk about them with her mother. Keep lifting Casey and her family up in prayer. Her parents inquired about her returning to school in the fall and Baylor said she'd be self-sufficient by the time she finished the program there.

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June 20, 2005

Bumper Sticker:

"Happiness is a President with Character"

chew that one over for awhile.

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June 16, 2005



I accepted a job today offered to me for teaching ninth grade Algebra I at Pine Tree Junior High. Today Josh and I will go apartment hunting because we have to move out in just over a week. Yes, we are staying in Longview for the year. Now we need to find something for Josh...

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June 14, 2005

LU Prayer Request

and a reminder to all of our friends to stay safe....

Casey Reneau, (not sure of year or major), was jumping off a cliff into some water and slipped on rocks....severed her spinal cord and is in serious condition in a hospital in Arkansas. There was some swelling on her brain that was of concern and they are talking about reconstructive surgery on her face later this week. She will probably be paralyzed from the waist down. Keep her and her family in your prayers. I think we'll be getting updates at Facility Services at least daily since she worked there last fall and maybe spring too with the secretary.

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June 13, 2005


Well, today I applied and was asked for an interview at Pine Tree Jr. High, for the same position I student taught in. The interview is Wednesday afternoon. We'll see what happens then. In less than two weeks Josh and I have to be living somewhere else.... who knows, maybe we will be stuck in Longview and close to friends (yay!) for another year or so. Of course, that's assuming I'm offered a job here.... can't count on that at all.

I visited Lily and Charlie and they are doing well. Aidan is fine too, although in Neonatal ICU since his lungs need just a bit more work. He's doing amazingly well though. They estimated that he actually arrived at 34 weeks judging by his weight and lung development and such. But he's surrounded by good doctors, lots of family and friends, and lots of prayers.

Otherwise, I worked today. Morning routine cleaning of bathrooms and locker rooms at Solheim. Rest of the day in Tyler Hall scrubbing floors. Wonderful life.

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June 12, 2005


John Aidan Delorme, 5 pounds and change, 19 inches long arrived at 5:16 p.m. today. Both mother and baby are doing well (Lily sounds amazingly good....) although Aidan is on oxygen for a little bit; he'll be fine though.

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A Baby on the Way

Lily is in the hospital and in labor. Pray for a safe delivery and a healthy mom and baby. His name is John Aidan Delorme.

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June 10, 2005

Interesting and more interesting

Ma Hoyt: we went to the opera Tuesday night. Pardon my neglect to mention that we went to see Pirates of Penzance for free as students. and I'll check to see whether or not we got a toaster....I don't remember for sure....

So. Still no jobs. I'm starting to apply around Longview now. and today, I was offered a position as a LU summer camp director. not a counselor, as the director-teacher person for two camps. Jr ER Physicians & It's Alive, isn't it? (must review anatomy and botany if I take the job....) I tentatively agreed....but a lot depends on our housing situation after June 25 and I'll have to talk to Walter about taking those two weeks as part-time, afternoons only...I'll let you know more when we know more....appreciate prayers for wisdom and job offers.

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June 07, 2005

Adventures at Facility Services

Today was a special day at work. All but one of the full time custodial staff left for a seminar or something and thus, student workers were left to clean on their own. I was assigned the special task of part Solheim, and than all by myself, the library. Since I was in two buildings, they gave me a Grand Master Key. Oh yes, I could get anywhere I wanted on campus, except for Bud's office and the server room beneath the Berm. Obviously, I wasn't going to misuse said key....I don't want to kill my good LU references and I couldn't live with anything on my conscience anyways. But it was still a neat feeling to know I had one of The Keys.

The library was....fun. First I journey around all of first and second floor and into the nooks and crannies searching for trash cans to empty. There are LOTS of offices and trash cans in that building.....Than I had the task of cleaning the restrooms, except the normal cleaning person was out of supplies in the building, so I had to walk over to Solheim to fetch what I needed. I returned after lunch from Facility Services with more goodies and spent the afternoon polishing here and there...the tables and carrells never looked cleaner (no joke. I won't talk about how much dust I picked up....)

Yes. This is what my life has come to in the last two weeks. where my interesting stories that are shareable come from working and cleaning toilets. Still no job offers. Schools want math teachers who also coach. *sigh* God will provide....even if at the last minute....still have two weeks before we should seriously start considering our post June 25th homeless situation....

That's about all that is new. I made a good stew over the weekend. I'm getting better at toasting, not burning bread in the oven, although I haven't tried homemade croutons since that last disaster....

yeah. that's about it. I picked up a new book on my way out of the library. Well, new to the library. The Giver by Lois Lowry. I started reading it this afternoon, realizing I really hadn't read it. I thought we might have read it as a class....but no, the book is new to me. I'm enjoying it.

Well, off to get out of the opera clothes. they be uncomfortable over long periods of time. and my legs hurt from a long day of work.

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