April 28, 2005


I'm completely done with school. (okay, so I have that one day I get to go in and do a final observation and wrap up on Monday). No more projects, papers, tests, lesson plans, lessons to teach, ....

I'm ready to graduate from college.

and by next Sunday I'll be ready to get married.


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April 26, 2005

it goes and goes and goes...

2 actual teaching days left--well, actually tomorrow is my last day teaching and next monday is just wrap up & observation. Thursday is inservice and Friday is a holiday.

Wednesday, April 27: Last day of Teaching; mandatory check-out meeting
Thursday, April 28: Inservice in the morning. Dr appt for seeming sinus infection in the afternoon
Friday, April 29: day off--but i have to get things checked on the car so we know it's safe for my parents to drive back to Colorado; get the marriage license; rent a storage unit; talk to Facility Services about working for four weeks; last chapel. ever!; order groom's cake; order flower arrangement...
Saturday, April 30: umm. sleep. pack up boxes and take to storage. write thank you notes.
Sunday, May 1: parents get in?? pack more boxes and take to storage. write thank you notes.
Monday, May 2: go to school and watch students not care to learn. well, a lot of them don't care. senior honors dinner.
Tuesday, May 3 thru Thursday May 5:run around with mom car shopping, putting in food orders, getting wedding/reception accessories, ...

and I won't even begin the detailing of Friday May 5 thru Sunday May 7....

let's just say except for one small thing on Monday May 8 we need to take care of, I'm going to relax and enjoy some time off and AWAY, and being married :-D

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April 23, 2005

space filler

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English
20% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
5% Yankee
0% Midwestern
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

American Cities That Best Fit You:

80% Miami
65% Austin
55% San Diego
55% Seattle
50% Atlanta
Which American Cities Best Fit You?

courtesy a roomie

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April 19, 2005

on Friends

so I was sitting here earlier and realizing how much I missed some of my girly friends, like Lily--who I see every day but not very much and it's in the morning, and Lindsay and Sunny and Jenny. Girls I could drop on anytime (and still could) to talk and I could share anything with. I use to have them live real close and we used to be not so tied down with work and husbands/fiance'/boyfriend and such and thus had many a fun moment. I still get to see them occasionally for which I am grateful, but oh so soon....

and I was also sitting here realizing how many things about them that I've never thanked them for--such as modeling good character in different ways. There are things about them that would drive me up the wall, but hey, don't we all have such quirks that annoy someone or another? we worked through the annoyances as we needed. and we were/are there for each other when needed. But more than that, i can trust them and I have never heard them betray another or make fun of someone else. We have all shared some not so nice things about other people in venting, but they didn't poke fun at a person and they rarely called names. They accepted differences and strangeness.

so Thank you my girly friends. I hope to thank you in person very soon. *blows kiss* *HUUUUG* and Thank you for the late nights and walks, early morning coffee, and shared lives.

and a thank you too too my Smashley, also known as "Stretch" who, while I haven't been able to enjoy as many fun moments over the last few years, has been a great friend and still is and will be for many years. She helped keep things "good" but still fun and was ready to help along a workable crazy plan.
;-) I have many many memories to treasure and I hope we still have many more to make! (Awana sandbags....balloons and noses..."hi lady" notes...)

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the fish really is dead this time. I'm about to go conduct a toilet burial.

bulging eyes....disgusting....

i'm good with large animals as pets, really. they're more interesting (and easier to remember to take care of since they're right there to pester you). *sigh*

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April 17, 2005

i guess it's time for another post

just haven't felt like sitting down for a length of time and posting anything.

School: well. there are those i like, and those i don't amongst my students. Building respect was a bit easier with the ninth graders... I have a fair number of seniors who just don't care... and the material I have to work with is harder to explain the applications of to their real lives--Math Models. Wish i could have started sooner and worked with the budget stuff. the pythagorean music scales? gahhhh Algebra II... I probably should have come up with my own notes, but I just haven't felt the desire too as much or felt the time. and some of these students don't seem to respond well to change...

and this is the great TAKs week. So on some levels, life will be a little bit easier. I only have to see some of those kids ONCE! and the teaching won't be as strenuous. which is good because...

Wedding: we're at the three week countdown today (Sunday). Wow. Things seem to be going mostly well...glad I remembered that I need to go take the dress to get pressed.... and we are starting to get lots of gifts through online orders that they have shipped....now if I could just sit down and start writing some thank-you notes.....

Life: good. Symphony and dinner after was great (although lacking in service.) and it was nice to bum around this weekend. I really should have been more productive.... but i just felt like i needed to chill. I've been feeling the anti-people end-of-semester mode coming on (not good when one has a wedding to plan and be a part of.. :-p) but, it's easier to fight this time around.

so that's life right now. still no job offers. :-/ but at least we have things planned through June 25... (summer school and housing)

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April 10, 2005

My nephew...

My sister called me at dinner tonight to share a story about my 2.5 year old nephew Caedin.

My brother-in-law, Ryan, had just found Caedin with his face in the toilet talking to his poop. and since his voice echoed, he began to yell. into the toilet at his poop.

I have something to smile about whenever I need a good laugh now...

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April 09, 2005

don't know where to start

I've got a lot going on in my head right now. Seems like quite a bit has happened in the last week to make me think about myself and my friends and relationships.

Right now, I'm going to focus on one thing in this post--the LU Community.

I witnessed two stark contrasts of respect of family in the LU community. I was quite angry when the group of guys started yelling "Turn the Stage" in the middle of an act! It was rude and unreasonable and very disrespectful.

LU lost a member today. Nancy was a student last semester although she did transfer, but her father works at LU. Nancy died this morning. I remember Nancy because she sang in two fund-raiser talent shows associated with Loving From God's Heart. All who I talked to who knew her or even had momentary associations with her remember her as bright and full of God's love.

We remember in prayers and thoughts, and respect her memory tonight. and yet we had a few also who disrespected two other members of the Christian body. I know it really happens in every family. and I'm still angry.

I wanted to put my thoughts into a letter to the editor, and had I paper to write with earlier I could have done it. I'm not sure that I could get thoughts into a good letter form right now.

and it was quite strange to sit there and realize this was my last Hootenanny to attend as a student. I experienced quite a bit of affection for the school as I sat there tonight and watched many great talents display artistry and ingenuity. As many things that I want to get away from related to LU, there will be a lot I miss, but mostly, I'm going to miss my friends.

May I appreciate every spare moment of time I get with them in the next month.

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April 06, 2005

feeling of long ago

It's strange. Sometimes I feel as if I'm reliving my first semester...counting down the weeks until I'm done and can leave, get away from things. It's sort of a good and bad thing and it is obviously different this go-round because I have all these friends that I'm going to miss being around so often, and yet, I'm ready to move on and start a new life. This semester has held relational trials of all sorts with different people, and it's kind of nice to look back and see how God pulled me through and how I was better prepared (in some ways) to deal with things after that my freshman spring semester. (that semester was particularly rough...another story for another day) It's also strange to reflect upon how my emotional section has developed in the last four years.... Again, from my point of view for good and bad. I don't get bogged down in depression quite as easily and I'm better at dealing with emotional stress; I'm also better at not overempathsizing with friends. Taking friends' burdens upon oneself is good if one is able to give them up to God when the friend is too weak. But one cannot keep a part of that burden and I used to do that. Yet, I also feel an emotional hardening--sort of good for being a teacher, but sort of not good either in that I feel too removed and more callous than I'd like to be with different things. And then I begin to think about my relationship with God. I have grown spiritually in the last four years, but I don't feel as spirtually discliplined as I should be. It's crazy how I notice the parallels in my relationship with God to my relationship with others. An overly independent and prideful nature is hard to beat back. In fact, I can't do it myself and I need God to do it. But yet, that same nature distracts me from getting the strength I need at times.

*sigh* oh to be human.

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April 03, 2005


A Beautiful Day Outside

Lunch at the Butcher Shop, with Dr. Watson

Nothing much to do and thus able to enjoy a good book.

Litterski pizza to look forward to.

Looking to be a good day.--wondering if I'm being prepped for a crazy week or something...

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April 02, 2005

A time capsule

Upon hearing that the pope died, I reflect yet again on my last four years and all of the things that have happened. It seems like these four years have been full of great change for the nation and world. I wonder if we could say that for every segment of four years. Very soon here, when I don't have other things that I really need to be doing (like picking up my junk around the apartment), I am going to sit down and just reflect upon everything has happened, and wonder yet again how the last four years have felt like eight simply because so much has happened.

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Google loves math nerds!

Go check out gmail.google.com

Quickly! Before they take it away!

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Friendly Thoughts

It's awes me sometimes just to sit back and think about the next twenty, thirty years and where my friends are going and what they'll be doing, or at least, what I can imagine them doing. I wouldn't say I think of this because I'm so close to graduation, I've had various thoughts on different friends here and there for the last four years.

I have a friend who I could see paving a way into become well-known in the theatre world. I have other friends who are going to be missionaries and how awesome it will be to support them in prayer and hopefully finances. Other friends are going to make visibly noticeable differences on the world--maybe in politics, maybe in Computer science, maybe in another field. But I can see myself in twenty, thirty years sitting back and saying "Hey, I knew that person in college" (and even, I'm still good friends with that person!) Imagine the networking that has already begun! I can't think of one friend who I don't expect something amazing from. Others might not notice, but I've seen the work of my friends and I've seen their hearts...How awesome it will be to me to be a part of that and keep up with folk. I love watching the growth of an individual and I love watching progress being made.

Oh, the places we'll go...
The friends I've made and the friends yet to make...
How awesome our God is and how great he will use EVERY single one of us.

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April 01, 2005


My computer is happily back at home with me. Sadly, I do not have time to read blogs and such tonight as I still have another day left to go to high school in the week and sit and listen to the materialistic, shallow, ignorant masses of teenagers.

I'll rant another time about them. There are those few who make it worthwhile...

I could use a heavy dose of prayer on this round. It all causes me to think seriously about the system of school, curriculum, and what not.

at any rate, while I'd love to try and provide more posts to take up space, I must be getting ready to be off to bed.


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