July 28, 2006


Our vacation has had varied times: two cars trying to stay together on the highways of New York City and through its busy streets. Quiet nights sitting in the whispering winds on the sandy beach grass of Long Island Sound. I've seen more stars than I can recall, the Milky Way stretching above me like a puddle from a carelessly bumped cup. The past few days have been relaxing, I've been reading and sitting as my father collaborates with area pastors on local FM radio stations.
Last night we stayed with a great couple from the local church. I slept in a log cabin style house high in the hills of Massachusetts. Orson Scott Card's tales of Ender have kept me occupied, General Tso's chicken has kept me fed.
My driving restrictions have kept me from direct interaction in occasional high-speed highway madness.
This morning has been spent eating blueberry muffins and enjoying the forest breezes on an open porch as I read Shadow Puppets.
Now the time has come to move on, Connecticut is our next destination. Soon I'll be out of books.
Updates will continue if I continue to find food and a connection.

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July 25, 2006


Amazing barbeque tonight!
Just thought I should let you guys know.

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July 23, 2006

Nation Wide (almost) Continuous Internet

This hasty post is made from the Long Island Expressway. Using a fixed rate nationwide Verizon connection, I have intermittent access anywhere in the US. It's cool, fair to horrible speed, and impossible to run streaming data of any type. But I can browse the net, e-mail, and check forums. In short, I am pleased to have a live internet connection during every stage of this vacation.
Here's to future worldwide broadband 'net access!

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July 22, 2006


We have finally pushed off on our vacation: I am posting this from a hotel somewhere near Sandusky OH. The plan is to do a lot of stuff in the east... I'm not exactly sure what. Because of my driving restrictions, I shall be having a lot of fun.
My stock of books includes Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld, David Weber's Honor Harrington, and Orson Scott Card of Ender's Game fame.
In short, I am prepared for long lengths of boring driving.
In case anyone is unaware, my elder brother Enoch is about to make me an Uncle, as his wife Tiffany is due sometime late this month or early August.
Preparations for school continue. Brother Daniel is still in Singapore (I think he likes it there). Peter and John are back from Costa Rica and Canada. John is headed to Argentina, Peter to LetU (make him welcome please), Joshua to grad school in New York, and Daniel to Wheaton.
That's right: 5 of us in college. I don't know how my parents do it.
And Joy, who is now 13, is entering middle school. Scary.

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