June 29, 2008

Twists and Turns

Musings from the first two weeks:

Why is that all the big expenses come all in the same month?

What is up with the bizarre layout of the streets here?

Is it already time for me to leave the classroom and pursue other areas of education?

Post-flooding = mold in air = allergies react = migraine = BAD

Liquor? at Sam's Club? Seriously?

Canned tea != Iced Tea

Fried PB&J? on the "lighter side" of a menu for a Mexican/Italian restaurant?

They call that a margarita????

Could we have really found a church home this quickly?

You want me to cook in that "kitchen" closet?

What is up with small kitchens here?

What is up with all the pizza restaurants here?

They really think that taking a pizza crust and folding it over itself makes it a calzone?

WALL-E = awesome fun!

Thank goodness for Netflix. and working Internet.

I'm going to miss Mexican food.

Yay for finding a GREAT Bible Study so quickly!

I have lots of thoughts going around and around in my brain right now. I'd really like to try and make a coherent post of them soon--if possible.

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June 13, 2008


Q: Are you moved to Iowa yet?
A: yes, as of 12:30 am this morning on Friday the 13th.....

Q: Are you flooded?
A: no, we are high and dry and doing well

Q: Do you have a job yet?
A: no, but i have an interview Monday morning

I should really post while I have thoughts in my head....but they're all so muddled, and I'm still quite tired and get tired at thinking at all that is yet to happen.

I will say: this whole move has been a God story.

and friends and family (like parents who drive down from CO to help you pack/load/clean/trash, drive to IA and then drive back to CO) are awesome. Actually, that's an understatement.

Anyways: keep praying about my job situation. pray for our new flooded city home--we were planning on doing some more house hunting in the next few weeks.... and keep my parents in prayers as they are still traveling back west.

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June 05, 2008

Closing Doors

Closing doors is hard for me. I don't like closing doors on opportunities and things--maybe this is why I tend towards procrastination and am bad about holding onto things that I really don't need. I always see the potential for MORE. There comes a point when I have to stop saying "What if?"

Today was my last day as a PT teacher. It was very tough for me to shut the door to my classroom and to walk out the doors. I'm still not quite used to idea that it is finished and I won't see most of that "family" for a very long time, if ever, on earth depending on how God directs our lives.

Very soon I will have our "last day" as regular attendees at our church home for the last 5-6 years, and very soon, we will be emptying our apartment home of 2 years and saying goodbye to E. Texas of which I have spent 23 years of my life in.

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June 02, 2008


June seems to be the month of new things for me.

First, be praying on Thursday when I do a phone interview for a math position. a Grade 6 math position. You know how I said I'd never teach middle school? God laughs. Of course, I haven't been offered anything yet. Actually, I think I'd like 6th graders. I did enjoy working with them with Math/Sci and UIL. They're sweeter than 7th and 8th graders.... and it would be nice to contribute to teaching basic skills that will be necessary for high school math.

It's starting to hit me everytime I drive around town that I will soon be leaving. I won't be an "official" resident Texan anymore. (I am native :-) Sunday is our last Sunday at church. Thursday is my last day at school--I turn in my keys, push my boxes of stuff to W's (they're not exactly replacing me--so all my stuff that belongs to the school gets split up between the other teachers.)

I'm sick of cardboard. But I'm grateful for the MANY friends who have helped me by finding boxes at work and newspaper and stuff. and for the wonderful Ashley who helped me pack all the fragile stuff and quite a bit more. If I continue much more, I'll start to cry and I'm not ready for that point yet.

Anyways, just to update--I'm still jobless as you probably have inferred by now. We're houseless until I get a job so that we know where to target our hunt. Later peeps.

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