June 29, 2008

Twists and Turns

Musings from the first two weeks:

Why is that all the big expenses come all in the same month?

What is up with the bizarre layout of the streets here?

Is it already time for me to leave the classroom and pursue other areas of education?

Post-flooding = mold in air = allergies react = migraine = BAD

Liquor? at Sam's Club? Seriously?

Canned tea != Iced Tea

Fried PB&J? on the "lighter side" of a menu for a Mexican/Italian restaurant?

They call that a margarita????

Could we have really found a church home this quickly?

You want me to cook in that "kitchen" closet?

What is up with small kitchens here?

What is up with all the pizza restaurants here?

They really think that taking a pizza crust and folding it over itself makes it a calzone?

WALL-E = awesome fun!

Thank goodness for Netflix. and working Internet.

I'm going to miss Mexican food.

Yay for finding a GREAT Bible Study so quickly!

I have lots of thoughts going around and around in my brain right now. I'd really like to try and make a coherent post of them soon--if possible.

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