June 13, 2008


Q: Are you moved to Iowa yet?
A: yes, as of 12:30 am this morning on Friday the 13th.....

Q: Are you flooded?
A: no, we are high and dry and doing well

Q: Do you have a job yet?
A: no, but i have an interview Monday morning

I should really post while I have thoughts in my head....but they're all so muddled, and I'm still quite tired and get tired at thinking at all that is yet to happen.

I will say: this whole move has been a God story.

and friends and family (like parents who drive down from CO to help you pack/load/clean/trash, drive to IA and then drive back to CO) are awesome. Actually, that's an understatement.

Anyways: keep praying about my job situation. pray for our new flooded city home--we were planning on doing some more house hunting in the next few weeks.... and keep my parents in prayers as they are still traveling back west.

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