August 29, 2006

Chug a Chug a Chug

Sheesh. I can't wait till Labor Day! just for a little extra sleep.

This last week was another crazy one. I took Josh to the airport on the 19th and than went on a cleaning spree Saturday. I should take some pictures of the apartment while it's still relatively clean (we haven't unpacked...) I also attended a BABs wedding and saw a few old friends and had a generally good time.

Sunday, I went to church, had lunch with some ST Mike's folks and then caravaned with the Dunny's in a church group to see the St John's Bible. It was magnificent and just so neat to see all the prep pages and such. I bought two "coffee-table" books for helluva lot of money...but I'm calling it a celebration of a raise. It had more to do with me wanting the Gospels and Josh wanting the Pentateuch....and no compromise other than to get both :-p

I then breezed through a slow week of school with test review and testing...which was good because I had to make sure to leave things ready for a sub on Thursday before jetting out, literally for Ohio to join Josh.

The flights were uneventful...but the layover was. 4 gate changes in an hour..the hour delay, simply because the plane wasn't there. and than somebody... I like the remodeled DFW though...and the Skylink rocks! At least I had time to drink all my water before getting on the plane. Oh yeah, Gregg county caught a forgotten tube of hand lotion at the bottom of my purse...I had missed it in my skim through of the purse. I had them put it in my checked baggage.

Arrived to join Josh at a late hour and waited 30 something minutes for the baggage....there were three handlers on duty and one had to "secure" luggage or something. Crashed in the double bed of doom....tossed and turned...

Friday was breakfast with Grandma Cynthia and Earl...was nice. INteresting restaurant...kind of "chicky" bummed around the afternoon, visited with josh's dad and Mary ("stepmother) and grandparents again. Rehearsal....where we were to find that seats were being assigned during the ceremony....and a nice dinner. Apparently catering/dinners are rather expensive up there...I was suprised at the price per person compared to what I know of people charging down here (or at least what I think some places charge) It was Sodexho quality catering, in a run-down like place, at over $20 a person...I would have expected 10-15...

Saturday we got up. Got dressed for the wedding. Went to wedding. It was nice. and the reception was nice too. there were cakes on every table...three different kinds I think. I finished off the film in my ole 35 mm and than threw the camera away after getting the film out. we'll see what happens with the pix...need to download the ones off my camera...wonder who has a sale on card readers...

Sunday we went to church, grabbed lunch, and headed to the airport. Glad I hadn't heard about the comair flight yet.... We boarded the plane at the scheduled time and five minutes later heard an announcement of an hour delay. but we had to stay onboard just in case the DFW ground stop was lifted... than another 30 minutes after that....than we taxied to the runway....and waited another 30 minutes to take off....and I overheard a guy talking about how the hotel where his sister's wedding reception took place also had another reception going on and those newlyweds were on that flight. Kinda strange to think about...oh yeah. The brother-in-law and new sis-in-law were supposed to leave on a cruise today from Miami...wonder what Ernesto has done to those plans...

So, arriving in Dallas five minutes before the original departure time of the GGG flight, I called Gallagher to make sure that the next flight was also was for another hour. So, grabbed food and made ourselves comfortable...30 minutes pass and I notice that they delayed another 15 minutes...15 min later another 15 min....and than in ten minutes I realize I have time to get coffee because the flight has now been delayed another 30 min to 10:00. But at least we knew that the flight in longview had finally left...apparently a storm or something.

We finally boarded the plane and arrived at the airport at 11, was at the car by 1115 and got home a little after 1130. I fell into bed after setting the alarm. and had to somewhat wing it in school the next day...I knew the topic, just not the specific assignment. I did fine :-)

Now I'm catching up the little things and getting ready for another month.

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August 17, 2006

Burning Taco Shells...

One of my taco shells caught on fire in the microwave at lunch. In the teachers' lounge. It smelled a little bit worse than burned popcorn.

My computer turned itself off right before I was going to turn the attendance in. Apparently I shouldn't leave it on for four days straight...even with me logged off the system at night....Thus distracted I was when in came the principal just to check on how I'm doing with my classes.

My students remember things from last year!!!!!!!!! They know how to handle area and perimeter!!!!!! They know what it means to work backwards to solve a problem!!!!!! *happy dance* that's probably 3 weeks worth of reteaching shaved off right there...

I have a really good group of students in all my classes. They do require seating least, I'd hope breaking up a few chatty groups will help. Of course, I'm all positive and I haven't graded a paper yet... haven't closely checked QUALITY of them sitting and working on their own yet. Oh yeah, my students work when I tell them to work. Well, most of them.

I hope this is a sign of a good year.

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August 11, 2006

Two down, 178 left

days of school.

Yup. I have survived the first two days of a new round of 9th graders. None of them seem really bad...although I'm fairly certain I know which ones to keep an eye on...

The battle to help kids overcome a fear of math and attitude of "I can't learn this so I'm not gonna try" has begun again. We have a whole new set of 9th grade math teachers, except me--two are brand new and two are experienced. I'm going to enjoy working with them though.

I'm still getting used to waking up and getting into the swing of things at school...especially now that my classroom isn't mine for a period every other day. So it feels strange to stay in there and work at my desk.

I'm starting to feel much better and able to brave a few foods here and there. I just wish the acid reflux would calm down now. ummm. oh, here's a quote from a student info sheet:

If I could change anything I would first: "make weed legal."

wonder what people that'll attract....and it amazes me what students will list smoking and drinking under "I have a few good and bad habits..."

Farewell for now.

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August 03, 2006


Ryan Alexander Delorme, born this morning to proud parents Lily and Charlie and older brother Aidan. a wee bit early, but a hefty 7 pounds with quite a bit of hair.

Mother and son should be going home tomorrow!

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August 01, 2006


but sore. but josh is going to go an pick up my vicodin now so some pain will go away.

Everything went really well. Been home, but asleep since 3.

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