August 17, 2006

Burning Taco Shells...

One of my taco shells caught on fire in the microwave at lunch. In the teachers' lounge. It smelled a little bit worse than burned popcorn.

My computer turned itself off right before I was going to turn the attendance in. Apparently I shouldn't leave it on for four days straight...even with me logged off the system at night....Thus distracted I was when in came the principal just to check on how I'm doing with my classes.

My students remember things from last year!!!!!!!!! They know how to handle area and perimeter!!!!!! They know what it means to work backwards to solve a problem!!!!!! *happy dance* that's probably 3 weeks worth of reteaching shaved off right there...

I have a really good group of students in all my classes. They do require seating least, I'd hope breaking up a few chatty groups will help. Of course, I'm all positive and I haven't graded a paper yet... haven't closely checked QUALITY of them sitting and working on their own yet. Oh yeah, my students work when I tell them to work. Well, most of them.

I hope this is a sign of a good year.

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