August 11, 2006

Two down, 178 left

days of school.

Yup. I have survived the first two days of a new round of 9th graders. None of them seem really bad...although I'm fairly certain I know which ones to keep an eye on...

The battle to help kids overcome a fear of math and attitude of "I can't learn this so I'm not gonna try" has begun again. We have a whole new set of 9th grade math teachers, except me--two are brand new and two are experienced. I'm going to enjoy working with them though.

I'm still getting used to waking up and getting into the swing of things at school...especially now that my classroom isn't mine for a period every other day. So it feels strange to stay in there and work at my desk.

I'm starting to feel much better and able to brave a few foods here and there. I just wish the acid reflux would calm down now. ummm. oh, here's a quote from a student info sheet:

If I could change anything I would first: "make weed legal."

wonder what people that'll attract....and it amazes me what students will list smoking and drinking under "I have a few good and bad habits..."

Farewell for now.

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