14 August 2005 - Sunday

History Carnival XIV

The fourteenth History Carnival is up at Philobiblon. Among the delicacies:

Nosemonkey takes a look at treason statutes in Britain. Let's just say that fixing your pets could be a matter of life and death, and it is inadvisable to kill any swans in the UK. >>

Sudha Shenoy notes the origin of the term jingoism. >>

Alun examines the possibility that Zoroaster’s Kaba is a calendrical and astronomical building. >>

Troels looks at archaeological evidence suggesting "fluid borders" between Christian and pagan observance in Corinth between the fourth and sixth centuries. >>

According to Mohraz, Cyrus' conquest of Babylon resulted in the first declaration of human rights. >>

As always, you can find more where these came from. If you look carefully, you may see something about hobbits.

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