January 04, 2009

To-Do 2009

So, in conversation with my wife and others, I'm working on a list of stuff that I have to do. This branched out of a list of things that I have to do around the house and stuff, but I suppose there are also books that I need to read and projects of my own that need undertaking... etc, etc, etc.

As to my personal projects, if anyone has any ideas, by all means. Also, I'm happily taking book suggestions because, right now, my book list is pretty much all programming books (several of which are listed here) and a stated need for an authoritative book on home repair. Beyond that, I plan on getting some more books for my pleasure reading and will happily take suggestions on what books I should be buying. And yes, I'll happily buy/borrow/steal textbook-type books as well.

Around the House
1) Close off ventilation to unused bedrooms (in such a way that it can be re-opened in <5 mins)
2) Use silicon sealant or something to reduce air movement through crappy old windows
3) Weather-stripping and sealant around front door
4) Tear out shelving in blue bedroom

Side Projects
1) Organize books on book-shelves
2) Take pictures throughout house to post and send out
3) Reformat and reload Anna's and my computers
4) Reformat and reload NAS & server boxes

Books That Need Reading
1) Some Authoritative Book (or Books) on Home Repair (probably ought to buy one or several on recommendations from others)
2) The C++ Programming Language: Special Edition - Bjarne Stroustrup
3) The Art of Computer Programming, Boxed Set: Second Edition - Donald Knuth

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Buy Diabetic!

I stumbled across this article from the Chicago Sun-Times as a result of a lot of angst and hand-wringing on a number of conservative blogs that I blog-roll (yes, I am still in tune with God's Own Party.) In it, the writer attempts to outline the interesting challenge that the Anderson family is undertaking to only spend money with black-owned establishments in 2009. Not black-friendly, not establishments that hire black people, but only black-owned establishments.

Now, a lot has been written about "what if someone wrote about buying only from white-owned businesses?" And to be fair, that has a place. But for the moment, I think it's an argument that should be held elsewhere. As for me, I'm only frequenting establishments owned by people with diabetes in the hopes of getting a documentary of my own. After all, what's the point of having principles if you're not using them to make money for you? And in my books, that's the real lesson that the Anderson family has to teach.

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January 01, 2009

Auto Companies in 2009


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I'd really like to blog more actively. With the slacking of my peers, it's fairly easy to be the most active Shadow Council blogger.

It's also really hard to take everyone else to task about not blogging enough if I don't blog more (and hopefully, more meaningfully) myself.

So here's to no weeks that go by without at least one post... and hopefully more than that.

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