January 04, 2009

Buy Diabetic!

I stumbled across this article from the Chicago Sun-Times as a result of a lot of angst and hand-wringing on a number of conservative blogs that I blog-roll (yes, I am still in tune with God's Own Party.) In it, the writer attempts to outline the interesting challenge that the Anderson family is undertaking to only spend money with black-owned establishments in 2009. Not black-friendly, not establishments that hire black people, but only black-owned establishments.

Now, a lot has been written about "what if someone wrote about buying only from white-owned businesses?" And to be fair, that has a place. But for the moment, I think it's an argument that should be held elsewhere. As for me, I'm only frequenting establishments owned by people with diabetes in the hopes of getting a documentary of my own. After all, what's the point of having principles if you're not using them to make money for you? And in my books, that's the real lesson that the Anderson family has to teach.

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