April 12, 2003

Things I Want A Beating for Doing

The Infamous "Things I Want a Beating for Doing" List... reposted to the top of the blog

I will be updating the list here from now on... at least until it moves to the bottom of the page and needs to be dragged back up again.

1) Become a vegetarian.
2) Start worshipping animals.
3) Eat a tofu burger.
4) Go out with a girl that a good friend of mine is interested in behind his back.
5) Hit a girl when (when my life isn't being theatened by said girl.)
6) Buy an Apple computer.
7) Change how I look for a wench.
8) Sell out my morals for a wench.
9) Stop referring to wenches as wenches.
10) Refer to a Business Major as a "tough degree"
11) Stop being cynical.
12) Start espousing feminism.
13) Refer to the MRS degree (the other EE) as anything other than MRS
14) Stay at LU as long/longer than
15) Turn into a "Happy Person"
16) Hand a weapon over to a wench.
17) Commit to do an undisclosed favor ("Can you do me a favor?")
18) Commit to something I don't know anything about.
19) Become a member of another worthless committee or organization.
20) Run from the cops when I get pulled over.
21) Join the Peace Corps
22) Ask for advice and then ignore it
23) Break up with someone in a letter
24) Tell a friend goodbye in a letter/email/phone call
25) Arm a wench (militarily or otherwise)
26) Give obnoxious morning greetings
27) Sing in Saga (a la Didlake)
28) Work as an Admissions Nazi
29) Become Themelios
30) Treat people under me as inferior
31) Become an ignoramus who abuses people to further my ego.
32) Turn into Dr. Batts
33) Stop asking anyone for advice except those whom I know will agree with me
34) Join a cult
35) Stop being a Chauvinist
36) Stop being a 2nd amendment activist
37) Join Green Peace
38) Start a labor union

more to come as I remember them or they come to me...

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at April 12, 2003 05:02 AM