April 12, 2003

April Edge Dinner

The Cynic Will Exact Vengeance Upon: Admissions and other Administrators

So I sat down to my nasty dinner of sorry macaroni and cheese and a half-way passable barbeque sandwich. It sucked and the macaroni was disgusting, but such is the state of many Friday meals at Saga, so I learn to not get my hopes up. I noticed a "Team 1" sign at my table and that Stu and Jeanette had sat down with a bunch of the Previewers or Edgers or whatever they're called, but I thought nothing of it.

Enter Admissions Nazi 1: "We're kinda using these tables for our admissions activities, you're going to need to move in like 15 minutes. I'm sorry if I'm being a bit of a jerk, but that's my job tonight" She was pretty nice about it, so I told her that I would move when I was done and was fairly nice in return.

Enter Admissions Nazi 2: "I think we're going to need these tables if we don't have enough space for the Edgers." She then asks Stu who tells her that things will be fine. She too was pretty nice about it, so I told her that I would move when I was done and was fairly nice in return.

Enter Admissions Nazi 3: "I need you to move now. Can't you see that these tables are reserved for April Edge?" "I'll move when I'm done; I'll be gone in 5 minutes." "We'll be starting soon, you need to move now." It's times like these when I wish Toad wasn't sitting next to me to make me behave and that I was more of an ass than I am. I let her go with a smartass remark about not being able to eat at my own cafeteria... I should have told her where to get off and that if I'm going to pay however much room and board that I will sit wherever the hell I feel like sitting.

The fact of the matter is that admissions doesn't give two shits about my life as long as I don't tell their previewers too much of the dark truth and stay out of their nice happy photos. I'm wondering when it was that I stopped being a real asshole to this kind of moron and why I don't start again. Conclusion is that I need to start again because there's no good excuse for running me out of my table and being rude about it. Give me respect and I'll give you the same. Walk up to me and try to treat me like I'm some sort of pre-schooler who should listen to you because you've got a LeTourneau University shirt on and you're liable to get a "fuck you and have a nice day." I've about had it with this presumption that students can be treated however by employees of the school. This applies more to administrative people than faculty or other staff. Sadly enough, the people who don't make policy or decisions are the only people that usually treat students as they should. The "empowered people" appear to be empowered to be callous, uncaring assholes.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at April 12, 2003 05:15 AM