April 17, 2003


What a day. This has probably been the best day that my family has had since this thing started. After my post early early this morning, I went back to our living room and found my mom, Bonnie, and Levi looking over old photo albums. I joined them. I highly recommend going through your family's old photo albums. They are a lot of fun.

Today I was left alone for the first time I can remember since I came home. Nothing personal against anybody, but I enjoy being by myself so that I can actually collect and look over my thoughts. My parents when to some track meet in order to show their support for the girls' track team. I didn't go because Stephan was over at my house. I was going to head over to Levi's house with his mother, Bonnie, but on the way I found out he wasn't home, so I had her drop both Stephan and I at his house. After seeing Stephan's uncle for the first time in about a year and talking with Stephan's family, I had Stephan take me back to my house so I could go and see family members before I leave to go to LU tomorrow.

As far as thinking things over when I was alone, I wish I had gotten that opportunity earlier. Thinking by myself really helped me today. I made some decisions, which I will not reveal here at this time, and hope to carry those decisions out in the near future. I also looked through some of the photo albums that I hadn't had a chance to look through yet.

I've got four days worth of schoolwork to make up once I return to college, but I have Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday to work on all of that. It really is amazing to me that I feel like I do now. I miss my sister Jessica so much, but I do have to get on with my life. I will never forget her and she will always have a special place in my heart.

If any of you reading this have siblings, tell them how you feel. I would give anything for a chance to speak with my sister for five minutes just to tell her how I feel about her. I may not have a chance for those five minutes, but you do. Don't waste them.

Posted by Randy at April 17, 2003 09:57 PM