July 17, 2009

Passing Summer

Here we are in mid-July, and I find my summer has been flying by. It started innocently enough: shifting schedules around to spend more time out of the apartment and doing stuff. Soon weeknights filled up, weekends filled up, and I found myself wishing for a vacation from my own self-imposed schedule.

Most weeks ran something like this:
Sunday - Arrive home in the evening from some trip or another
Monday - Single Guys night: Sharon makes food or we go to Pizza Shuttle. Clean the apartment before folks arrive!
Tuesday - Night Off. Probably watch shows on Hulu or play a game.
Wednesday - Eat dinner at church, chase kids or clean stuff.
Thursday - Jazz in the Park! Stay out late and come back only partly deaf (but happy).
Friday - Game night at the mall. Dinner at 10:30 at Taco Bell.
Saturday - Head out early for some adventure or another.

Of particular note were the following events:
- Vacation in the Wisconsin Dells: a blast of fun hiking, camping, relaxing, and go-karting. Highly recommended.
- Visiting friends in Iowa: also totally awesome, including 3 am Highlander games.
- Camping with brothers over July 4th weekend: fires + talking for half the night = good.
- Having a 1st Wedding Anniversary: also highly recommended, although no more then once.

In the upcoming month we'll be heading into family-visiting season, which will again lay siege to our weekends. While life may be hectic, I am happy to be surrounded by family and friends who insure it is never boring.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Posted by Moore at 01:44 PM