April 14, 2009

In Which An Adventure is Planned and Plans are Revealed

It just so happened that, some time past, that I was thinking to myself how much I loved getting OUT. Specifically, being more or less socked into an apartment/city during the chill of winter, while cozy, lacks certain aspects of air, light, and general freeness which I possess an appreciation for.

In light of this, and other factors, Sharon and I have determined we shall make a Grand Adventure, a Joyous Excursion, and possibly even a Fantastical Journey to Other Lands.

Specifically, we shall seek the lands of Iowa and the Wisconsin Dells. These locations are renowned for their fauna and flora (respectively), and said excursion would lend itself to both socialization and relaxation of both body and mind.

We plan to begin with an early weekend: wending our way down to Iowa on Friday June 5th, and seeking shelter wherever we may find it. Then, sometime on Monday the 9th, we shall journey north again, passing through the City of Leatherwood, and on to the Wisconsin Dells to the north. There we shall set up camp (literally) for a few days, before moving to more civilized (if less primal) accommodations. With a mix of biking, hiking, water-sliding, and general decompression we shall have an entire week of doing nothing required, until our return on the following weekend.

What exactly our plans shall be throughout the week is not yet determined, but we have made reservations for our time in the Dells already, and are generally issuing this proclamation here in the sight those who may be interested in knowing, so we have the best chancing at seeing people who we miss.

Hope to see you then!

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April 09, 2009

Hooray for Bacon

I have always enjoyed tasty bacon, crispy and hot.
However, sometimes I am at a loss for what to do regarding bacon. Fortunately, Sharpton directed me to this handy flowchart.

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April 06, 2009

Further Machinations of the Magical Machine

After some trouble, I have successfully hosted an Apache2 webserver on my computer.
Specifically, it runs with a Virtual Machine, under Ubuntu, on my Windows machine. Via port forwarding from my router, I host both my magic server mentioned earlier, and the Java client with which one can connect to it.

I'd rather not hand out my IP here, and it does tend to change, but if you have any interest in giving it a whirl, let me know and I'll send you the IP.

More pictures and upgrades to it coming soon!

Posted by Moore at 09:27 PM