March 17, 2007

Back North

After a long trip, I am safely arrived back at Notre Dame.
Funny thing, I kinda miss Texas these days.

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March 06, 2007

Journey to Texas

This coming Friday, if I survive my midterms, I plan to set out for Texas. I'll be driving most of Saturday, and probably arrive sometime around 9-10 that evening. Several gracious friends have offered to give me shelter, I'm not yet sure where I'll swing by first. If folks in the area could let me know what would be convenient for them, I'll try to work out plans.
My cell number is one-two-eight-one, seven-five-five, one-eight-one-oh (ok... maybe spelling it won't help save me from random unsolicited calls, but its worth a shot.)
Now I just need to survive Algorithms, Networks, and Distributed Systems.

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March 02, 2007

A New Arrival

Congratulations to Toad and Mollie on the birth of their daughter, Natalie.
Read all about it, and see the amazing little face, here.
There are high hopes for her eventual cooking ability, as Mollie makes excellent food.

Posted by Moore at 02:36 PM