February 25, 2007

Winter's Heart

It is deep winter here in northern Indiana... and I am deep into Robert Jordan's nineth brick-book. Things have been busy, to say the least, and I want to share some of what has past and what I hope is to come.
I have three classes this semester, Algorithms, Distributed Systems, and Networks.
Algorithms is by far the most difficult, and I strongly advise all CSE's to take an undergrad course in it if you have any plans of pursuing a graduate study as well. You'll need all the help you can get.
While classes are stretching my mind and games and books are wasting my time, social events do still pursue me... somehow.
I was able to be in Kenny's, Sharon's older brother, wedding 2 weeks ago. Sharon is doing well in Texas, and was able to come back for nearly 2 weeks around that time. It was good to see her again, and she looked amazing in the bridesmaid dress that Stacy (Sharon's now sister) picked out for her. The wedding had good food, as I'm sure you will all be glad to hear.
March 10-18 will be my spring break here at ND, and I hear rumors that LetU's is around that same time. I'm contemplating driving down to Texas for the week, both to see Sharon, and also to hang out with you folks still remaining in Longview. Sharon will likely be busy most of the week, if not out at some remote oil field, so I am interested in knowing what sort of things might be possible around Longview.
I would also like to say that cheap accelerometers are annoying... its good to have a department that can hand out new ones like candy, but going through 1 a day is not right.
In conclusion, I am trying to decide what series/category of books to pursue next, as Jordan will only last me a couple more weeks. As I suspect there are a fair number of well-read folks who may still read here (despite my slackness) I look forward to advice.

Posted by Moore at 12:23 PM